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Beware The Carpenter

What looks white when it's glad, red when it's sad and transparent when scared; sleeps through the night yet hides from the sun, won't give its name but pretends it's a bee and enjoys rollerskating?


Realizing that she still suffers from age-old phobias; Luna recruits Twilight and Pinkie Pie to help Celestia overcome one of her deepest fears.


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Wow. Just, wow. Nothing can tempt her, nothing can sway her at all for this fear.

Change the name; keep the sentiment.

Maybe if Fluttershy was there, she could convince Celestia with The 'Stair'


You did a great job showing how strong is Celestia's phobia - but such intensity raise the question of "why?": what caused the phobia in first place?

I really enjoyed that! Thanks for the laugh friend, I needed it.

Now for the obvious sequal of twilight and her quesadilla phobia maybe?


That was neither dramatic, nor sad.

More of a 'Slice of Life' Kind of thing, really.


Taken from the FAQ "tag information


This type of story focuses on the realistic, emotional reactions of characters involved in some serious life-affecting problem. It explores the various characters’ conflicting feelings between each other and within themselves.

Slice of Life

A story focusing on daily, normal experiences. Unlike adventure, the story is not driven by action or discovery of new, exciting things, rather bringing the mundane to attention, such as attending school or a dinner party.

Sad applies more if you read this in the wider context of my stories and understand why Celestia is the way she is.

7373195 Stairs killed her parents

*Queen Faust, King Solaris, and young Celestia and Luna are walking through town.*

*A pair of stairs appear, whip out a Tommy Gun, and gun down their parents before their young eyes*

I decided to change the rating to Teen. The story itself isn't but when you tie it in with the wider story and understand why Celestia has her fears it definitely is.

Hope no one minds

Now I know I can beat Celestia at something.
A stairing contest.

Is it wrong that I thought this was funny?


Not at all, but Fimfiction blocks using the funny and sad tags together.

Soarins Pet Rock is another one of my stories that's sad and funny at the same time. Funny until you find out why Soarin is so emotionally dependant on his collection of pet rocks, or why he'd break into tears if Rainbow Dash says it's his fault if two of then got divorced.

This story is funny by itself, but won't be once I delve depeer into Celestia's troubled past. (All my stories are connected unless stated otherwise.)

Is this the real reason why she sent Twilight to deal with Sombra?

That was very good and funny.

lolomg! I love how she just says "Fuck it, I'm out!"


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