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Princess Luna's Lunar Stallions kidnap Twilight Sparkle when they see how lonely Luna is, and give her to the Princess as a gift. Nightmare Moon emerges from Princess Luna's psyche during the sleepover. The dark goddess would love nothing more than to have the beautiful mare all to herself, and the resulting chaos forces Celestia to call a psychologist to sort out Luna's multiple personalities.

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lol glad that didn't end like ti could have

Well done. I can see you learned much about clop from the epilogue of Spartan Shield. :rainbowlaugh:

real funny :rainbowlaugh: though it would be interesting to see you write a story where twilight and luna actually do get together as a romance shipping instead of friend shipping :twilightsmile:

Please stop with the same names thing with the OCs it really does make me think they're all the same continuity regardless of authors notes :P.

Other then that though this was a lot of nice innocent fun. Could've maybe gone a bit longer but overall was a very fun piece. Archived to my Kindle.

Oh my god. That was adorable.

HA you totally had me going :rainbowlaugh:

996153 He connects all of his stories together.

I'm pretty sure that if this is in the same universe, is happened before TatSS. Otherwise, our favorite Spartan would have ROLF!Stomped the Lunar Stallions AGAIN for trying to run off with his wife. :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::raritywink::twilightsmile:

996924 this is not connected to any other story of his, so Spartan does not exist here.

Which explains why there aren't ANOTHER dead thousand-or-so Lunar Stallions.

:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: All that needs to be said. Oh wait! I almost forgot :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Not sure if shipping or trollfic.. :derpytongue2:
But in both ways, it's as gorgeous as always.

We need a fanart with Twi in the basket!

Shit was hilarious, yo! No really, that was pretty funny. I love that Luna went along with it for a while. Great fic.


Very nice, full of D'aww.


It does get pretty confusing, but I guess it's sort of like AS's signature, so you know it's one of his stories. I don't think they're all connected stories though.

And then they all fucked...

Great story, I loved Luna playing the evil rapist-goddess. Cute, well written and interesting, as are all your works.

Though I must say I enjoy your serious works a lot more, but that may be because they were the first I read.


It's good to mellow out with some comedy now and then, or you just turn too serious-face to be any fun anymore.

I can see that, and I still et a laugh out of these and some genuinly good entertainment, don't get me wrong. Maybe this is some lingering damage from my first "big" fanfic being Fallout: Equestria. I just enjoy the darker themes more.


Nah, I say he should keep rolling with it. Since there is SOME overarching continuity here, it really helps in making the story more interesting. And since there is a distinct personality to these two guards (which is consistent over his fics, btw) it is a bit like the cameos in the Marvel-Superhero-movies, a nice nod to the fans which adds depth to the story.

:yay: some perfectly fine lighthearted Stuff now and then is fine :twilightsmile:

I usually find myself to be very definitive on my reviews and rating of a fic. It's just the natural course of the path I choose to walk. However, here I found myself a little on the fence. It's not typical that I would write a review on something that took but a glance. That being said, lets jump into it here and see what we can fish out.

I took great notice in how the names of fics popped up from previous works that litter your page. Panzer to name just one. I in truth believe one of the causes of your frustrations is how you write. Each fic contains pieces or small parts of characters referenced to in other work, much like the view of a person through a cracked mirror. While all the images are you, they are different reflections or refractions of the whole, while all look the same all are different and are unaffected by the other in which you see. Somewhat like the theory of a multi-verse. Each picture solid and complete, but unique. I guess it's a different style and is out of the typical litterary norm that you would find at your local book store. But then this is merely works of ones mind for fun.

This piece of work I found greatly entertaining for the various acts and mischief displayed in it. While Luna was taken aback by the actions of here lunar guard, she did not necessarily find their actions disturbing nor reprimanding. It all turned out okay despite the chaos and confusion caused. Memory also serves to remind us that in a certain other fic, the inhibitor has some nasty effects on those who try to use their horns. My question is why such a harmful piece of magic? Would be used on Twilight, noble intentions or not. Either way I found this a short but sweet read, while it won't merit a rating or a story long review from me, it was still decent enough to make me grin and feel a little giddy. I mostly read it to see your characters further fleshed out. The spelling and grammar is also becoming better not as much as some of your other fics.

Keep it up and keep working away, thank you for your efforts!

Signing off,
Shining Glory

i will be honest
i was hoping for some Molesting action

good... Now make a rape version. Please? :rainbowkiss:

love it, but i was upset with the lack of megusta moments, chapter 2, drunk? XD yay wine!

A great short story, hard case! I must admit I am a big fan of what I think of as Ancient Roman style Princess Luna with funny outdated practices and actions; the way it is at odds with modern pony society always gets a laugh out of me :)

Keep up the good work!:pinkiesmile:

Thou art really had me going there! :pinkiehappy:

So... Luna wouldn't molest twilight because they are friends, but she would molest other fillies:rainbowhuh:
Not sure if gusta

Wel, we can be glad she wasn't a gift to celestia :rainbowlaugh:

Great story :twilightsmile:
5 of 6 spikes: :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Not bad, and looks like you made it into the new stories featured box.

It's cute, silly, self contained, and easy to picture. Nicely done, a feature spot well earned.:twilightsmile:

Man, Luna should try to give more discipline to her guards.

Good story, btw.

That Twilight unpacking Scene had me use up 50% of my monthly Dawwwwww Amount.
The siliness of these grown up Stallion acting like Children to please their Misstress is hilarious:rainbowlaugh: then again I would also do anything to keep the Mistress of the Night happy.

I am kinda looking forward to the next evening all the Night Guard going about their evening duties and getting a visit from Celestia and/or Shining Armor. Discussing why the guards thought pony-napping Twilight Sparkle, the little sister of the Royal Guard captain, apprentice of Princess Celestia, wielder of the Element of Magic, defeater of Nightmare Moon and Discord, and presenting her as a sex toy to their Princess, Princess Celestia's little sister was a good idea. Their will be ice cream and punishment.:trollestia:

Luna was holding her down firmly and blew on her blush belly again.
'blush belly'? Is there a missing '-ing' or '-ed' in there? Cause I can only imagine something that eats cosmetics having a blush belly :)

Somewhere, someone is drawing a bondage fanart for this thing.

I am not sure whether to be excited or horrified.

The 'other fun things' are.... You know what? I'm not gonna say it. Nope. Niet. Nien.

hahaha! that was awsome! :twilightsmile:


Dear god, even your serious face stuff is funny as hell, when you go for outright comedy you have me gagging at 1 am on my spleen.

There were a few issues with characterisation, not many, but really, damn, a very worthy follow up to the amazing Spartan fic.

:pinkiehappy: Hey, guards... If you want to make the princess REALLY happy, I've got this cake here I can burst out of, and this little magic latex s-


Aegis Shield: ... Wow, those are pretty lifelike

:pinkiegasp: I KNOW RIGHT

Very amusing. Poor Twilight Sparkle.

Unexpected and hilarious. Good job.

I would've liked the 'mature' ending

I like this as well though:pinkiehappy:
It was awesome:rainbowdetermined2:

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