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This is a group for well, Human Kingdoms in Equestria, and not just a single Human but a whole country of them.
Rules for adding stories:
1. All stories much have Humans originate from Equus (or whatever you name the planet), meaning that a human/country teleported from earth doesn't count.

2. Exception to rule one, a Human teleports in and a Human Kingdom already exist or did in the past. (dose not apply to whole countries)

3. The story doesn't have to focus on the humans but it needs more than a passing mention.

4. Humans must be intelligent. This rule is mostly to weed out the Your Human and You stores, but if you think your story still counts PM me. (Nothing against YHAY stories, but that is not what this group is about.)

5. Add story to all folders that apply.

Forum Rules:
1. Site rules.
2. You can talk about whatever you want but keep it pony related.
3.Be nice.

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