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What looks white when it's glad, red when it's sad and transparent when scared; sleeps through the night yet hides from the sun, won't give its name but pretends it's a bee and enjoys rollerskating?


Not many ponies knew it, but Celestia had made every Smartypants doll in Equestria for almost a thousand years...

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Poor, stupid Celestia. Not willing to admit that the problem lies with her, not her students or the dolls... I wonder if it has occurred to her that Twilight did just fine and that maybe NMM's return is Celestia's fault or that she destroyed Twilight. I doubt Shining Armor would have done what he did without orders.

This Celestia really needs to hurry and drop the pretense of caring about other ponies and admit that she's just using them.

D: That ending though....

Great work - added to Triumphant Villains and Defeated Heroes.

This story made me shed a tear with an impressed expression along with it.

So, wait, what was the impetus of Luna's second fall?


I won't say except that it happened shortly after the events of Forsaken, and shortly before Twilight's blackout.


Aright fine, one more hint: it did involve the Smartypants'.

Comment posted by Rocka Leone deleted May 1st, 2015

Do you mean kindergarten? Throughout the story I kept seeing 'kinder garden'.

Very refreshing to see a "sad Celestia" story that isn't full of her doing the "woe is me" bit about having banished her sister. An interesting titbit about Shining Armor, too, though I do feel for the guy; he got a bit of a raw deal there! I felt the ending was a little overwrought, but otherwise a good read.

NB: I haven't read Limits of the Horizon, so I may have missed the odd reference. But I think this stands up pretty well on its own. :twilightsmile:



It always sort of got me that Shining Armor seemed more powerful than Twilight, yet never got the same opportunities.

The only real reference you will have missed is Twilight's 'terrible business' in the Zaharren which I slowly unravel through LOTH. Twilight just remembers waking up after two years and having Celestia, Shining Armor, Spike, her friends and everyone else telling her she was sick with a virus that caused retrograde amnesia. It's obvious that a lot of horrible things happened then, but Celestia seems to regard the destruction of Twilight's Smartypants as being one of the most significant.

This is an awesome story. The idea of Celestia, making these dolls and the secret within them. So sweet. Also when she accidently made a Nightmare Moon doll. I was shocked. So pretty. :rainbowkiss:


It's amazing how much emotion you can see in a button-eye when you're suffering depression and haven't slept in a a week. :pinkiecrazy:

Yeah. It is really cool and creepy.


Me thinks you might also like Cute and Creepy which has a similar feel to this where Soarin is trusting enough of Rainbow Dash to introduce her to his pet rocks.

The story can be read by itself, but it comes better as a satellite off of Soarin's pet rock which explains Soarin's behavior, and links cute and creepy at an appropriate chapter.

(I will eventually explain the Smartypants dolls in Limits of the Horizon, but only at the very end.)

So she's sitting in what's effectively a hole in the wall flooding it with dolls after her sister went nightmare moon again. Me thinks Celestia's a little loco in the coco.


It's not a hole. Being in a dark hole would be a terrible, terrible thing for someone with nyctophobia and claustrophobia. This is Celestia's special place where she can come to just be herself.

And she's lying there, not sitting. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

This story... is kind of horrible.

Mostly because it makes sense. It became a coping mechanism, a way to try and keep hold. A way to test what kind of pony the one she gave it was. A way to keep track.

And it's still horrible.

But not the story. The glimpse into Celestia's head that it gives is what's really horrible.

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