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Changeling of the guard sidestories! · 10:03pm June 3rd

Hey guys, wanted to post up a little something!

Sidestories for CotG!


Most of this won't be from Idol's perspective or wouldn't otherwise fit into the story, but I hope you enjoy it all the same!

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I am loving Changeling of the Guard.
Idol is coming across as a very believable character. His personal growth and 'journey of discovery' can actually be seen chapter-to-chapter as his naiveté slowly evaporates.

Like most writers when reading another person's works, part of me wonders how he would interact with the characters from the story I write with The Incredible Werekitty. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/7109/the-sour-grapes-chronicles Unfortunately it would have to be an alternate version of Idol Hooves as some of the details in your world differ in ours. For example there being only one known Night Pony under the sun because the rest are still in hiding since the Nightmare Moon incident. Granted him meeting Earshot for the first time could be comedy gold as the colt has never met anypony quite like Idol before and wouldn't know what to make of him.

Write at your own pave but please keep up the good work. I would love to see where this goes from here.

I love The Changeling of the Guard, and I can't wait for more, but...here's one (hopefully helpful) piece of advice: don't start a second, let alone a third, multi-chapter story when your first isn't complete yet.
I've seen so many people trying to juggle too many stories that result in absolutely none of the stories receiving the time and attention they each deserve, which often leads to perpetual 'Incomplete'/'On Hiatus' syndrome. The same also goes for game developers and Kickstarter dudes, especially smaller ones with limited resources.

I would hate to see TCotG become a mere shadow of its former self just because you spread yourself too thin, just as I would hate to see your two side-stories becoming ignored as you focus on the main one.

Nobody's ever made a comic of it, but there was a single picture! https://derpibooru.org/1620446

It would certainly be funny to see it in comic form!

Hey - I just caught up to current with The Changeling of the Guard. I split my sides so many times:rainbowlaugh:... I wanted to ask if anyone has made a comic of Idol being caught wearing that maid's outfit? If no one has, Tillie-TMB is interested... How about it?

my favorite part about you isn't the writing its that you have drake in your name and my name is drake.

  • Viewing 31 - 35 of 35
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