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Let the dreaming commence!


She has no memory.
No identity.
No history.
Lost in a harsh and unforgiving world, she must begin a journey to discover who she is and her place, or be lost forever.

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Nopony epitomises the stereotype of the privileged and self-entitled twit quite as well as Prince Blueblood. He is a selfish, indulgent, preening cretin of cosmic proportions.

Unfortunately for him, his ‘aunts’ have retired, and with their departure went his gravy train. Princess Twilight has ascended to the throne and set about tasking the Prince of Equestria with Royal Duties worthy of his position. An emissary of good will to the newly come of age Princess of the Zebra will be a good and simple start.

The palace staff are busy taking bets on how he manages to screw this up

My entry for the S10 Writing Competition.

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It seems Princess Luna has been abandoning her royal duties and vanishing every Friday night.

There's no reason, no notes, no clues as to where or why she keeps disappearing.

So Celestia sets out to discover what has been happening to her sister.

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Starlight Glimmer, once hell bent on destroying everything Princess Twilight Sparkle held dear, has been shown the magic of friendship and embraced a new path.
But the Princess, her saviour, has been more deeply shaken by the events of her misadventure than she cares to admit.
Uncertain, she starts asking questions of herself, and her mentor must guide her to the answers.

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Set shortly after the end of Series 4, still reeling from the destruction of Golden Oaks, Twilight is trying to settle into her new palace when she and Spike stumble upon something that threatens the already tattered fabric of her life.

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