This is a story dedicated to the fun story and the main series created by one vdrake77 and his main story, The Changeling of the Guard, and the many stories that others have come together to create stories about him and the ponies he knows, and the (admittedly) wacky hi-jinks surrounding his exploits.

Folders are organized in a way so that it would be very easy to navigate, and differentiate the different stories from all the wonderous fans of Idol out there.

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For the Shout-Outs and Mentions folder:

Idol (and Topaz) have cameos in the chapters Television Rules the Nation and Lionhearted Part 2

Not only that, but look for stories that reference his existence (shout-out sub-folder?)

This group is great, but it needs a higher story count.

Please :fluttercry: anyone that knows how words work, please write more about Idol.

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