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Every antagonist is the protagonist of their own story.


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To Find Equilibrium

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I play games when i'm not writing. On Steam I'm Syn, but on PSN i'm Slywolf930, as well as on League of Legends and Hearthstone. Add me if you want, but I usually play for fun and casually. I try to relax while I play, and I'm totally not procrastinating.

Story Graveyard

Where stories do not die, but where they rest while I work upon others.

These are the titles of stories I'm working on, but are not on the site. I am including this little box of unimportant things because when I write in my Status box, I don't want to say "Working on some story," and would like to at least offer a name.

Burn the Nest - A story of resentment and abandonment.
The Organization - A trilogy of crime syndicate centered around Contracted.
Treasure - A riddle based storyline.
Simple Ties - Three humans find themselves in a strange situation.
Tether - A magic exists that destroys even the wielder.
Infiltration - A changeling's tale.
Up The Ranks - A guard discovers the worst while becoming the best.

While not the only stories on my list, these stories are the only ones where I can remember the plot by simply reading the name. All of my extra stories do not detract time from others; they allow for me to not get 'burnt out' on a single story and lets me write about whatever I am in the mood to write about.

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F it, i'll follow.

Been lurking around your stories for too long.

2167226 Well, I'm glad you enjoy it, and I hope your story goes well :pinkiehappy:

Well I'm a big fan of long stories, and in yours I particularly enjoyed the storyline. It felt smooth and reminded me of the first few stories I read on this site. It also reminded me of my first story, but yours is complete and mine is on hiatus. Also, I like the name Shade so I was kind of biased already.

Thank you for adding 'Converted' to your favorites. If I could ask, what do you like about it?

Thank you for the favorites, good sir :pinkiehappy:

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