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For all of you fan fiction writers out there who procrastinate; unite as one power so we can all rule the world!... tomorrow maybe.
You can add your stories if you want, or if you can even be bothered to. I can't, maybe later.

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Same here but we wouldn't be procrastinators if we did also hoi I'm Ling Moz . Hope One Day I Will Have A Story On Here .

Scrolling down i realized i forgot to introduce myself...


"Mediocrity achieved!"
- Elan

I've thought about joining this group for a couple of months, but then I was like,"I'll do it tomorrow..." As well as write my stories...

Your writing progress

I just became the 666th member of this group, and I don't know how to feel about that.

Damn, that hurts.
I've been regularly procrastinating donig my university assignments, largely to read (mostly fim)fics. Now I'm procrastinating even that to join this group and read through some procrastination jokes. And even there I've managed to procrastinate, I've written half this post almost 2 hours ago!
Oh, also forgot to mention that I've procrastinated writing one fimfic to write another, then done that again, and now I'm procrastinating the third one to do whatever. Grand total of at least partially published fics: zero.

One with the crowd on this one!

Three FiMfics still unwritten, four other non-FiM stories either unwritten or not updated with next chapter.

Yeah...I definitely belong here.

This is where I belong....

Holy shot, we're organized?!

You know, I'd been considering joining this group for a while now... I just hadn't gotten around to it.

411141 Mmmmmm, fancy seeing you here~

I was gonna hit that Join button long ago, but I thought, Meh, I'll do it tomorrow.


I was going to say something in my last post, but as I started typing, I thought...meh, I'll do it later.

*Sniff* I'm home... it better be worth it, I had to motivate myself to push the join button you sadistic cur...

I was gonna make a procrastination joke, but... Eeeh... I'll do it later.

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