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Let the dreaming commence!

The stuff about who I am that makes you think maybe this guy really is a Unicorn and not some kind of super advanced alien robot, or an actual human.

So, me?
British Unicorn who'd love more brony and pegasister friends to play his card decks with.
Hotelier who cooks a mean fry up. Also Italian foods, I love Italian cooking, so gloriously imprecise. Curry's too, stews, pretty much anything I can chuck in a pot with a helping of herbs and spices!
Also doodles.
And Vikings are awesome.
Just putting that out there.

Favourite Princess: Luna (by a tiny margin)
Favourite Mane 6: Favourite?...
Favourite Town: Ponyville!
Favourite Drink: My homemade Mead! Ancient Berserker Krunk Juice of Warrior Kings!
Favourite Couple: Cadance & Shining or Big Mac and Miss Cheerilee.
Favourite supporting pony: Big Macintosh.
Favourite Cutie Mark Crusader: It's got to be either Applebloom, Sweetie Belle or Scootaloo
Favourite Spirit of Chaos: Discord.
Favourite British Commonwealth Armoured Vehicle of the North Africa Campaign of 1942: Cruiser Mk VI, Crusader III.

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Where can I get my hooves on MLP Animations? · 10:08am Jun 13th, 2017

I have to say I am an enormous fan of The Moon Rises by Ponyphonic, Elimonty has a gorgeous voice and Duo Cartoonist are superlative, here it is in case you've been living in a cave,

I also love, Lullaby for a Princess, here's this one too, animated by Warp Out,

Doors is also a bit of fun, but I'm rambling.

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You're welcome :twilightsmile: Quiet Place was a great little tale

Mission accomplished :)
I always hear the voices when I read a good fic. A sign it's a good story.

Not at all! It was actually my intention for people to read it in her voice

You're very welcome, read A Note for You and it touched a spot in my heart :)
Is it wierd I read it in her voice?

  • Viewing 73 - 77 of 77
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