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While Princess Luna is away celebrating Nightmare Night in Ponyville, Celestia tries on a strange black bauble from her sister's jewelry box. The result will be the creation of the most terrifying thing Equestria has ever seen. The Sun herself turns against all the ponies in Canterlot. Can Luna and her Lunar Stallions possibly hope to stop her? And if so, does Luna have the fortitude to strike down her sister in the end?

FEATURED May 16th 2012!

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why thank you david tennant.

Holy crap, a third one. This is going to be good. :rainbowkiss:

Amazing. I can't wait to find out what happened and why.

This series has been awesome! I can't wait to see where it goes!

Loved the Big Mac/Aegis part.

Now we'l get to see if Luna has the heart to banish her sister, or if maybe she's smart enough that she wont have to.

Well Equestria's screwed. This is why dangerous artifacts should be locked away in high security vaults with lots of warning labels everywhere. Why Luna kept such a thing in a hidden compartment and not said vault a thousand years ago I don't know.

Holy shit! Didn't expect quite that high of a bodycount in just the first chapter. :rainbowderp::pinkiegasp:

Banish Celestia to the sun for a THOUSAND YEARS!!!! Or not.... Either way I look forward to reading this story. :pinkiehappy:

Jesus-tap-dancing Christ! I came home and had 98 new notifications! :derpyderp2:

You guys really do love meeeee! :pinkiesad2::heart:

Celestia, you should know better than to mess with things you don't know! It's a small enough list as it is! Ugh, no self control :facehoof:

Hu thats load off my mind its not molestia :trollestia: *Luna* "Ok thou shall need to set a trap for thie sister.Thou shall need a giant freeze spell and A LOT OF BANNANA's." :rainbowlaugh:

This is going to be soooo sweeet!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

When I saw this on the main page, I had to read all of the parts. And thus I spent about 15 hours. Just to get here and say ... awesome.

567485 Thanks much! You've come at the dawn of the final chapter. Enjoy the ride. :rainbowwild:



All the Power of Corona Blaze with the Feral Intellect of a large lizard. Oh lord, Canterlot is doomed. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!

Dunno if you're version of Celestia here is Corona Blaze, Solar Flare, Tyrant Celestia, Daymare Sun etc. But I look forward to finding out.:raritystarry:

dun dun dun all i could think of when she chained him up is molestia also first if not fuck if so yea

Had to post twice, only one word is able describe how I feel about this and I didn't want to taint it.

Oh, man. :rainbowderp: This is gonna get serious.

Shit. Just. Got. Real.

Celestia is going to be a psychological train wreck when this is over.

Celestia = Jabba the Hut
Big Mac = Leia
:trixieshiftright: Interesting.

Wow, tag that shit grimdark, that was morbid. Go Luna!!

I go away for one day, come back and I'm already two chapters down on the next story? You'd better make sure your Muse is getting plenty of high protein foods to go with the stimulant binge. :pinkiehappy:

Loved the start of this, with the "double date" in the bathing chambers. Nice to see that Big Mac stays his loveable, unflappable self in even the most awkward social situations. One thing's for sure, if Celestia was looking for a quiet pony who wouldn't go talking about their affair, she certainly hit the jackpot. (Loved the "Mine's bigger." comment, too. Just the right tone for that little sisterly exchange.

Moving on, I have to say I'm a little surprised that Luna'd leave a trap item like that in her collection, though judging from the placement and remaing contents of the box, I have strong suspicions that Luna wasn't the one who left it there. More likely, our Solar Princess has stumbled on Nightmare Moon's next move in her battle with Celestia, one that was never deployed due to a sudden relocation to lunar real estate. A solar-powered attack equine seems like about the level that Nightmare Moon would've wanted Luna's sister reduced to, after all, no need to squander all that lovely power when it can be put to use in one's service. Of course, with no Nightmare Moon to take the reins, now we're looking at a ravening force of destruction with no leash at all, for the moment. Wonder what the final body count was on that initial attack. I would imagine that the lost of that many lunar stallions ought to alert Luna to problems back in Canterlot (although, considering that Canterlot is visible on a good day from Ponyville, I would imagine the sudden flare of light is going to be noticed during the night's activities, anyway. It may be a problem that the Elements are locked up in the vault in the castle, that's one source of defensive power that's going to be hard to access now. Even though it would be a lesser power level, I would imagine that Luna's going to be regretting the destruction of the Moon Champion medallion, too. Well, let's see what the next chapter offers. :moustache:

In the words of the one, whoa

Well, at least Big Mac didn't get the pile of ashes treatment.

The direct references to the "mane six" kind of threw me off a bit, seems odd that that would be an in-universe phrase.

And it was such a lovely Nightmare Night celebration, too. Ok, let's see here, roughly twenty lunar stallions were either on duty in Canterlot or otherwise not available for the trip to Ponyville. Between the initial darkness trap and then the first firestorm of... Not sure I want to call her Corona Blaze, this creature's operating on too primeval a level for that to work, for now. Anyway, I suspect that Luna's got at most a half dozen lunar stallions still in Canterlot itself, and that's being very generous, since as defenders, they'd have been trying to shield civilians escaping and would have taken the brunt of the firestorm at all times. And I don't know that I'd want to get near a suit of solar guard armor right now. Even if it still has healing matrices equivalent to the lunar stallion armor, the power source is currently running in an unregulated mode. Even if you're partially protected from the effects, I would imagine that any solar guard is a walking oven right now, both inside and outside the armor. :derpyderp1:

While it's a judgement call, I applaud Luna's decision to have the Bearers shepherd the Ponyville evacuation for the moment. Unless they have access to the Elemental regalia, their ability to draw on serious power for attack or defense is limited, so putting them to manage the exodus from Ponyville makes a lot of sense. And as long as Luna knows how to handle the message scroll trick with Spike, she'll have Twilight and the others in close contact for any matters she might want to consult on. (Of course, we don't know if Spike can send a message to anyone other than Celestia, so that might be just a one-way link.)

Nice touch with the impromptu scrying pool, I figured that there had to be some monitoring spells in the alicorn playbook. It's nice to see that Big Mac's got a serious pair made out of tungesten for going in and confronting Celestia, I guess he came by it naturally, just like the rest of his family. (Although, I imagine that if he survives, he's going to come into a lot of teasing from his sisters once they hear about his state in the throne room.) :eeyup::trollestia:

Looking forward to the next installment. :moustache:.

Well, Canterlot's fucked....if corrupted Celestia can scream and reduce an entire room full of ponies to ash I'd hate to see what she can do when she actually gets around to using her magic......

Body counts so far:
Corrupted Lunar Avatar: 12
Corrupted Sun Goddess: don't even bother.....


Yeah, I knew the moment the premise of Ponyville came into play I would have to involve the mane six. And while that's perfectly fine, this is LUNA'S story, not the mane six's story. "Rise" was about Aegis Shield, "Wrath" was about Stalwart Hide, so this third and final portion really does need to focus on the Princess more. Had to get rid of all those pesky main characters somehow, haha!


Hahaha! I didn't even think of that! :rainbowlaugh:


I'm really not sure what to CALL this version of Celestia, to be honest. Thus far I've only referred to her as "She" when the story takes place around her. That's a Beowulf reference at best. Should I just keep calling her Celestia, just... corrupted? I ran down the list of popular incarnations and none of them seem to fit.

Not Trollestia, that's nowhere close to this character.
Not Molestia, that's a different context of story.
Not Corona Blaze, that version is psychotic but at least sentient.
Not Daymare Sun, as that's the flipped version of Nightmare Moon.
Not Solar Flare, as that's the flipped version of Nightmare Moon as well (historical version).
Not Tyrant Celestia, as there's really nothing political about this beast.

Have I created a new incarnation? Sweet Faust, what have I done?! :raritycry:

Maybe we can wait another chapter or two so you guys can find out what exactly happened to her, then decide on a new and original name? I'd love for you guys' input! Lemme know what you think we should call her.


572477 I have a few names in mind for the new form of Celestia.

1.Infernal Celestia
2.Supernova - An explosion of heat and destruction (Fits the bill, excluding the chaining up Big Mac bit and wanting to rule.)
3.Solar Wave
5.Sunblight - Intends to blight the world with sun and flames
6.Celestial Beast

Bout all I could think of, I'll let you decide if any of the names fit Cleff.

You could go with a simple name like Fission or something
Or Celestia the Hut ;P

It does make sense. The Elements themselves are locked in a vault in Canterlot, which is currently hostile and unscouted territory. Twilight's got her long-range group teleport down (as seen in the dragon migration episode this season) as long as she doesn't get seriously disturbed during the casting, but unless they had definite proof the chamber of the vault was clear, that wouldn't strike me as a good first strategy. Besides, we've only seen the Rainbow deployed offensively at what amounts to point-blank ranges. Right now, I don't think that getting that close and presenting a threatening face is a very good idea. The warm-up time on the Rainbow is a lot longer than it would take for Celestia to make the group "feel the heat."

Nodding. Yep, if this concept gets picked up by enough people, I'd say you might manage the distinction. :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy: Functionally, it reads like Celestia with all her powers intact, but with a mind at about the level of a very smart dog. (Another reason that I have to suspect that this whole thing was an unimplemented plan of Nightmare Moon. I'm sure She would have loved to have such a visible reminder of her triumph at hand as Eternal Night descended.)

As for a name, hmmm...

There's the starkly functional option of Celestial Beast, which I think makes a pretty decent description of the state our solar alicorn has achieved at this point. If you want something a bit more descriptive and based on her actions, try something like Firestorm, though at the moment I'd argue that she hasn't achieved the full level of violence that would truly justify that particular moniker. If for some morbid reason you're feeling puckish, I suppose that tagging her with the name Sunspot wouldn't be totally out of bounds for Luna, since this is the result of a shadow on the sun, and reflects her current intellect as well.

(Shadow on the sun... hold on a minute, that ornament wasn't a trap for Celestia, that was a planned powerup Nightmare Moon crafted that she never got to implement! Talk about shades of Loknar with that initial activation, too. I'd bet the effect was designed to spread along the link between alicorn and the empowered armors, too. (Best way to insure that all of the Lunar Guard were converted to the Nightmare banner, after all. If so, any Solar Guard is at risk if they don't disarm in pretty short order. Of course, it's also likely that any guard pony that fails to have a certain innate level of power will probably burn up in the attempted metamorphosis, too. This should be interesting, please continue.

great now she's spiting gremlins :ajbemused: :rainbowderp:

The drums of battle approach... :rainbowdetermined2:

ba-ba-ba-bum ba-ba-ba-bum ba-ba-ba-bum

Can you hear it? the DRUMS. the eternal DRUMMING! It never stops!
~The Master.

Oooh this will be good! I wonder if Luna or Celestia can hear the drums.

Oh wow, so she didn't just kill them after all. :pinkiegasp:

573930 you gave me a crossover idea

So it is that Luna dropped the ball:facehoof: as embracing as it would have been she should have told Celestia about it (even if she felt bad about its existence).


Nah. She absorbed them into her body, wasted their minds, mutilated their genetic structure and spat them out via cocoons. Much better. :ajbemused:

Haha. This is getting good, ain't it? :pinkiehappy:

I really enjoyed these stories until now. This whole plot feels like one big idiot ball on Luna's part. 1, why not tell Celestia? 2, why not destroy it? I mean honestly even if Luna could't destroy it herself she could have asked Celestia to help dispose of it.

574847 Luna has always been portrayed as the less mature of the two sisters. Gods/Alicorns have God/Alicorn-sized problems.

Besides, if YOU made a super-weapon specifically designed to destroy your elder sibling, would you ask her to help you destroy it? XD

Ok, looks like I mostly twigged to the nature of that little bauble. :yay:

That being said, I'm a little surprised that Luna didn't hand that thing over to Celestia along with the Moon Champion medallion for destruction. After all the kerfluffle about the Moon Champion armor being a relic of war best destroyed, I can't believe that she had completely spaced on this little item still hanging around, I'm hoping that she had plans for a safe means of cleansing the medallion in the works, and that will be the core of her upcoming campaign. Otherwise, this was something that should have been completely avoidable. :facehoof:

It's good to see that anyone who got submerged in the goo trap is alive, they will be the ones that can probably be salvaged. But I don't think that ash ponies are anything but names for the new memorial that's going to be erected when this is all over. On the magic front, Luna's been shown that she isn't up to matching her big sister on sheer power, so I hope that she's got some finesse ideas to put to use. Looking forward to the next installment. :moustache:

574861 Yes, if it meant that she'd be able to truly trust me again. And that still doesn't explain why she didn't just destroy it herself. On another note, why did Luna hide it in her room of all places instead of putting somewhere actually secure, like say the moon?

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