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Somebody is a fan of warframe.
The title of the story drew me in
I’ll comment again after I’m done reading
Also, you forgot an e in theorem

They don't answer to the Princesses? Are they a rogue organization that answers to nobody then?

All I will say is this:
Fantastic job. Almost bordering on Grim-Dark.
I’d love to read more about this. This is an amazing “pilot” you’ve got setup.
I would love to see what came before and what happens after. I felt bad for Operator Seven.
I sincerely hope you are going to expand this!

Creepy. I really liked this one!

I remember you calling me out with the idea of bringing forward some goosebumps, and you've definitely delivered! Fantastic read all around. The ending felt a little abrupt, but otherwise the pacing of this was perfect! A great thriller to blend with the thunder of Hurricane Florence. Can't wait to see what you'll be showing us next.

Another delightful read; safe waters for you, Anchor!

I love existential horror. Anyone else excited for Venus, and seeing what becomes of Lotus?

“And what do we tell the Princesses? Do Celestia and Luna need to know about this?”

“No,” the mare said with a puff of smoke. “We don’t answer to them."

That's why they're so bad at their jobs.

Fantastic story overall!

The way I see their organization is that the princesses set it up then gave it the power to act autonomously without their interventions, besides if it’s the nightmare aspect they captured somehow I’m pretty sure the diarchs would have knowledge of the program but would not want or need direct contact with the head of the program

Great story you've got here! This is some of the best description I've seen in a long time. It takes some skill to craft a deep and interesting world in a single 5,000 word chapter.I'd like to see what becomes of this.

Is tHaT a WaRfRaMe ReFeReNcE?!

I was expecting a certian sequence from this.




The bearded one with the hat and bells knew that when he accidentally released me from my realm. The realm between waking worlds. If only he had known what he had unleashed.

Wait, so is this referencing the Pony of Shadows?

Cool story. At the least, it has a great title! :rainbowlaugh:

this got disturbing, i liked it.

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