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This story is a sequel to The Sword Coast

The shadows of the past plague the present.

Twilight Sparkle stands on a precipice, one false step from a dark destiny. Months ago, she set out to find her foster father’s murderer. After she defeated the Black Knight, she was hailed as a hero, but what she remembers most is the lives she took. On the path of strife, she discovered more about herself than she ever expected.

With her friends by her side, Twilight sets out for Canterlot, seeking the villain responsible for the death of her father and the crises that plagued the Sword Coast. On the way, a sadistic spellcaster interested only in power intercepts her and promises to unlock her potential. In the aftermath, Pinkie Pie is taken captive by the secretive wizarding order that rules Canterlot.

Twilight’s journey takes her through the doors of a prison and into the depths of a forgotten place. She encounters horrors made from nightmares and soul-stealing beasts raised from the black of the Abyss, but what she fears most is the monster within. How far will she go to save her closest friend?

Featured on Equestria Daily
Cover by Bluest Ayemel
"I love this fic. Keep it up!" – Sethisto (on the EQD page)

Side stories: Tales of the Sword Coast

Warning: Comments contain spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

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YES! FINALLY A SEQUEL TO ONE OF THE COOLEST CROSSOVERS I EVER READ! :pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::yay::twilightsmile::ajsmug::raritystarry:

ITS HERE:pinkiegasp:

Update to the gem of before, heck yes!

Yes! Finally! The sequel to The Sword Coast! Let the "fun" begin!!!:ajsmug::twilightsmile::rainbowwild::rainbowdetermined2::yay:

*grabs a bucket of popcorn and settles in for the show*

you seemed to have spelled 'Crisis' wrong in the description, you have 'Crises'
but I might be miss reading it :twilightsheepish:

Wow, the interactions between the characters feels far more organic then in the first story, and if the combat is as good as the last one this may be a contender for my favorite story on this site!

Twilight seems to have fallen somewhat into the darkness, willing to cut herself in order to experiment with her full powers, the others are right to be concerned.:twilightoops:



I feel like I learned a lot from the first story.

And thanks everyone. I'm glad I was able to finally get this posted. :pinkiehappy:

Rainbow’s ears tilted back as she glanced down. “I didn’t mean...” She hesitated, running her hoof along the edge of the table. She focused on Twilight. “How do you know you’re in control?”

Rainbow nodded slowly. For a moment, she said nothing, but she flicked a tan envelope out from her bag with a wing and set it on the table. “Rarity said to give you this.”

There seems to be something missing here.

I may or may not have squee'd out loud in public.

Awwww yeah, been waiting for this to kick off. Let's go!

It's here! Are you ready? Coz I'm bucking ready!

EEEEEEEE. So excited!

Perhaps I failed to convey it. Rainbow was making sure Twilight wouldn't run off without the rest of them before showing her the letter.

Finally. It felt like forever I waited. I can't wait to see this story continue. It's about time Twilight kicks some flanks again! Because Badass Twilight is coolest Twilight.


It goes from Rainbow asking "“How do you know you’re in control?” to "Rainbow nodded slowly." It just seems like something got skipped.

Since I've only gotten as beating the mines in Baldur's Gate (my game is a collab with a friend who lives on the other side of the country) I'm not that familiar with my BG lore, but a Thieves' Guild war? Isn't that in Dark Alliance? Or am I thinking BG2? Or am I thinking of none of them? :twilightoops:

Either way, I see you sneaking a little Oblivion reference in there. :raritywink:

And allow me to also express my joy at seeing the sequel to one of my favourite fics on this site.




Baldurs Gate 2.

Hopefully Pinkie won't be gone too long...(not a spoiler it is in the description).

Just keep making Rarity as awesome as she was in the first story and everything will be good, I can't see her letting something happen to Pinkie. RARIPIE FER LIFE YO!!!! :pinkiesmile::heart::raritywink:


You're absolutely right. Somehow a line got dropped when importing from Gdocs. It should be fixed now.

Sorry I didn't notice that even though you directly quoted it. Sometimes my brain inserts things that aren't there.

Ah well atleast we know Twilights first enemy(victim) in this story.:twilightsmile:

Yes! Nine Hells yes! A sequel to TSC.

The beginning is great, a nice summary of the previous events and introduction to the future ones. Also, the "You don't have to go with me" scene was strangely familiar... I hope you don't end the fic in the very next chapter ;)

yay yay yay cant wait to start!!!!

The first one to down turn this dies a bloody death

Just so we're clear here King Sombra DOES appear in this story, right?


There is a character named Sombra that plays a role, yes.

I now immensely dislike the grey wizards.

Also, everything surrounding Sunset Shimmer is fishier than an entire port.

3830566 Those poor Grey Wizards, they have gained Twilight's rage, and the slaughter shall be delicious :twilightangry2: :pinkiecrazy: :heart:

"With this and Teleport spell" - and *a* Teleport spell, right?
"tumbled out of the portal slammed into a cold" - *and* slammed into
Damn "bemused". I never know if the author is using it correctly. I don't think you are. Just in case, it means "confused" or "lost in thought".

Spot the typo: "Sixth level", "seventh level", "eight level."
I thought that it was Sunset at the end of the last chapter, but the "icy blue eyes" dispelled that idea. Then this. From what I'm seeing on Derpibooru, her eyes are more like cerulean, if not actually green.
Too tired to do anything but nitpick, glad to see this story is up, have a nice day.

3830566 Frankly, the original game didn't make the Cowled Wizards very likable, either. These guys are just worse.

Poor Pinkie.

Finally it's back! Strong start if I do say so myself!:scootangel:



Fixed those things. I'm pretty sure I'm using bemused correctly. In this case, I was using the lost in thought meaning, not the confused meaning. "A bemused expression" is a regularly used phrase for the kind of look you get when not fully sure what to make of something.

So, we're in BG2 territory for real, now?

And damn, when Twi gets a power up Sunset Shimmer is going to go down so hard. I just hope she doesn't take too much of Twi with her...

Sunset as Irenicus? Oy, that'll be ugly.

And I get the feeling Cadence is still Chrysalis. Like, cocooned herself as a ruse to get "rescued", get into Twilight and co's good graces, then get Twilight captured.

I was wondering if you'd come up with another excuse for the Cowls to arrest Pinkie, but on the other hoof, they're hilariously corrupt enough to not be the type to bother looking if they don't feel like it.


That is because generally the Cowled Wizards aren't great guys by and large (there are good cowled wizards but they are fairly rare most are neutral but that does not make them look or feel good). They are really an organization that takes advantage of the fear of magic to grant themselves even greater power.

It appears that Pinkie is showing off even more thief type abilities which is cool with me (1e AD&D monks had access to most thief abilities so that is not that weird and various types of bards had access to all thief abilities so you are good there too). In this case she can pierce illusions just like a thief (which is an ability that I think the monk class should have had in BG2).

I was wondering how you were going to take Pinkie in this story since she would not likely be caught casting magic missile at the wrong time in this story. Her having special resistance to magic could be a monk reference (due to their magic resistance) or due to her nature of what she is. Alternatively it could be a combo of both. The only slight flaw is that we already know the big reveal of BG2 from the last story. I say this is only slight because seeing how you handle things I bet you will find another hook to keep things interesting (I will hope said hook will directly involve Pinkie). Hopefully you won't have the party do TOO many adventures before they find Pinkie again so we can see her.

Arzoo #37 · Jan 27th, 2014 · · 1 · Cage ·


I'm going to be very disappointed if he never babbles about crystals or isn't obsessed with doors and stairs.

And now things get very interesting!

My memory of how the game;s plot is fairly fuzzy. Let us see how the pony twist version of it goes!

Damn I was guessing Icerius was Sombra.

Oh well. Perhaps the Vampire chick will be Sombra?

The real question is who will replace Pinkie in the team? It could be Shining Armor, but I doubt it. Same with Cadence. Zecora perhaps?

No wait! Cheese will replace Pinkie! It makes perfect sense! :pinkiehappy:

YESSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss an update! :pinkiehappy:

I still need to go and finish both of the baulder's gate games. I do have to wonder if you'll be doing anything with the Harper's though. Always thought they were kinda neat.

Yes, an update :D Love how the story's going, good job as always :)

Never trust a thief, Twilight.


Aw you make Rarity sad :raritydespair: .

Great to see this story again and the plot is just starting. Always interesting to see where a BG2 story will go what with all the options that are not strictly needed to be done but can be done. I also wonder if you have any special twists planned since the big reveal twist in BG2 is already well known in this story (Pinkie's heritage)?

yeah it lives again....................... FINALLY:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

Hallelujah, update!
Not much to say. For a bit there I thought Twilight had cast the identify spell on her eggs. "Tell me your secrets, breakfast."
Guess it won't be quite the usual Mae'Var scenario over again, which is nice. Wonder if Trixie will be in place of Edwin, didn't like her role as a slaver in Sword Coast, IIRC.

Fancy Pants as the Thiefs Guild leader. And here I thought this fic couldn't get any better :yay: And the presence of Fleur was a nice surprise... I wonder if she will have a bigger role in the whole story, or was it just a one-shot apperance.

There are so many questions I would like to ask about the possible ways the plot will go, but they're all spoilers, so I'll just have to wait and see for my own eyes. Thought there is one role in which I would love to see Trixie, if she returns... Damn, now you made want to play the game again. For the three hundred seventy sixth time, apparently :yay:

I've been waiting for this sequel since the 1st ended and I am not disappointed!

Oh man, I can't believe I'd missed this until I saw it on EqD. Missing anything in this series would be a serious loss.

Anyways, this is great so far. Just as good as the original, if not better.

“I’m sorry,” Silver Quill said. “Nopony sentenced to Spellhold can leave.”
Twilight gritted her teeth and looked down. She wanted to scream at Silver Quill. She wanted to draw her swords. She wanted Pinkie, not apologies. She wanted blood, and she could have it.

She SHOULD have it! I vote she lets in to the bloodlust and murders everything that moves in the city till she tears it all apart looking for the prison of magic. :pinkiecrazy: :twilightangry2: :moustache:

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