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All of Equestria is united in celebration for the return of their beloved Princess Nightmare Moon. But when Celestia and everypony else recieve her she's skeletally starved, filthy, and very nearly dead. Meanwhile, while everypony's eye is turned, a lusty Blueblood pursues Twilight Sparkle, intent on adding her bloodline to his own so his family might step closer to godhood. (Alternate Universe, there never was a Princess Luna)

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I'll be watching.... and waiting for your reason why she is not called "Luna".

You have peaked my interests. Continue.

1439064 Alternate universe. There never was a Luna. :derpyderp2:

Interesting, very interesting

Looks good! Hope you'll make more soon!

Guarantee this will be featured.

You have my interest. Now, proceed.

Sounds already good! Fave!:twilightsmile:

1439085 Luna was given the name "Nightmare Moon" by others when she rebelled against Celestia. If Celestia was as vigilant against others bad-mouthing her little sister, then she must have had a different name at one point; if not "Luna" then something else.

Just saying.

Ooh, interesting! I like this so far!

Celestia’s body was always much warmer than the average pony. Being a goddess of the sun tended to make one hotter than average, Twilight supposed.

That sounds very familiar, Aegis.

-Vivas Noctus!

Commence read...later.

Has peaked my interest.
Indeed, I shall be tracking this now, as I am much in need of MOAR.
Or shall I say...

Take my moustaches, you are worthy: :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Well this is interesting idea for a story...
I'll be watching from now on.

ok it was the first chapter it was ok it did not blow me away but i am interested

You have my attention. I'm looking forward to seeing where this one goes. Seems a bit dark, but this should be interesting...

Somepony get that mare a damn sammich!

Fluttershy, what should I do with this story?
"You will LOVE IT!" :flutterrage:

Huh. Different. I like this kind of different. Yet another story for me to follow there aegis.

Now this is a take I haven't seen done before. I can't wait for more!

Maybe not. If you take away the bad-dream meaning then 'Nightmare Moon' would be thought of by ponies as 'The Night Mare of the Moon', as in the female horse who rules the night and controls the moon. Considering that the Equestrian word 'Nightmare' for bad dream probably came from Nightmare Moon(canon villian) calling herself that, then if Celestia keeps her sister from becoming a storybook villian then the Equestrian word 'nightmare(bad dream)' would never arise.

Languages are funny like that

This first chapter puts me in mind of this song...

Also this is a version of Celestia I really like, ensuring her sister was represented properly in History books. Also interesting to see Nightmare return in such a weakened state, it's a new approach I haven't read before, besides that one horrible trollfic I read :facehoof: Still this is a good first chapter that just makes me want to say two words.

Go On...

Luna no exist????.... :twilightoops:
Interesting.... Very interesting...

I look forward to seeing more of this.


Dat .gif

So the immortal Princess is still vulnerable to things like starvation...... Interesting.

1440618 There's a big difference between immortal and invulnerable. You can't kill a werewolf without silver, but you can still shoot it in the face with a normal gun and it would hurt real bad. :twilightoops:

1440675 Very true. People do seem to get 'immortal' and 'invulnerable' mixed up alot don't we. Continue the good work sir. I expect great things from this, as with all stories of yours that I have had the pleasure of reading. You have yet to dissapoint.

Tonight, however, she was waiting with baited breath along with everypony else.

It's actually "bated" not "baited". :twilightblush:
I blame DBZ.

Wouldn't the Luna be before Nightmare Moon? Was Luna originally named Nightmare Moon in this universe?

There was a Celestia though with an alicorn sister associated with the moon. We demand further explanation!

1439064 1439224
I concur. It doesn't make sense for her name to have been Nightmare Moon. Also, if her atrocities were so great, I doubt Celestia would have left the truth of them untouched, lest they scare ponies.

I expect an alternate rationale for Twilight being Celestia's student, since the canon universe seems to imply that Celestia intended for her to wield the elements of harmony. I'm guessing the elements don't exist here. If sending her away was uncontrolled magic, why would Celestia let Twilight be near the returning magic it, much less than any other pony?

Anyway, I must congratulate on what appears to be yet another story with a unique take on things. :twilightsmile:

Real bad, man.
Like that one guy in MIB that could regenerate his head if it somehow got destroyed.

This comment shall be full of both useless comments and [hopefully] helpful suggestions. READ 'EM ALL!

The purple unicorn mare put on her reading glasses, poor nearsighted thing

Wouldn't she be far-sighted if she had to use reading glasses?

Oh, and shouldn't Nightmare Moon be "Night-Mare Moon" in this case, if she's not to be seen as a monster?

Adorable or Adorkable? Idk. 'Adorkable' used right is almost always win.

every dark crack and rune and marking one it turning a glowing white.

and sterile white eyes homed in one the rune-covered dais.

on* in both cases

“Nightmare!” Celestia shrieked, aghast and fear in her eyes.

How about just "Sister!"?

while others made a fast and thick litter to bear away the battered Princess on.

What? It makes sense, but I had to think about it.

She looked up at the purple mare with dull green, serpentine eyes.

You can safely remove the comma here. Dull can describe both.

I'm liking where this is going.

This is a very intriguing concept. I can't wait to see where you go with this.

I like where this is heading!


Good story so far...

Buck yes! I'm putting off reading some Australian shenanigans to read this.

I really like the Story already! Please more!

Take my Fav. And my upthumb. And my email-tracking. *nodnod* :twilightsmile:

Other than creepy Blueblood, I'm really liking this. STAY AWAY from Twilight you creep!

i want to get past the physical trauma and move onto the mental trauma already. Nightmare was alone on the moon for One Thousand Years. think about how damaging that would have to be.

True. It's not like she'd had any time to pack a WhinnyTendo game console . . .

No Luna? Thats means our princess of the night is going full-on badflank! I'm liking this!:pinkiehappy:

1440885 People ignore Celestia's actual reasoning for contracting Twilight far, far too often. Here's a quote from Cutie Mark Chronicles:

"You have a very special gift. I don't think I've ever come across a unicorn with your raw abilities. But you need to learn to tame these abilities through focused study."

Tame these abilities through focused study. Clearly Twilight would be a menace to society if she went around uncontrollably turning the population into potted plants. Celestia, being the only living being with experience handling that much power, has to help Twilight to handle her magical energies.

That's all there is to it. The part with the Elements may have been part of the plan from the beginning, or maybe not. Either way, Celestia chose her to train her in magic.

1439085 Changing someone's name doesn't make an alternate universe.

Will this story end once Nightmare Moon is physically okay again or will it traverse into further talking and communication between her and Celestia?
Something that intrigued me was with Nightmare in such bad shape will anyone come out against Celestia for doing this to her sister?
How long was she like this? It must have been quite a while, erring on more than a century. Celestia kept her from being villainized but ponies are going to start thinking who the real villain is. By all accounts she held her sister in beyond squalid conditions are knee this before hand. She chose the place of her banishment and chose there. Would it not have been more humane to turn her to stone for a thousand years or simply as disdainful as it is, Kill her?

I'm liking this a lot!:pinkiehappy:

One thing, though. I'd ditch the whole "Thank Faust above," thing in the future. It's really jarring in such a serious story.

I'm intrigued, please continue.

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