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An idle inquiry into Celestia's past sparks a dangerous journey in search of an ancient evil. Twilight and her friends confront changelings, saboteurs and worse in their search for the creature that devoured the alicorn nation. But when Twilight's decisions endanger those she loves the most, she encounters an enemy she has no defense against; her own despair.

Dedicated with love to my amazing girlfriend Kristin, who doesn't get the 'pony thing' but still buys me the occasional plush. And to my old friend Martin (AKA Ash), who is one of the nicest, funniest (and cuddliest!) guys I've ever met, as well as being the inspiration for Pin Feather.

Cover art made by the talented dSana senpai.

Chapters (43)
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Comments ( 147 )

Oh! This is good! Really good! Keep writing. :pinkiehappy: have a stache. :moustache:

Oh my. This is QUITE good.

The polite conversation while the airship was suffering a rather uncontrolled descent brought a smile to my face. :twilightsmile:

Your grammar and tone are excellent, and your characters feel appropriate.

I can not wait to see this continue.

Dear sweet sunburnt filly Celestia, this story is going to be long. Not the longest on the site, I'm sure, but easily 30 times longer than anything else I've written. Um, I saw this done on another fic, so I'm going to try to leave Author's Notes here in this comment instead of up above.
Author's Notes:
Comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated, especially since I'm doing all my own editing. And I'd love to commission some cover art, just in case there's a talented artist reading this. Thanks in advance!

Big ups to Cyanide, author of The Moonstone Cup and shortskirtsnadexplosions, author of Background Pony. I don't spend much time reading fanfics yet (mostly because writing takes up lots and lots of time), but these two were wonderful inspiration in different ways. Also, I'm guessing my oblique Turnabout Storm reference in chapter one was a little too oblique. Heh. <.<;

ALSO: Spoilers down below. In case, you know, you haven't started yet. Huge, globular, unwashed, uncut, hazardous, teeming spoilers from concentrate.

I must say that this has been a excellent read. The character developments that have been simply wonder and very believable. I have always like the idea that the elements where more than a onee trick pony so I look forward to the development of this. Next the characters themselves have all been acting in a well thought out manner that makes thettension all the sweeter. I can't wait for the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Also I added your story to a few groups hope you don't mind.:fluttercry:

1417200 Thank you. I'm still figuring out the ins and outs of this website. It looks like I should try to figure out what groups are. :pinkiehappy: I really appreciate the comments and votes I've gotten so far. So long as someone out there is reading, I'll keep writing.

im wondering why celestia brought twilight with her to see the king, it didn't really seem like she needed to be there.

Simpler answer after re-reading my own stuff: Celestia wasn't expecting him to be there at all. She wanted to slip through without a fuss, but Rirton was one step ahead of her. She brought Twilight along as much for protection as to placate him with a measure of truth.

Oh damn, shit just got real! And poor twi!

any ETA on the next chapter? That damn ending to this last chapter left me wanting more

1629404 Sorry, I've been bogged down by a number of things, including the incredible story Background Pony, season three, and the fact that I'm writing pieces of this story out-of-order. :twilightsheepish: I am trying to hammer the next chapter into shape, but it's a stubborn piece. Um. . . Monday? At the latest?

Hey it's your story, don't rush cause in impatient. I'm always impatient! (And background ponies is amazing)

Short chapter be short, but its very well done.

Yes Luna, get mad at twilight for falling asleep while feeling dead on her hooves. That whole "our sister has erred in your instruction..." Part pissed me off. Show some compassion Luna!

9 likes dang i assume this was lost in teh new story area hmm lets see if i can fix taht oh and in chapter one

Sun Sage generally trotted through life with a bemused gleam in her eye, a look as though she were secretly laughing at some unknown joke. This gleam disappeared as she turned to consider her companion. “You made no mention of being hurt!”

shouldnt that be sun shade?

1673143 Oh, thanks for catching that! Not sure how I missed it through all those re-reads. . .

Began reading on someponys recommendation, enjoying it very much so far

now that was a great chapter! absolutely loved that entire scene with the leviathan! the imagery you used was quite spectacular, it made for a great mental picture. Looking forward to the next chapter! (p.s-luna needs to stop being such a hardass.)

1734219>>1742686 Thanks so much for the feedback! It's wonderful to hear that folks are enjoying the story enough to recommend it to others, that's such a huge compliment!
In related news, I found some errors I thought I'd fixed in this recent chapter before I hit 'publish' last night, but they'd mysteriously reappeared. . . I think Wordpad and I need to have a little chat. :ajbemused:
(Also: in my headcannon, Luna is kind of a hardass. (Especially when she'd afraid. (Like in the Season 3 opener.)))

yeah, that opener had luna being rather cold towards twilight, despite them being pretty buddy-buddy on nightmare night. Im wondering what the hell thats about. mabey luna's jealous?

celestia's too damn mysterious for her own good.

here comes the shitstorm...literally. also, i have a hard time picturing an an aggravated fluttershy, but i guess trauma can get to the best of us.

wow, shit hit the fan fast...

It's a trap Lyra! you been brainwashed once so your easily controlled by it again! :facehoof:

That's right celestia! You and Luna are immortal omnipotent alicorn princesses, time to start acting like it!

Such a cruel ending. I both hate and love you.

2129065 See, I feel the same way about myself writing this stuff. I love these characters so much, but I want to see them at their worst moments as well as their best. Some part of me wants to put them through hell just to see what kind of choices they'll make, what kind of answers they'll come up with for their own lives. I wonder what that says about love. I wonder sometimes what that says about life.

And the next chapter is absolutely going to be darker. My initial creative musings about this shoreline date back to my first story outline, but I realize now just how grim it is.

2059534 I don't envy her recovery, but Lyra still has a role to play, along with another background pony.

2128978 Do you know how tough it is to come up with scenarios that would be a challenge for C+L to just handle on their own? :raritycry: They're too awesome for their own good. Or at least too awesome for my writing skills. :rainbowkiss:

Oh damn, looks like twilight's really stepped in it this time.

See, at this point, there's only one thing that comes to mind...

2179210 With the right kind of nudge, my hope is that this storm will eventually grow so large it'll kill George Clooney.

It'll need to collide with another shitstorm first.

This story is so good. Why isn't it popular? I think this story should have at least 100 likes by now.

2280688 Oh, thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the ride.

Your story has so much depth. It also explains the backstory of Luna and Celly. If feel like this could be canon.
Honestly this story is underrated.

2298148 I started this story almost a year ago, wanting to explain all that wonderful back story the show had left unsaid. But one of the first major decisions I hit was whether alicorns were born or made. My initial outline had Celestia and Luna growing wings and a horn in conjunction with discovering magic (or having it bequeathed to them). It was actually a youtube video that gently inspired me to take a different tack, as it described an early alicorn nation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9r_R1e3R9E&list=FLTqOI970hvIHhUwSFC42mAw&index=244

And I was content with the change. Until the season 3 ending. They totally wrote s3ep13 without consulting me!

Oh well, the show and the fandom are both still awesome. Major thanks for the bump! And if you like the story, tell a friend or two. I'd love more feedback on this beast, however folks feel about it.

Wasn't Luna with celestia and the elements?

What an exciting chapter! I hope fluttershy is ok though

This is one of the most moving stories I have read on Fimfiction ever. I cannot express my gratitude enough at even being able to read this story.

2471375>>2513549 Wow, thank you! I'm not sure why my little project here has been getting so much press lately, but it's tremendously flattering. With something like 200 chapter views over four days when I hadn't actually uploaded anything. . . I don't know, maybe people are sending this along to friends. In any case, one love you guys. One love. /)

well...fuck...i cant honestly think of much else to say...this is definitely looking rather grim.

Wow waiting for the next chapter will be a painful ordeal but I can't wait.


Everything's beginning to look like its going to be fin---oh, there's an alicorn obsessed with death and he wants to share. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

2551989 Death is awesome. Woot for Death! Death to everywhere! :pinkiecrazy: :heart: :facehoof:

Yep twilight, just fine. I mean, it's only a small hole...in your chest. You know, where the heart and lungs are...

Words can't describe the feels I am getting from this story. :fluttershysad:

Nightmare Twilight is best Twilight. :twilightsmile:

Um... Luna is not supossed to be here, she is supposed to be away. Hundreds of miles away. With Celestia. On an island. In the ocean. Away.

3019258 Ah yes, the shock factor I was going for. It was a bit of a challenge, holding that little tidbit until the very last sentence of that chapter. I trust subsequent chapters have cleared up any confusion.

Also - thanks for reading! Next couple of chapters have been delayed by Bronycon, but they should be up in the next day or two.

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