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A human stays among ponies, mystifying them with his odd traditions and customs. It will be five years before Celestia and Twilight can send him back to his homeworld. Until then, Twilight wants to study him and have him experience pony culture. These are their stories.

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I think that I would have reminded AJ that every nation's history has its violent moments. Equestria had its pre-unification wars (both cold and hot) and the near-enslavement of the Earth Ponies followed by the war with Tirek's centaur nation shortly after unification. Every country remembers the sacrifice that made it what it is now.

An interesting (and, as far as I can tell, unique) idea that a translation system wouldn't necessarily be able to handle context-free proper nouns like people's names.

Why always American history?
I've yet to find a story to properly cover Aussie history.

You don't see any HiE fics with someone explaining the story of the ANZACs, Villers Brittoneux or any of that.


A large portion of Bronies, and subsequently fanfic writers, are from the U.S. so it makes sense that a great many stories would be U.S.-centric. You wouldn't want someone who doesn't know the history that well trying to tell it, would you?

This was nice, can't wait to see more.

6753507 Well, get to it then. I, like many Americans, are pretty lost to many nations traditions, history, or holidays. Right up a little one shot of an Aussie in Equestria. You could cut the common "Shrimp on the barby" tropes and get a legit view of things. I'd read it.

Oh I am liking this one already. Hope we get more soon.

6753465 I seem to remember a sci-fi book from the 80s (I have it downstairs, but can't remember the title offhand) where the POV character was from a starfaring race and was stranded on a planet full of bronze-age barbarian aliens. The tribe's most powerful 'sorcerer' and his apprentice wound up escorting the stranded spacefarer across a vast chunk of planet over to their base, but the one thing that bothered the guy is the natives all called him 'Purple.' In a way, it was a giant Feghoot, because at the end of the story, he find out that the translator has been translating his name into 'As-A-Color-Purple-Grey'
Spoiler: As A Mauve (say it out loud)

No stranger than the English celebrating Guy Fawkes Night with fireworks. :pinkiehappy:

I kinda feel like they should know what the plant mistletoe is even if they don't have the tradition.

This is almost everything I love in an HiE. Really enjoyable.

This is an interesting premise: this dude wanting to keep his traditions alive.

Have you been on 4chan's RGIE board? cause I got them started on this the other day.

Maybe it's nonexistent in Equestria.

Applejack rolled her eyes and smiled. “Alrigh’. Just don’t expect me to be kissin’ nopony under your plant thing up there or I’d be--!” A passing stallion who’d read the sign smooched Applejack on the cheek as he went by, laughing merrily and vanishing into the crowd. Flash went the camera. The mare went as red as a beet. I was rolling.


Given the subject of this chapter, I was halfway expecting this to be annoyingly patriotic in that unpleasant, overblown way, but this was nice. Felt like something an actual person might really do rather than someone posturing through their character.

Very entertaining so far. Have a like, a favorite, and a mustache :moustache:

Rather interesting and light hearted so far. While "human in Equestrian" stories are generally a risky venture, this is rather nice and entertaining, precisely because this seems like the actions of a real person stuck in Equestrian. Also have to commend the characterization of Twilight here. I can so easily see her acting this way.

HiddenMaster out

Oh, An HIE fic...

<see's author, raises an eyebrow>

Heh. I chuckled at the "kissie-weed." Pretty down to Earth and cute. I like it.

Okay, Aegis... I'm going to offer a bit a tip here...

Guess I’ll have to skip the burgers and such since all you ponies don’t eat meat.

OkAY... lets tackle this as a trope. I think a lot of writers have this sort of knew jerk reaction because they make the assumption that they have an aversion to meat based on their seemingly idylic setting (despite horses actually eating meat and herbivores being perhaps the most vicious critters out there) And we see show them fishing, raising pigs, and feeding meat to their pets and having carnivores for pets, never mind playing host to various carnivorous sapients. So... yeah, meat wouldn't be problem.

Not trying to be a prick, just some food for thought

A story got featured without cover art? Damn, this must be pretty good then.

Errrr... a little late to the party but I think you should make it clearer that the song "The Star Spangled Banner" that was written out of the naval battle (there was also an attack from land that night as well) whereas July 4th itself is the date the Second Continental Congress Adopted the Declaration of Independence (though independence was in fact declared two days prior).

A slice-of-life HiE about culture shock (using the term loosely)? I like. Will keep reading.


I have a whole huge headcanon about ponies eating meat and keeping livestock. It involves Klingons and references to the Jay and Silent Bob universe. And still makes sense.

You forgot that ponies deal with most livestock animals with full awareness said animals are sentient and sapient; it follows that whatever legal systrm exists would have evolved with these fellow sapients in mind as recognized sophonts on par with ponies, if not citizens of some class

Fun little concept, and I congratulate you on not giving into the HiE shipping urge that so many writers can't resist. There were already two points where a lesser man would not have been able to stop from having the human and a pony fall madly in love. Starry night out in the middle of the orchard alone with AJ or under the mistletoe with two different members of the mane6? Phew, you got some herculean self-control by this site's standards.

Good Job.
It would be nice if a HiE actually didn't mention meat at all for once. It's brought up so frequently that it's just gotten boring. Also annoying how most humans sent to Equestria have to make a big deal out of it like, "What!? No meat! What is this Hell!?"
I can't be the only person who doesn't have a insatiable hunger for meat, right? I mean, I eat it, and enjoy it, but I like other foods too and have no difficulty going without meat. If I can't have it, oh well. Food is food.


(despite horses actually eating meat and herbivores being perhaps the most vicious critters out there)

Horses are not predators. They can eat meat and sometimes do so in a semi-active way by chowing down on small critters while they're grazing, but the reality is, they're pretty much obligate herbivores. Their entire gastric system is laid out for it. While you're technically right there, it really doesn't justify anything more than maybe a fringe culture of a very few meat eaters who treat it as an acquired taste.

Well, you know, if there was any good reason why ponies have to work like real-world horses, I guess. They don't, of course, but it still also seems like kind of a natural fit for them. It feels appropriate that they'd be delicate about death and the harsher realities of life, because pretty much their entire value system revolves around avoiding conflict where possible.

How different. In a good way.

Very warm to read. It's.. like listening to the rain.


Do go for 30 days without meat and let me know how it went honestly. Humans do like to eat meat, and humans CRAVES! things they are not allowed to have. Even many vegetarians love the taste and would love to eat it but ala's moral issues.

But that is beside the point, good story, also lets us non-US peeps to learn about customs of our brethen in the new world.

You'll get cravings for entirely biological reasons, too. Meat is an enormously important supplier of "whole" proteins, fats, oodles of different vitamins and also a number of important trace minerals and other micronutrients that will give you cravings after a while as a side effect of early-stage malnutrition. You can make up for all of that with vegetables, technically, but it takes a very balanced diet that most people wouldn't even know how to prepare. Without that it still likely won't kill you, but you sure won't be in anything approaching top shape either.

(Had a much longer, more eloquent and entertaining comment, but it got overwritten somehow by a repeat of my last one)
I eat meat very little because it's expensive, so I can say, while not 30 days long, I have gone without meat for a while and never got cravings. A well balanced, non-vegan diet with eggs and milk included will take care of nutritional based meat cravings.
Meat fanatics are a over-used trope in HiE and is rarely ever done well.
Just to be clear, I'm not saying this story has such a character, it's just a general statement.


Edit: 6756003
Hah, this was posted while I was still typing. Yeah, a balanced diet can be hard if you are strictly vegan, but like I said, eggs and milk make it a lot easier. And of course the ever so common HiE fallback of fish.

I'd say it depends on the person. For instance, I would genuinely like to go vegetarian (as you said, meat is expensive), but regardless of the diet that I try, I end up slipping into cravings, lethargy, and even depression after a week or two. Maybe it's a coincidence, but all my teeth are sharp and pointy—including my incisors, which never completely wore away the natural serrations (mamelons) they had when they first came in. On that same note, a friend of mine has been a vegetarian for most of her life and really shows no interest in meat at all. She's not completely averse to meat, as I've managed to get her to eat chicken and fish before, but she simply doesn't like it.


"Both our diets, I should mention, are completely vegetarian."
— Pinkie Pie

It's not like "Neig-g-g-gh" was going on about how ponies are afraid of omnivorism. He was just saying that they probably wouldn't want to eat hamburgers. Which is true.

6755883 As far as I know, pigs aren't sapient in Equestria. It was even confirmed by Lauren, I think. Maybe AJ holds pigs as a waste disposal, or she's trading with shops that provide food for Equestrian gryphons, if you know what i mean.

6755923 in many stories here, pegasi eat fish, and for me, it tis very plausable, as they are very active physically, and veggies on their own, probably wouldn't provide enough calories for all those aerial maneuvers.

I love this story so far - pretty original if I do say so. If not in the concept, then in the way you write it.
Quite heart warming too :twilightsmile:

Brilliant! Keep them coming good sir!

This...seems a little sad.

6756323 considering Fluttershy's book club, everything is sapient in Equestria

I look forward to his explanations of All Hallows Eve.
Gaelic traditions of dressing your children as demons and monsters so they don't get dragged into a, still existing, hole that supposedly leads to hell while leaving rotting fruit for the actual demons to eat and giving sweets to children at the door so they don't draw suspicion, which later degenerated into the barely recognisable , and I use this next word VERY loosely, holiday it is now.

The Flying Sorcerers by Gerrold and Niven

Neig-g-g-gh finds himself in a prison.

"Luna, please stop yelling. I do not know this 'Baba Yetu'."

"LIES...ahem. AND SLAND'R! Mine sist'r told me 'Baba Yetu is out to geteth thou Luna :trollestia:'."

"Actually, slander is-"

"Art thou, 'r art thou not a spy, attempting to leadeth aroint our subjects through a cultural vict'ry?"

Neig-g-g-gh deadpans "Yes."


"Are you trying to get another burger? You could have asked."

"HA! We art inc'rruptable, above brib'ry...wait, you'll give me more? Aye prithee doubleth with cheese! We knew thou wast a most stalwart ally!"

:trollestia: "My plot has been foiled!" Celestia shakes her foil-covered rump.

Neig-g-g-gh puts some burgers in the foil. Well played Xanatos.

6756629 Well that's part of it yes... also it's a general Celtic tradition, not just Gaelic.

Mistletoe happens to be a parasite of oaks, and due to pony land-management practices, they would be repulsed by it.

I love this story and I am very much anticipating the next chapters.3-100000...don't disappoint me:ajbemused:

hope you have a good Christmas and a great new year


Something, something Everfree? :twilightblush:
Seriously though I actually wasn't aware that mistletoe was a parasite, with that in mind it would be reasonable enough for it to no longer exist in modern Equestria after earth pony magic got rid of it. Complaint rescinded.:twilightsmile:

The really smart idea I liked in this particular story so far was having the human's name fail at translation, rather than calling him some variant of "Anon." "Anon" has become stale and boring from overuse. Mistranslation is fresh and interesting by comparison.

6753507 That's odd, because I've seen an ANZAC story somewhere. On hiatus, I think, but it's there.

I stopped eating meat when I was three because I didn't like it, I'm now forty seven. I've never craved meat in my life.
I'm in good shape and people often think I'm in my mid thirties.
I never 'organise' my diet but eat whatever I fancy.
To be fair, I do eat mountains of dairy, and very, very rarely fish.
I've heard this "You must eat meat or you'll get sick!" argument more times than I can count, with respect, it's utter bollocks.

Vegans however, what kind of crazy person doesn't like cheese?

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