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Azure Courage is a colt ready to move away from his home to find a relatively quieter life in Ponyville. However, tranqulity is the last thing he expects. For three years, possibly against his better judgment, he has followed the legend of "Mare in the Moon" to an "M" and has met with disappointment during each consecutive Summer Sun Celebration. The cyan colt is on his last leg when it comes to believing it.

Though his cousins have taught him what they know about free-galloping and martial arts, Azure is more adept at thinking on his feet. As he prepares to move out, the poor colt has no idea what awaits him when he completes his move...
*Adaptation of the canon with OCs involved, does eventually get more original than this*
Cover image drawn by friend. Will make it able to involve the other main characters later.

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Alright let's go over a quick summary of what this fic is:

An OC unicorn named Azure Courage moves to Ponyville, becomes friends with the Mane 6 and basically the series is retold with one extra protagonist to spice things up.

From what I can assess, that sentence is filled with cliches that have been done countless times over. As long as a story using these concepts keeps things fresh, that is not neccesarily a bad thing. Harmony and Courage does just that, to an extent.

The Prolouge and the first chapter are the most original regarding this fic, the prolouge introduces Azure Courage, a brave unicorn skilled in martial arts thanks to his cousins, Virid Strategem and Crimson Blitz, who also tease Azure for his overly paranoid concerns regarding the return of Nightmare Moon. It is done well, helps introduce Azure and gives a reason to like-or at least tolerate-his prescense instead of simply throwing him into the story and hoping for the best.

Chapter One goes on about how Azure meets the Mane 6 (or 5 at this point, as the chapter takes place one week before Twilight's own migration to Ponyville). It's reminiscent of the very first episode, with Azure meeting the five one at a time, perhaps a bit too reminiscent...

Chapter Two doesn't really strike me though for the most part, save for the very end with Nightmare Moon's return. It's meant to bring Twilight into the fold and help cement Azure's relations and whatnot, but meh. :ajsleepy:

Chapter Three and Four are where things get dull, it it essentially a novelization of the group's trials through the Everfree Forest "plus one". I was somewhat tempted to simply skip through were it not for Azure's dialouge. Not so much because it is the epitome of literary genius, but more to just find out what is changed by his prescense. Instead, a feeling of "been there, done that" weighed on me throughout. That seems to be the problem with "canon reenactment" stories, more often than not they only rehash what we all have experienced instead of bringing something fresh and interesting enough for readers to take the second trip. These chapters are, for the most part, not exceptions. That's not to say it's a complete loss, however. Azure's own trial regarding bravery is unique as far as I know, and while it did not make up for the sluggish nature of the rest of the fic thus far; at least it gave me a reason to continue on my own volition.

Lastly, Chapter Five is just quick summaries of the next few episodes with Azure's influence on them. Nothing too special about it.

To sum up, while Harmony and Courage may be a bit too cliche for many people's tastes, it does deserve at least a shot. Upvoting and downvoting without explaining why does little justice for the author, how can they improve if they do not know where to improve? :applejackunsure: That being said, this story doesn't seem over just yet, and the author claims that this may go on to as late as season two. Hopefully it will pick up the pace and become more original over time. Subtle changes now may end up radically changing the course of events, or they may not. Only time will tell.

-Dr. Angryslacks

Per the request of the author, I shall now write an update on what I think of this fic.

In chapter six we are treated to a lovely redux :trixieshiftleft: of "Boast Busters" if one has seen the episode, they have read much of this chapter already, the difference here being that it is written mostly from Azure's point of view. Getting into the heads of characters and learning what makes them tick is, more often than not, a good thing. Such is apparent here, Azure seems to be gaining something called depth in his personality, a rare phenomenon indeed in this type of story. This becomes even more apparent as the next couple chapters roll in.

Speaking of Chapters Seven and Eight, turns out that these are actually original. I shouldn't go into details about the latter for not wanting to spoil anything. However, it turns out that Virid Strategem and Crimson Blitz are not just complete gits when they check up on their cousin. It is chapters like these that should make this fic as a whole: Enticing, have meaningful morals at the end and of course, originality. Originality is very good. :twilightsmile:

Somewhat sadly, Chapter Nine is a reenactment of "Dragonshy" largely through Azure's POV. I felt a bit disappointed that after the amusing-and unique-events of the previous two chapters, the author returned to rehashing history. At least, until the little plot twist at the end :twistnerd:(no, the other kind of twist), a twist that relates to the previous chapter and made me think 'Hello what's this, oooh, fascinating, the plot thickens a little. Now I do not need to claw out the bark of that tree over there in boredom.' I shall leave it to others to discover what I mean.

Chapters Seven and Eight are shining examples of what this story can-and probably should-be. Azure does not make me wish to rip his innards asunder with his character traits, so that is a success there. This story still has a way to go, and I seem to care enough to follow. Hopefully others may share this viewpoint and give this fic a bit more deserved recognition.

I will update my thoughts every few chapters, I am not going into spelling, grammar and other fundamentals for I need not to. Any errors are too few and far in-between to be concerned with.

I await the next chapter, may it be something new to look at, or at least tolerable.

-Dr. Angryslacks

I believe it is time for review number three.

Picking up from where I have left off, Chapter Eleven introduces a new character. Introducing Silver Espada, a blind, unicorn friend of Azure's who proves that just because he is handicapped, does not mean he is deadweight. Chapter Twelve goes into more detail why. I must say that Silver is a likeable character, he is strong, independent and not to mention unique-using magic-based sonar to "see", very clever. The co-author mentioned at the end of Chapter Eleven should be commended for their creativity.

Chapter Thirteen is not much more than a reenactment of "Bridle Gossip". Suprisingly, I genuinely found this a treat to read from start to finish. I do not know for certain why, much of the chapter is similar to the episode, and Silver's visit in the previous chapters should by all means have taught the group the lesson here. Oh well, I guess it was Azure's exposure to poison joke that did it.

Then we have Chapter Fourteen, gee whiz is this a doozy. It seems that Azure and Applejack are in for some howling good action-packed fighting. I will have to hand it to the author, he knows how to make a decent fight scene. The only thing that bothered me was the first paragraph describing the scene at Sweet Apple Acres, it used the word "attack" a bit too much. It is a minor gripe nonetheless, and does not detract too badly from the rest of the chapter.

Meanwhile, I am not going to mention the 'moments' Azure and Applejack-or any other mare-have too much, they make me ill. The author is trying to get Azure to unwittingly engage in luvy-duvy nonsense that I personally mostly skim through. That does not mean it is poorly handled or something like that-it actually is pretty good from a development perspective, it is merely not my cup of tea.

Now that I think about it, I am not reviewing so much as I am writing out vague summaries of the chapters. Part of it is likely because there are few, if any, mistakes to point out grammar wise. Part of it is because I am trying not to spoil too much, but provide a reasonable picture of what the story beholds.

Regardless, this story seems to have found its legs and is now turning out to be something quite remarkable. It may still be a chore to read the reenactment chapters (especially when they are over 13,000 words long), but the original stuff is good reason to slog through the less than creative parts.

I look forward to the next few chapters,

-Dr. Angryslacks

Initiate review number four...

Chapter Sixteen is about our friend/protagonist/hated git Azure's birthday and how the Mane Six react. Once again, hats off to the author for nailing everypony as far as characterization goes. There is nothing significantly uncharacteristic in the flashbacks or how the ponies present gifts. Not to mention, Applejack's gift turns out to have some unforeseen consequences down the road.

Chapter Seventeen is split into two parts, I would like to say that it was a smart move on the author's part. It can be a bit straining to read 14k+ word chapter. Granted, I have, and will read longer chapters in other stories. Nonetheless, it's much easier to read a huge chapter split into halves than do it all in one sitting. But I digress...

It basically covers Azure getting sick and Twilight helping out. One thing leads to another and they end up sleeping together. It's not what you may think though, just a really awkward moment with reprecussions regarding the established love square/pentagon/some shape or something with Applejack and Rainbow Dash. If you could care less about the romance aspect, there is some progress on how the group is to counter the new bad guy established several chapters back.

Then we have Chapter Eighteen, where the livy-duvy nonsense problems of the previous few chapters begin to come to a boil. Azure is in some hot water this time, that is for sure. Meanwhile, we have a lost artifact that is somehow related to Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia unearthed. Though I am not certain where the author is going here, things are going to get a bit more complicated for sure. Not to mention we get an rather overdue update on what happened to Azure's cousins, Virid and Crimson.

The author(s) are doing well so far, but this story doesn't seem quite through yet. Time can only tell for certain what the future holds, but if it's previous record is any indication, it looks promising.

-Dr. Angryslacks

Great story, may be a really late comment at this point but I noticed you saying "foot" instead of "hoof" a few times,


If only when Pinky flipped the light switch azure slammed his head in to the roof jumping in surprise, knocking him unconscious and sending him back to the hospital.

And now, review number five:

Chapter Twenty-One is the last we get to hear of Virid and Crimson, and we also get to have the plot thickened a little. We get a little more insight about a recently discovered special item and how it was used to turn a certain villian we all know and love into a fine lawn decoration. It's not half bad, and I do have a level of intrigue on how it will later fit in the bigger story.

Then we have chapters Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four, where the big old love triangle of Azure, :ajsmug: and :twilightsmile: collides. In all honesty, I didn't pay too much attention reading this. It just wasn't really that enticing. It has the previous merits such as great characterization and virtually flawless grammar, but it felt too much of a bore to slog through and I felt the two chapters fell a little flat. Chapter Twenty-Four also has this problem. While I was pleased to see Silver Espada make a comeback, and I was interested to learn more about Azure's past...

I don't know for sure, but I am starting to think the story is losing some of its momentum. That is not to say it is stagnating, I feel it is starting to be come a chore to enjoy this fic. After over 230,000 words, and with much of that being rehashing of past episodes in the show. This fic is starting to feel like a lot of buildup for an uncertain ending. The story being long is not necessariliy a bad thing - I have read longer stories and loved them - and I am confident that this fic will have a climax that makes it all worthwhile.

Still, if one intends on reading this, they are going to to have to dig through the slightly plain clay to reach the potentially golden stuff.

I may give the three most recent chapters a second look and update this review at a later date, but I will anticipate the next round of chapters. Hopefully things will pick up steam again.

-Dr. Angryslacks

"Since the population is smaller, logic would dictate that it'd be quieter than here."



GWAhahahaha! :rainbowlaugh:

Heh... Sorry, sorry.

Okay y are there no comments ? That was funny as saying Princess Celeste is burning cunt out loud in public!:rainbowlaugh:

Okay you better add another challenge so that azure becomes another element bearer:ajbemused:

Well that out come was unexpected and ........ Completely awesome :yay:

So which mare will it be ? I vote pinkie she's not used enough for romantic stuff!:pinkiehappy:

Well I gusse it's going to be twilight ...... Dame is she over used as a love interest :fluttercry:

Well that showed us what azures head was like ....... :derpyderp2:

Okay well now we have 2 ponys who know nothing about love ....... Just ...... Just ........ :facehoof: ..... Yeah facehoof

Very impressed with this so far :pinkiesad2: I think I'm gonna cry

Why is it never pinkie who fall head over heels for some colt?:ajbemused:

I'm voting for AJ to win his heart :ajsmug:. But we all know that very one loves rainbow and twilight ...... Go AJ go AJ go AJ ! :scootangel:

Yay AJ I knew you could woe him!:ajsmug: knew it from the start :rainbowwild:

Well now. It's time to ask yourself this. Do I have feelings for AJ? And if so go after her! God some ponys are so hopeless! Er!:flutterrage:

Well now I think twilight wants him too....... Still voten for AJ :ajsmug:

:yay: loved this chapter more than most now when's the big kiss that determines what mare azure will chose !

Gah! .....myou know what I don't care anymore. Let twilight win for all I care! Just make some one kiss already or .... Or I'll hit you with a flashlight ! :flutterrage:

:yay: yaeh kick their Anamorphic buts guys! Loved the fight seens :pinkiehappy:

You know what! F it all! I'm now voting for twilight ...... And after all this :facehoof:

Stop switching between mares it hurt my head:fluttershysad:

Admit twilight why do u have to be better than applejack every chance you get? ....... Why! :raritycry:

And out goes the ego ...... I've lost all hope for apple jack :moustache:

..................... It had to be twilight! It's always twilight! I knew it to but I still wanted AJ .... :facehoof:

I'm not sure if I should be voting for twi now! I'm so Discombobulated :fluttercry:

Cliff hanger .... Nice ! Will azure survive this ? I sure as hell hope so ! Azure still haven't had his first kiss with twilight!:rainbowkiss:

And twilight wins ! :yay: Stupid twilight being all adorable with those glasses! :twilightsheepish:

3 ..... 2 ...... 1 ........ Dawwwwwwwwww ! That was what I've been waiting for for .... What 32 chapters now? Ow well . :rainbowkiss:

Well now I have " art of the dress " song stuck in my head. Thanks ..... I suppose :applejackunsure:

Must resist erge to daw......... Daw! .... Dame.:ajsleepy:

I'm really liking this storyline. Know any similar to this and just as long with an oc? I enjoy the reading and it keeps my interest up

Is it me or are these getting shorter?

Love the confrontation between his brother and him.

Silver inhaled as though he were ready to say something, but a look from Blitz caused him to think better of it. The message reflected in the orange eyes was clear: "Remember Twilight's brother?"

Praise Celestia! In our time of need she has granted sight to one who was blind!

Yes more interesting stuff!

So yeah, Twi and AJ went there for no reason it seems. Hah! Azure can handle himself!

Azure x dashie? or azure x twi...

Or both...

Or shy

To the one bellow::facehoof:
What are you talking about? Of course she gets used a lot for that stuff! Twilight is best pony afterall.:twilightsmile:

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