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Beware The Carpenter

What looks white when it's glad, red when it's sad and transparent when scared; sleeps through the night yet hides from the sun, won't give its name but pretends it's a bee and enjoys rollerskating?


Having one pet rock is cute; it means you’re a sensitive guy, and showing it to someone shows trust in a relationship.

Having forty pet rocks is creepy, and should not be shown to your marefriend on a first date.

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He and Maud would get along quite nicely. I guess.


I'm working on a story with that theme, but it wasn't that simple.

In high school Pinkie Pie had a MASSIVE crush on Soarin, which wasn't reciprocated because he was in love with Maud who was going steady with her lab partner Prince Sombera.

Logical solution: the four of them go out on a double date. Nothing could possibly go wrong

I know I'm up too late when the idea of owning and naming 40 individual pet rocks makes me chuckle.

Well, that was certainly hilarious! Although there are a few gramatical errors at the start there. Might want to edit that.

And hey, so what if Soarin has a bunch of pet rocks? There's nothing wrong about that, right Geo?!

Although, I do wonder what would happen if Maud brought Boulder along...

Man, this was hilarious! It made me laugh so much!


Maud x Sombra? I'd totally read that...

As far as this story... it reminds me of one of Cheerilee's Thousand, only with Dash instead of Cheerilee.

5731560 Oh fuck your ideas are genius. I can't wait to see this.

Dude.... Everyone else is claiming how great this, but this is just horrible. What's worst is Dash not understanding what's going on. You can't just leave this here, you have to have Dash figure out what Soarin was talking about and realize exactly what she just did! No! I mean this was amazing, but No! You can't just leave it at that!


All my stories are interconnected with each other and most hold clues to understanding the rest. The sort of thing I've done here where you understand Soarin's behavior, but can still relate to Dash thinking he's a lunatic, will be commonplace.

This ties in with Soarin's Pet Rock, (Which isn't finished yet and has at least one sequel) in a very obvious way; but also ties in indirectly with my main series of Limits of the Horizons, such as the aftermath of Dash finding out that the Wonderbolts only won the Canterlot Cup due to illegal dark magic.

On the whole, my stories have some very dark valleys that lead to generally happy endings; but, taken individually, many of them do have rather sad endings. Maybe that's why I use the 'sad' tag on them.

She’d waited since kinder garden to become a Wonderbolt
Well, Stoner used played the flute
Whose this
You’re rocks eat at restaurants
before looking up at Rainbow Dash with a relived grin
which had obviously been there for a while, but her glasses on her and picked up
So your taking Pegarock’s side
Either one of those would have been better then staring at her
I could deliver them for you”

1. Kindergarten.
2. Well, Stoner used to play the flute.
3. Who's. Whose is used for asking if something belongs to someone. Who's is an abbreviation of Who is.
4. Your.
5. Relieved.
6. Put.
7. You're.
8. Than.
9. Forgot your comma at the end.

So... Granted the first thought to my mind was of course the weirdness of it all but also kind of including some silent pity. I mean, something might have happened to him for Soarin to have made so many pet rocks, each with their own distinct personalities and living out their personal lives. So to speak. Though that might just be me thinking off the norm here. Though thnat might also portray Rainbow as uncaring here. Not being worried for your teammate after seeing all that? Or maybe it could just be too much for her to handle and she hopes someone else would deal with it. Who knows.

this was awesome!:raritystarry:

I love soarindash...but..that last sentence made this one of the best stories ever!


Soarin's Pet Rock explains why Soarin is the way he is if you're interested.

That is just... oh, my. I really do want to see what a Maud/Rock-lovin'-Soarin fic would look like.


Maud and Pinkie Double Date

I had set it up for it to be able to continue; but decided against it; enjoy the two chapters that you can. :pinkiehappy:

Huh, I think Soarin's... cracked.

Having one pet rock is cute; it means you’re a sensitive guy, and showing it to someone shows trust in a relationship. Having forty pet rocks is creepy, and should not be shown to your marefriend on a first date.

When I first saw this description I was expecting this to be a commentary on people who have too many toys (or stuff like that) but I read it anyway because I was bored.

But then Rainbow was a lot more understanding than I thought she'd be. And then everything started going to Weirdsville and it was JUST, SO, PERFECT.


This. This was the moment I knew I had picked a winner. :rainbowlaugh:

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