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Beware The Carpenter

What looks white when it's glad, red when it's sad and transparent when scared; sleeps through the night yet hides from the sun, won't give its name but pretends it's a bee and enjoys rollerskating?


Epic Readout · 4:26am May 11th, 2017

So some guy I never heard of just did an epic readout of a story I posted about six months back; with pictures included! A few of the lines are bungled but there are corrections in the comments.

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Founder and organizer of the Tournament of Canterlot: (Dated)

My first fiction was Storm of Secrets (SOS) which I began spontaneously and without much planning. After that I started working on my Limits of The Horizon (LOTH) series which will probably be about 200k words when finished, is vastly more complex than SOS and which I enjoy far better, even though it’s had less likes and more dislikes than SOS did. (Time of writing: Febuary 8th 2015.)

Unless I explicitly say otherwise; every one of my stories are interrelated to one another, and build on each other’s characters. I started watching MLP between seasons 2 and 3, and so my cannon splits at the end of season 2 (with an alternate ending); however I will occasionally incorporate newer characters such as Maud.

You can enjoy any of the shorter stories on their own, but you won’t appreciate their significance in the grander scheme of things. My short stories cover a wide range of emotions, many of them silly and comedic, but LOTH generally keeps a dark and serious tone.


965 - Shaman of the Zaharren


1001 - Season 1
1002 - Season 2
1003 - Rainbow Dash joins Wonderbolts
- Cute and Creepy
- The Minotaur the princess and the train tracks
- Soarin's Pet Rock
1004 -- Spitfire's Pet Unicorn
- Storm of Secrets
- Twilight begins working on the Manehatten Project
1005 - Climacophobia
1006 - Clastic Strain born
- Forsaken
- Second Lunar Rebellion
- Twilight's blackout period begins (next events not in this order)

- Dinky gets her cutie-mark
- Benefair Born
- Napalm twins born
- Pinkie's triplets born
- Crackle Jack born
- Obtrillion born
- Fluttershy dies
- Celestia breaks contract with Zecora
- Twilight learns to paint
- Zohan killed / village massacred
- Twilight is disfigured
- Shining Armor becomes alcoholic
- Twilight loses her Smartypants
- Dinky's father disappears
- Bondfire

1008 - Twilight Wakes up
1009 -
1010 - Celestia's Smartypants
1011 - Shining Armor reinstated
1012 - Winnow Hoof is born
1013 -
1014 - Tungsten Born
1015 -
1016 - Obtrillion become's Raggarock's apprentice
- Sky Blaze taken to Zecora for healing; begins mentor-ship
1017 -
1018 - Completion of the Manehatten Project
- Twilight begins career in archaeology
1019 -
1020 - Sweetie Bell dies
- Spike withdraws into mine and begins living like a dragon
1021 -
1022 - Civil war between Obtrillion and Raggarock
- Twilight becomes professor at Celestia's school for gifted unicorns
1023 -
1024 - The S Game
1025 - Mcpie triplets banished
- Pinkie's Apocolypse
1026 - Limits of the Horizon

This and that:

I have created dozens and dozens of in depth, original characters; I have never created an ‘OC’ whose meant to be me and frankly I don’t understand why everyone else does it.

Favorite blogs:

Things Beware The Carpenter does not understand
Love and tolerate?
Math with Twilight Sparkle
Utopian myth
Alicorn gods?

I am above average intelligence, and somewhat aspergic. My mom is a teacher/ tutor who specializes in gifted kids, so I happen to know quite a lot about social and intellectual advantages and disadvantages of being mentally enabled. As a result, I doubt I will ever write a story dealing extensively with this:

When I’m curious about a topic I contemplate it, and that’s when stories form in my mind; to help me work through the issues I don’t fully understand. Mind you I also do research on topics I write on, sometimes quite a lot, and I try to keep my stories socially accurate; but don’t presume I’m an expert on every one of the issues I touch on in Limits of the Horizon. I'm very happy to discuss anything you don't think I got right.

(Seriously though, this would be true for almost every fiction author.)

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Awesome. Grammar is still a little rough in the first book compared to my later stuff. Journey To Hearth's Warming is a secret sequel to the Twilily saga. I don't usually tell people because that's such a big ask for people who find Journey To Hearth's Warming to read the two prequel first. Really, not much of the Twilily saga is needed until the later season of Journey TO Hearth's Warming. Heck, the most recent season will just barely be referencing OCs like Cult Race and Selena which were major players in the second Twilily.

Thank you for the follow. Is anything I'm writing catching your attention? Currently, I've got four ongoing series.

Journey To Hearth's Warming: Post once a month, breaks during January, February, June, July

Something Very Wrong With Canterlot: Post three times a month, breaks during December, January, May, June, July

Hoodwinked: Pony Edition: Flexible schedule, but usually one post per month

Stuck In Place: Very flexible schedule, one chapter during each big holiday month.

:pinkiehappy:Thanks for the Follow!

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Epic Readout · 4:26am May 11th, 2017

So some guy I never heard of just did an epic readout of a story I posted about six months back; with pictures included! A few of the lines are bungled but there are corrections in the comments.

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