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After an incident during his duties protecting Princess Cadance, Royal Guardsman Flash Sentry finds himself in a world of trouble. As it turns out, he has friends in high places, and he is selected to be a Royal Inquisitor. Part soldier, part special agent, Royal Inquisitors go where the Princesses cannot. Almost immediately, Flash Sentry is sent to Ponyville, where he must unravel a mystery that has been brewing for centuries. Equestria’s future, and the life of its newest Princess, are on the line, and it’s up to Flash Sentry to discover the truth in time.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 24 )

Well made story. I loved it, I can't wait for the next chapter!

In wondering, are you basing this in any one particular setting, or as a whole in equestria?

I have to admit, that line "something killed her" felt like taken from "Plan 9 from outer space", but except for that, I liked it. I'm tracking it.

Wow, it's like the drive-by downvoters didn't even bother checking to see who wrote it. A new story from the guy who's done my favorite ponified Baldur's Gate story? Hell yes.

6518460 I think its the tag romance and flash sentry thats driving it. There's alot of EQG hate for that, and what most are likely viewing when they see the tags/characters.


Not sure if I understand the question.

6518843 Was this more equestria as it was? Or did you have it like you do the baldurs gate one with some different rules and way things work?

Nice idea for a story. I wonder what twilight was thinking when she saw flash kissing. Great job. I hope the story update soon

Good stuff! I'm hooked and curious

Damn bloodmages, with their blood drainin' and murderin' and fell magics.


Nah, this is normal equestria.

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If only there was blood donating that could save her.

If she was dead before she got there, she was probably dead for several minutes, and blood wouldn't do anything for her.


It's hella annoying to see people downvoting based on the characters involved and not on the quality of the story.

She probably suspects blood magic was the cause of Junebug's death and is researching it.

Now if he also noticed her hair turning red at the roots...

That scene between Sanguine and Flash happened way too fast.

Also what the hell is with all these down votes.

Nice twist with Teilight researching the same thing. This is going to be good.

Haha, cheeky twist at the end there. Twi is a quick thinker though and I'm sure she noticed the obvious drain of blood and perhaps has a hunch about sanguine. She could easily get details about every new pony in town from pinky. Looking forward to seeing this continue! Wonder how Flashes thought processes will go here, hopefully Sanguines attempted framing will be noticeable.

*just reads intro* OOOOOOOOO

I'm sorry, I have zero time to read things like this, in fact taking the time to read the intro is probably stretching it, but it sounds AWESOME. Meillure souhaits to it and to you! I hope I get time to read it someday!

(Note to self: the title is "Secret of the BloodMage" not "Secret of the Blancmange")

Just picked this up off my RiL list, and I am intrigued as to where this is going...

Poor Junebug... Exsanguinated and dumped in an alley...

Maybe the nails have some magic forensic evidence that can be used to identify her killer?

“Hey, wait up,” Fuller said as he reached the street. Flash Sentry eased back on his long strides.

march,” Fuller said as he caught up, panting.

I think something got dropped here...

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