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Sorry, folks (Music of the Spheres Q&A) · 5:39pm Mar 4th, 2013

Music of the Spheres is cancelled. I've moved on to a different project, unrelated to FiM and not fanfiction whatsoever, and in doing so my muse has fled. For me to continue on with this story would be even worse than if I stopped now--the story would be awful, I would be sapped by it, and no one would be pleased with the results.

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Comment posted by ManlyDerp deleted Feb 17th, 2013

*Pokes* Is this where all the cool kids hang out? :moustache:

253751 Omg I love you and your face and your cat, like, omg.

I remember you from the Minecraft Forums.
I love you sir.
And your story.
And your name
*Worship mode activate.*

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