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youtube channel is gone..wish i could have subbed to him....

A member of the fandom, Adam "GalaxyStar" Smith, took his own life due to bullying over his YouTube videos and fimfiction. At only 19 years old, his life ended much too soon, and it’s horrible to see things like this occur. While some may say that there isn’t much we can do anymore, I say different. I just subscribed to his YouTube page. I know nothing will come out on it anymore, that’s not why I did it. I subscribed as a sign of unity within the brony fandom, as a sign of love for my fellow bronies and pegasisters everywhere. I will also be following him on fimfiction.net and will be spreading the story of his tragic death around to everywhere I can. Let’s work together and make sure this doesn’t happen again. Let’s be there for each other and help each other get through the pain and misery that others bring on. Let’s do it for GalaxyStar, and all other bronies and pegasisters who have lost their lives thus far.

Here’s a link to GalaxyStar’s YouTube channel and fimfiction.net account. Subscribe to him on both in support.




  • Viewing 1 - 3 of 3
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