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"Sometimes it is better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness." - Terry Pratchett


Twilight was bored.

So very, very, bored. Hopefully somepony will give her a decent challenge somewhere along the way, but...so far, all it takes is one spell.

Just one.

And she was very, very bored.

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6849268 I also just ultimately understood the meaning of the title as well.

Celestia being sick and covering it up with an illusion was a funny idea. It was either that or she was holding back from causing those around her and Canterlot harm.

In all honesty I can somewhat say with enough time and training Twillight could possibly get somewhere around this level of power. twillight is the alicorn of magic so in theory once she gains full mastery of her alicorn potential she should gain complete control and mastery over magic. To compare Celestia and Luna have full control over the sun and moon as well as the elements associated with them. Basically Twillight could in theory simply control magic from anywhere and anything.

Does it mean that Twilight is a one-trick pony?

This is another One-Punch Man thing, isn't it? God, I am getting so sick of that. I stumbled over it three years ago and didn't think it was funny even then.

Gotta give you props on your execution here, though. This was still a lot better than the average fic of this type. I had to laugh at the "serious spell: serious hoof" line. I may be absolutely sick of it, but that doesn't mean you didn't do a good job on your own terms.

Well, that was fun.
But yeah, once nothing is a challenge for you anymore, life can get dreadfully boring, huh?

Try the impossible game. THat should be fun.


Fight a million mosquitoes...


I love the Dragon ball reference in there!


even with her spells, I don't think she could fight THE PAIN of all of those insects


Hey, you never know. After all, mosquitoes....



6854213 Nah, I still collect sea shells by the thousands and grow plants, two things I've done for 30 years.

It only gets boring if you've lived your life chasing visceral thrills and nothing else... which explains why most teens feel bored before they hit 20.

Besides, there are countless other things to learn. And ending enemies in one punch is very efficient and allows one to get back to more important things like sorting coupons. :pinkiecrazy:

6856164 Even Saitama couldn't kill an unmutated one.

6853924 It's just one joke. Bad guy shows up, makes a big speech about terrible he is, then dies almost instantly. Rinse and repeat.

6857024 Except recently it's also gotten a good story that makes it more likable then just the one joke.

6857149 I only watched one episode. Of course it gets a good story later, if it didn't it wouldn't be so popular. I just didn't feel like sticking around long enough to see it.

6856535 My life has been elightened by your eye opening words :pinkiecrazy:

I feel you there. I've never been the type for that whole "if you sit through these first 300 pages that are awful, it gets really good" thing when I could just use that time to read something that's good all the way through instead.

I prefer to think of it as making the most of my time. Why spend your time only enjoying half of a book if you could be enjoying all of it, after all? I might miss out on some stuff that way, but it's hardly like I'm starved for choice.

As an aside, I'm kind of amused at how hard I'm getting downvoted down there for complimenting this story. :rainbowlaugh:

6857212 *Alondro brings enlightenment and sanity to the world... by being completely nuts...* :pinkiecrazy:


im surprised neither of you picked up on the not so subtle metal gear solid reference :applejackunsure:

She should challenge Flim and Flam now. A legal battle should be right up her alley :rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:


I dunno, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the BOLDED text sitting unscrupulously in the middle of my comment earlier:trollestia:

6862239 Couldn't find that bolded one. Mind sending it to me? Not being sarcastic.

Loved it! You should have seen the grin on my face upon making the conection with One-punch-man!
Awesome work! :twilightsmile:


sorry not bolded, i just meant capitilized, my mistake, it was a reference to the MGS3 boss, the pain, his special attack being hordes of hornets, but the reference still works with most similar insects

Going by the ratio of likes to dislikes, I believe people want more. 'Specially more TwiDash.

Comment posted by Little Tingle deleted Jan 25th, 2016

So, yeah, really, really, bored. But more than that, she was disappointed. It was like preparing for a difficult math test only to discover it was all just combining like terms.

I know how that feels.

Great story!

6869984 As much as I'd like to say most people reading want more TwiDash, I can't be sure as there isn't enough evidence for that. What I can be sure of is most people want more of this story in general.

Fun sorry. You know what would be more fun? More story.

Yes more story but no to the TwiDash only you and about 23% of the people who read this wan't more of it.

6871218 May I see the empirical evidence that only 23% of people reading this want more TwiDash, or are you pulling a me and just guessing based off your own opinion of the matter?

If you do make more of this, can you do one with Twilight trying to kill a mosquito? That was my favorite part of One Punch Man.

6871274 It actually wouldn't be too hard to come to that conclusion. For example there are numerous polls about stating which Twilight ship the fandom enjoys the most. He possibly got the figure from one of those and fimfiction does cater to a good balance of the fans out there so the statistical variance would be almost insignificant. The figures would overall stay constant in theory.

6875730 Yet this story was placed into the TwiDash group under Stories with TwiDash, but Not Focused on it. This in itself would pull in a lot of TwiDash shippers right off the bat. Not to mention that those polls you speak of that I can find only have the amount of votes that equal the amount of friends I have in real life. Basically, less than 1% of the fandom, so they aren't very accurate. The vote that had the most? None. How many votes did it have? Eight. Not many given that it was the most popular choice out of both mares and stallions.

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