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felt like a change of face was in order. No longer borrowing 'Shutter Bug' from Chrysalis. The face i choose to wear is one I've worn before. Perhaps a name change to fit the face?

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  • 89 weeks
    State of Hive Address, 2

    Just to throw this out there where it will show up on the feed; i am rebuilding "Voices in the Void" and canceling my other story.

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  • 102 weeks
    A Thought Exercise

    Link is at the bottom but let's do a short recap; Spring Breakdown that shows another portal to Equestria. The author thinks that new stories now have an advantage by not being on a time constraint. The author also thinks this allows Twilight to spread friendship and fix the school in a more organic way (true) and allowing Sunset's redemption to be more organic while dealing with the Dazzlings (plenty of plot holes here but I'll assume they are, somehow, filled; so... true*. * = her

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  • 117 weeks
    World Building part 3, inspiration

    Real life happened... and is still happening.

    oh well

    So I was on the group about changelings and Chrysalis and I was struck with inspiration on how to set my world up. The things I want is ponyfinder changelings to be mlpfim changelings and a reason for the ponies to be where they are and in the reduced numbers I envision. I feel I have just what I need...

    What did I have?

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  • 122 weeks
    world building, part 2

    Welcome back...

    Today I just plan to talk about ponies. As much as I like Equestria's Changelings and most of the feline races of Everglow I can't focus on them and ignore the ponies; The ponies are the focal point much like the map of Equestria has Equestria in the middle with everyone else around the sides. Though given that it is a map of a country one can be forgiven for providing so little detail on non pony locations. (has the planet even been officially named?)

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  • 123 weeks
    World Building part one


    For those of you following my stories I must hang my head in shame. The marginal amount of work I have done is by no means enough for a chapter on either. To make matter worse is this blog which clearly informs you that my creative thoughts are not even going in that direction... shame on me :ajsleepy:

    So What Am I Doing?

    Making a world/setting...

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State of Hive Address, 2 · 6:34am Oct 12th, 2020

Just to throw this out there where it will show up on the feed; i am rebuilding "Voices in the Void" and canceling my other story.

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"[Person] is watching you."

That still feels oddly creepy. Its like i could just turn around from writing my re write (going great btw) and 17 are just standing there silently staring at me. Like ghosts or zombies or something. No one else have that creepy feeling? No? Darn...

Some guy subscribed to my youtube...

Maybe i should make 1 thing for youtube?

About five years ago (give or take); it had 0% of the charm that made Gaia Gaia. It was a forum with a dressup avatar... and a cash shop.

Gaia was a labor of love for the coders, artists and developers. Corporate doesn't have a clue what made Gaia the cash cow it was. I don't think the original staff is with Gaia anymore...

They tried to make a new site? And asked people to move over to it without the ability to carry over their years of hoarding? Wow.

They have not changed but since their sister site that they made in order to replace the game just simply went under they seem to have resigned themselves to being the caretakers of GAIA until it finally ends. it seems a lot of people had a problem with the fact of just moving over to another site and leaving everything they spent real money on behind, go figure. It's not what it used to be, and it never will, but I do believe it's going to remain for a little while longer.

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