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Beware The Carpenter

What looks white when it's glad, red when it's sad and transparent when scared; sleeps through the night yet hides from the sun, won't give its name but pretends it's a bee and enjoys rollerskating?


Twilight takes the train to Alkzum Mental Asylum to visit her younger brother.

Secrets; every family has them.

Satellite story to Limits of the Horizon

Chapters (16)
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Well, this is certainly interesting. *watches*

Enigma certainly carries his name well. They say every genius is eccentric but here we have someone who understands so much about how the world works yet can't comprehend interaction.


This bring good feels and bad ideas. Not to mention the fact of my gut wanting to empty after the cat incdent.

Hummm if Twilight being able to ignite in Feeling Pinkie Keen is seen as a cannon ability she might find she can easily survive her little brother's raising the room's temperature, perhaps to her own surprise. If both of the are "freak" unicorns she might have more in common with Enigma than she realizes. Of course if we limit it to a visual gag I still see her not getting harm, but nearly getting hurt when she pushes her luck. It strikes me because in my head cannon Twilight is a genetic anomaly herself, abnormally magically potent. In that scenario Enigma is essentially Twilight's genetic anomaly dialed up to 11, and she is the only one who he might ever come to view as another entity, all other ponies being just "things" that populate his environment.

I also find myself wondering how Enigma might react to post ascension Twilight. Would seeing his sister as a alicorn make him think she was a stranger? Would he perhaps grow MORE interested in her? Would he try to "examine" her and react badly to her showing resistance to his power?


All of my stories so far are connected / cannon with each other. I started writing after season 2; seeing Cadance as being being a pegasus/unicorn with slightly above average magic, and that stays my head cannon for Alicorns (I also think I'm the only fiction where Cadance is actually Luna and Celestia's niece). There are however six cosmic forces which require an alicorn to guide them, when one steward, another takes their place, becomes immortal and gains a significant though non-ridiculous boost to their power; (Shining Armor has more raw magic than either princess). Twilight's ascension never happens here.

Enigma is essentially Twilight's genetic anomaly dialed up to 11

That's pretty much accurate.

Twilight lit herself on fire for a few seconds and it scorched her slightly. Being forced to hold it too long would kill her.

As for how Enigma views the world... that will come in later.

I'm starting to see Enigma as a more extreme case of Twilight.
Twilight, gifted beyond normal means chose to not interact with anyone else save for her idol Celestia. Here, Enigma continually shuts himself off from the outside world, from what I think, is how simple it seems to him. For Enigma, I think that he understands what he sees to such an intimate level, there's nothing new to learn about it. So, there's no reason to remain interested or keep him occupied.


Methinks you might be surprised later.

It's just a theory I have now, but I could be wrong based on your reply.

Well if we look at it both Twilight and Enigma are autistic ponies how ever as it is a spectrum disorder they are are different points on the scale. Twilight is high functioning, able to recognize her bad behavior as abnormal and needing to be changed, concepts that initially escape her or she deems unimportant she can though experience come to appreciate, such as friendship. Also her genius level IQ is a direct result, and we can assume her magical power is a direct result of her intellect. Enigma is very low functioning, unable to understand some concepts at all and living exclusively in his own head. When things don't work how he thinks they should he either grows angry or simply ignores them. He likely doesn't see other ponies as people because they don't KNOW what he's thinking.

i can instantly tell a lot of time and hard work has gone into this.

More words, please. :pinkiecrazy:

Also, how does this exactly connect to Limits of the Horizon and Storms of Secrets? It's a little confusing where it fits in the chronology exactly.


About two years after SOS; shortly before the second Lunar Rebellion.

i like this story so far hope to read more soon

5485820 okay thank you so much for letting me know:twilightsmile:

so luna's an idiot with a serious temper issue. great. first she get's stuck doing something that she was supposedly born to do, then starts throwing a temper tantrum for who knows what fucking reason. and yet she's supposed to lead a country? yeah, no wonder equestria's always in trouble from some 'evil-in-a-can' from 1000 years ago.

wait so he Enigma think he is pregnant with luna:rainbowderp:


Because he has every symptom:

He has a person inside of him
He has weird food cravings
He's nauseous
He's bloated
He has weird muscle cramps
He's cranky because he's constantly tired
And he needs to pee a lot

That's what pregnant means, isn't it? :derpyderp1:


You've made six assumptions there. Only two of them are correct.

5498388 sweet! two's better than nothing. besides, i've never thought highly of the princesses anyway.

5498369 that is mostly true but they are in hes mind and not all of them self are in him just there own minds by this i mean there bodes are not in him which is the big part there can be other means for the other symptoms i've seen it in a DR. show where they take real live stores of Dr.'s and the ones they help there was a episode where they thought this girl was pregnant but it trued out she was still a virgin and what was really going on something else was growing in her where a baby i think it was a weird mole that grew in her, or something else but what ever it was it was not a baby it was not even never alive or at lest that was what all the DR. so there can be more then one out come for those symptoms it is just what most people even Dr.'s think of first if it trends out they are rough then they go to other thing with the same symptoms nut it is your story and i like what you are doing and hope to read more soon


Enigma would draw almost no distinction between his body and his mind. Having another mind inside his mind would be the same as a body inside his body.

5498585 i see that would be the case since he more then likely douse not know much about the out side world

Poor pony. I take it Luna's poor mental state and the difficulty of Enigma living mostly inside his head to start with has something to do with her getting 'stuck'. Or perhaps his dreams/mind make it difficult to tell whether she's out or not?

You could have some kind of cancerous growth I suppose.

5738844 Pi day and Pie day are two different things yet sound the same... I thought you meant it as a weird joke.

6147518 Since Enigma was described as a savant, yes. Savants are usually on the high-functioning scale of autism, and are usually skilled in one thing and one thing only. In Enigma's case his skill seems to be Magic. Hope this helps :)

5738749 Are you still working on this story? I would really love to see it continue. It's really great so far and they way you portray Enigma as a savant is perfect. :)


Unfortunately at the moment I have an accounting exam on the 19th, and am moving to America for six months at the beginning of September and hope to get my driving license before then. I'm sorry but a lot of my writing projects have been put on hold for the moment; but I AM determined to finish though every story I start, and I could not properly finish Limits of the Horizon without finishing Forsaken.

Glad to hear you're liking it, and I hope you won't have to wait too much longer. Comments like this really are an encouragement.

A thousand apologies for this taking so long; and if you are still following me here; thank you!

I promise that I will finish this eventually; hopefully before the end of the year or early next year.

Please keep going!

So I guess Luna try to help but end up inside him instead?


Enigma: The Fat One came to ask a question, now she's stuck.

The only problem I have is I want jam on toast and I don't have any. I didn't have this problem when The Fat One came so I don't think that was helpful. She said something about help coming if I turned my vocal cords on, and I did but none has; only Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor.

Can I have some jam on toast please?


If I do, will you give birth to The Fat One, Twilight Sparkle, and Shining Armor?


Enigma: I'm already trying to push them out and it's not working; but if you give me jam on toast, I'll tell you a secret that The Fat One doesn't want me to tell you.


Done. Name the jam and spill while I heat the bread.


Enigma: Blackberry Jam.

The polite kind. Not the scary kind that scares away notifications when they come to tell you someone is talking to you.

I don't like that kind.


*hands over two slices of toast with blackberry jam*

The Fat One's secret. Share, please.


Enigma *takes jam on toast*:

"The Fat One has a pet bee.

Just one.

One lonely little bee who she calls Little Bee.

She hasn't told anyone about him. He's a secret.

He's not really a bee though; he tricked The Fat One into thinking he was a bee so that she would hide him up on the moon so she could play beekeeper with him while she builds him a better place to live. He's not like a bee at all. I think he's much more like a very noisy spider."


*shows him a pic of Discord*

Is this her spider-bee?

6620598 *Enigma eats first piece of toast*

"Nope. That's Mr. Jabberwocky."


*ponders a minute before showing a picture of Tiberius*

How about this one?


*Enigma eats second piece of jam and toast and looks at picture carefully*

"I've seen him before... in a dream which Twilight Sparkle dropped when she fell on her boat. She had 284 feathers in that dream. That's silly. Twilight Sparkle does not have feathers. I'm glad that that guy is not real. He would make things even noisier than The Fat One's Pet Bee already does."


*Enigma licks jam and toast crumbs off his face and hooves*

I once heard The Fat One call her pet Bee, 'Bad-Dream Baby'.

Does that mean anything to you?

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