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Computer voice reading of Changeling of the Guard! · 2:31am Last Friday


A freshly started computer-voice reading of Changeling, thanks to Modoc! Some of the grammar is a little odd due to the nature of the reading, but then... it also sort of fits the writing style!

And I admit, the way it says 'Equestria' cracked me up.

A decent workaround for anyone who'd like to have their Idol audible. :P

Thanks again, Modoc!

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2444178 Thank you much! I have a plan for the wedding (and in fact have written up the chapter), but honestly I can only hope it lives up to what people are hoping for.

I honestly hope that there is a long time before the wedding in this one. Pretty much all changeling stories have the wedding reflect the view of the changelings at the beginning but I find it fascinating when changelings are a completely unknown and unheard of thing. I just hope you don't rush it please.

Also this story made it into my Top Favorites list!

No rush at all man. You spew pure gold, and I definitely can't resist a good changeling story. It's more than worth the waiting for updates. Also, your pacing is excellent. The first time I saw this story, I thought it was just going to be a meaty, original one shot about a changeling that's part of the guard, and then sticks it out with the ponies during the invasion. You took it so much further. You've perfectly maintained the undercurrents of anxiety about the inevitable wedding conflict, and also built a wonderful world on that strong foundation without using any of the typical FIM tropes or story structures. Please don't ever stop creating.

2418077 Honestly, rough plan is for a few more chapters, some time skips. A few scenes from the early seasons. And then the wedding.

Sooooooon. But then, my plans didn't involve so much story BEFORE the wedding, so I can promise it's coming, but a solid ETA is impossible.

But the most recent chapters are right as Twilight got her cutie mark.

This might be asking a bit much, but could we have a ETA on the chapter in which the fecal matter striketh the oscillating air cooling device? The wedding is like a landmine I know is there, and can't wait to step on and get blown the fuck up. I've been trying to find TCOTG's setting in time relative to FIM's real storyline, but have had trouble. Whether it's my own cruddy obliviousness, or just a lack of tells, I'm not sure.

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