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Sequel to The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon! After having made a full medical recovery Princess Nightmare Moon tries her hoof at wooing one of her subjects, Nurse Bandaid. Meanwhile, Chrysalis returns to feed on Celestia, still vying for the position of godhood. (Coverart by Mewaponny!)

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... So... Wait, is Sally going to try to imitate Twili, or am I just reading into her 'letter' too deeply?

This is going to be fun :pinkiehappy:

It's great to have this story back. I like the direction the story is going and can't wait for more. And don't be scared of writing romance. To me, characters are the most important part of any story. You write such good characters to the point that you need not worry.:pinkiehappy:

I think that this version generally flows better than the original. The Chrysalis part seemed to be written better, too.

Bandaid: Brain.exe has stopped working

Please wait while Brain.exe searches for a solution

Brain.exe will now shut down.

(Poor Aid just wants some sleep, brah! Is that so much to ask for, Moony? :ajsleepy: )

round two ready? GO!

Okay great Aegis, don't worry now i am sure you have an outline all ready to go. Filling in the blanks are just part of the fun! doesn't matter if you're original its not like it was 3 years ago, hard to be revolutionary with a large group of creative folks like this.

Don't make me read chapter one a fourth time

The princess is back bitches!

From what I can tell by these chapter names, the main character's name is Bandaid and he's under a time constraint. Also people like to yell at him.

Much better.

... I don't want to get invested in this story again, Aegis. It hurt too much when you cancelled it last time. :pinkiesick:


It looks like you're trying to respond to the romantic inclinations of your nation's ruler.

Would you like help?


Oh BUCK YES!!!! Just got my new computer built and now this is back up! Today is a grand day indeed :pinkiehappy:


don't be scared of writing romance

This. You do adorkable romance well. Just remember, you have a few hundred literates around to help you should you request it and some of them can even write a half decent sentence!

I am soooooooo confused I thought I read this already? And faved the story what happened?

2399650 He deleted other one because he thought it didn't go right; but later on (like today) he is trying again and this one flows much better than previous one.

2399495 Oh my god, I remember that- Mircosoft Words 98 or something lol. Good times.



* Screams* OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG :rainbowkiss:

i read it and liked it a lot. :pinkiehappy:
glad to see it back more because i like sequels to good stories than that the last version got deleted.
never had the chance to read it, shame on me:twilightblush:

Alright pones, LETS DO THIS!!!

F*ck, Chrysalis isn't dead. Why didn't she die, in fact, why is she still alive? How can she survive when she wasn't giving immortality? :facehoof:

I will only like this if she dies. Seriously, let her die.

Oh, well, it least it has romance.

This is pretty funny i must say:rainbowlaugh:

2399674 the only difference I noticed was that the lightning didn't heal her and the ending was longer for the last chapter.

2399899 *Two dislikes*

Clearly everyone is raging at you with an inferno equal to fifteen stars.

Wasn't this fic already posted sometime last year under a slightly different name?

Is twilight gon together with blueblood like the original version

2399495 XD No, no... I was trying to say how Aid was responding, but since I suck at writing, it looked like something else... *Le sigh*

I can't watch...

I love BandaidXNightmare Moon! Boo to the TwilightXBlueblood stuff >:[

How do you write such entertaining literature? :twilightsmile:

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends!"

Let's ride this horse(fic) into the sunset! :pinkiesmile:

This is going to be fun thought I am not a fan of twilightxblueblood but how he has become this stories is great

And Vivas Noctus!

what? she didnt get struck by lightning and what happened to her toxic love song?

You've messed your diologue punctation. A lot. You keep ending sentances in periods, instead of commas. For example:

“Thou knows I do not like song and dance and subtlety.” She whispered to him, leaning until they were almost nose to nose. “Be mine, dear Bandaid.” She said sweetly

Should be:

“Thou knows I do not like song and dance and subtlety,” she whispered to him, leaning until they were almost nose to nose. “Be mine, dear Bandaid,” she said sweetly

Notice how the word "she" in both occasions is lowercase as well.

I'm fairly sure you've never made this mistake before, so I'm not sure why you've started now.

Because stories are about conflict, and there can not be any conflict if the villian is dead.

But she should have died in the end. It would have made the original much better.

Honestly, the original's characterization of Chrysalis is the weakest I've seen so far. (It even said she was brought back in a body bag)

I am so happy to see this come back. I cannot wait for more.

>>>“According to this text, it is recommended that a pony who refuses tribute during the harvest season may, under the right circumstances, be sentenced to death by catapult.” Nightmare Moon said mildly. She snickered a little after saying that, though. She couldn’t help it. She quickly regained her composure, however, and went on. “While I find it hilarious to bind and launch such a simpering fool to his death,>>>

Still a bloodthirsty tyrant who laughs at ponies' deaths at heart I see. Emperor Nero and her would've gotten along splendidly.

>>>She was a brilliant mathematician.>>>

:rainbowhuh: Seriously? She's a lust-crazed beast out of touch for a thousand years AND just happens to be great at math and finance... with modern tax law. With this pretty much every fanon thing possible has been injected into the character at this point, no matter how badly the traits conflict. She's a farce. I can't take her seriously as a genuine person at all. :facehoof:

As before, Chrysalis is the sympathetic one who gets the most realistic character development. She's far and above every other character in terms of believability.

Nah, those conversation grammar mistakes have existed in all of his works I've read, from Twi & Spartan to SoS. Though I have not read them all, so possible in some he had an editor that fixed that. :scootangel:

New sequel! yay. :pinkiehappy:
I'll be honest when the last sequel was cancelled i was so gutted :pinkiesad2: but now you've returned to this universe i think i'll be most satisfied! Don't let up! And cause i'm in a good mood today have 2 moustaches :moustache: :moustache:

My timing on finding these stories is terrible! I's read it later, but last time it got cancelled before I had the chance.:fluttercry:

Ha, amazing as always!

Taking bets, who thinks he'll finish it this time?

2400922 Hello Alondro, poking holes in my work as usual I see.:ajbemused:

As I've told you half a dozen times so for, yes, Nightmare Moon is, in all technicality--- EVIL. In a lot of ways! She's selfish, bossy, loud, lusty, bloodthirsty, lives in the moment without thinking of the consequences and as I've said many many many times to all different commenters-- CELESTIA'S OPPOSITE. It's not about her being a good ruler or even a good pony, it about the duality between the sisters. She's not supposed to be good, she's supposed to be everything the sun goddess isn't. It's the nature of the beast. You can't hate a bee for stinging you, in other words. Its a BEE. You can't blame Nightmare-freaking-Moon for being evil, she's NIghtmare-freaking-Moon! If you hate this so much, as you've said many times, you should find a different story to read.

((I recommend "Monster in the Twilight." :duck: ))

Cadance is already married in this story? To whom? Shining Armor? I take it, the grand royal wedding and the changeling invasion didn't happen?

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