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Just your average Swedish neo-dolphin. Not doing any writing, but lots and lots of reading. And a bit of sewing. Not sure if flippers or hooves are worse.

I'm sorry, but you've clicked the wrong link (here's the right one). You're on this site to read ponyfics, and there are none here (but here are some). However, there are lots of shiny pictures below (one of which links here) and to the left (or here) which you can click on to get immediate access to the finest in pony words (like these ones), delivered straight to your computer through the Internet, in much the same way bricks aren't (but some can feel rather heavy and brick-like).

In the unlikely event of my actually creating something worth dissemination, it'll be much more likely to end up on DeviantArt than here.


I like reading horse words, and in enlightened self-interest I try to put some money towards the creation of more. Authors I support on Patreon, in no particular order:

Recent favourites


I sometimes make plushies, in between reading horse words. Here's a sample, and see my DeviantArt page for more.

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