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For all of you fan fiction writers out there who procrastinate; unite as one power so we can all rule the world!... tomorrow maybe.
You can add your stories if you want, or if you can even be bothered to. I can't, maybe later.

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This is where I belong....

Holy shot, we're organized?!

You know, I'd been considering joining this group for a while now... I just hadn't gotten around to it.

411141 Mmmmmm, fancy seeing you here~

I was gonna hit that Join button long ago, but I thought, Meh, I'll do it tomorrow.


I was going to say something in my last post, but as I started typing, I thought...meh, I'll do it later.

*Sniff* I'm home... it better be worth it, I had to motivate myself to push the join button you sadistic cur...

I was gonna make a procrastination joke, but... Eeeh... I'll do it later.

Got bored... did this

Pretty much sums up why all my fics have taken months to even begin a draft.

Wow that's really bad :twilightblush:

You know, I'm amazed that I actually got around to joining this group...

Just shows that I belong, I suppose :pinkiehappy:

Procrastinators Unite!

... maybe later.

392296 Life... why must you make me want to pause?

392295 I've always been here. I've just been too lazy to say anything.

392294 Brother... is it you?

392291 "I could write/edit/publish my next chapter, but there's a new episode of Nostalgia Critic and I jut posted the last chapter a week/month/year ago. That should tide them over."

^Pretty much me, all the time.

391756 Lazy as per usual, literally just living to procrastinate my writing T^T

  • Viewing 76 - 95 of 95