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Writer of pony adventures and other such nonsense

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Writer of average talent and little renown. Professional procrastinator. Part-time student and full-time bookworm. Suffers heavily from imposter syndrome. Doomed to forever be socially awkward. Does far too much thinking. Manages to be fairly intelligent, most of the time. Fnaar fnaar~

Now comes with tattoos. Yay~!

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I'm a terrible person and you should hate me. · 12:24pm May 15th, 2014

So I keep promising up and down that I'll write more stuff soon but I never do. Whether this is due to a lack of inspiration, time, or just my sheer laziness, I can't tell anymore. And I don't want to make that same promise again in fear of breaking it for the millionth time.

But I am taking Mares of Tomorrow off hiatus.

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Not forgotten, but awaiting with patience.:pinkiecrazy:

A year has passed since your last blog post; I hope you are doing well. :heart:

Please update soon!!!!

Update- ohh look at the pretty picture of Twilight! (Sigh. Just update and don't feel bad. I need to get this lazy bum off his ass.) Hey! Also true.
T (FN)

Update or I'll go cupcake on you ass!

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