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Every antagonist is the protagonist of their own story.


Years after their adventures have ended, Spike remains a small dragon, while the other ponies have aged. In order to grow up, Spike must go on his own adventure, but must retain his personality along the way.

Because to let the fire go out, is to let the evil come in.
This story is set with only up to season 4 in mind. I haven't caught up to the latest seasons for various unimportant reasons, and this disclaimer will let me write without worrying if something I write ends up being contradicted later.

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This deserved more attention than it got. The grammar was very good, and you caught the emotion of such a time well.

Thanks, glad you liked it!
I'm kinda glad it didn't get much attention, but i'm weird like that.

I look forward to what happens next.

“Twilight, I don’t want to go on my own adventure. I need to, it’s necessary,” Spike said, a hard resolve in his voice that made Twilight close her eyes in thought.

.. Don't you mean, want?

Got a good feeling about this. Keep it up!:moustache:

Spike is trying to say that it doesn't matter whether he wants to go or not, but that he needs to go. Sorry, I probably didn't write that part very well.

I think it is a great story for now.
Keep going ! :pinkiehappy:

Liked it? I loved it. :heart:

And i'm sitting here procrastinating instead of actually working on my own stories. :facehoof:

Ah, well. Back to the docs I go. :moustache:

Funny, I've always thought Dragons were fireproof... seeing that they swim in lava, breath fire, and all that jazz... but that's just a small point that doesn't really affect the imagery or the story (so far)

Shhhhh I like to think in my tiny little brain sometimes, and it tells me that if a bulletproof vest isn't completely bulletproof, maybe scales can only take so much too... also maybe he was on fire for a long time before he felt it, but I hope this one (flaw) doesn't detract so much. Glad you were paying attention though :D.

6624707 I won't get into the details of "bulletproof", but like I said:

that's just a small point that doesn't really affect the imagery or the story

huh... I didn't know the main seven once fought a member of the Uchiha clan

I was wondering how long until someone said something like that.

You couldn't give me a day? I try to come up with some original things, I mean, I really do, it just seems that ideas come from those places in the back of your head that are just a mix of everything you know.

That being said, after I realized that the flames were similar, I decided just to leave it in. Glad to see you're still reading, though. :D

6628776 I was more asking what happened in Spike's past to encounter such an event, since the closest I remember is Sombra, even though it's absolutely nothing like that... and because the Amaterasu's said to be as hot as the sun and go out on its own after around 170 hours

Things may be revealed soon, or they may never be revealed. Only time will tell.

Isn't Spike fireproof?

A picture of Lis?

I'm not a big fan of using pictures to describe characters, and I even find it undesirable to read about a character's description. I'd rather let the reader be able to 'picture' every character themselves.

I'm sorry for those that prefer a picture, but I can't bring myself to set in stone things like that. I hope you can keep reading, and thanks for the comment :D.

What was this about again?

Bah, I'll re-read later.
:trixieshiftleft:Maybe I'll remember why I faved it.:trixieshiftright:
(welcome back!)


Why did you stop writing this story?

I've been busy with some life stuff, and when I do write it's usually for a different story. I'm still going to continue, but this story isn't my main focus right now, sorry. There was also a problem with the next chapter that kind of halted all my progress and I haven't gone back to fix it yet. Like I said, some other things came up. Hope you understand.

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