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1840540 I saw that and was like, "Wait I remember that.":rainbowderp: Also good story:twilightsheepish:

And here I was thinking you will give use the sequel to Spartan Stallion.

Good story, and you have some strange thing floating in your head.

This was my favorite song from that movie.
Works well as a one-shot. Not bad.

1840540 Ah. The plagues.

This is good.
Surprisingly good given the premise.

Damn. Just straight damn.

Of course Luna is helping Twilight. Luna is to awesome to follow Celestia's madness:rainbowdetermined2:

Oh gos, this was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: Good show, mate!

Damn, that was great for a one-shot! XD Surprised nopony has done it before! Several of the plagues were skipped, but I REALLY wouldn't like to see 'Faust' killing the firstborns in Equestria... Heck, even the few you used aside from the frogs seems a bit... Harsh. XD I would have though a few of the first ones would have been enough. Water to blood and whatnot, but still. EXCELLENTLY done.



Dayum. :eeyup:

1840594 I think you're missing the point a bit, Reggy old chum, but I can sort ofsee what you mean...sort of...:unsuresweetie:

1840616 What, I'm not allowed to find massive biblical plagues and death hilarious?

well that was diffrent...not in a bad way just kinda...fades into the gray of what being a ruler is and what choices must be made reguardless...you sir have done yet another great job in mind-clopping me...not sure if i should hate you or love you for that...


I sense... This will be featured soon.

1840640 :moustache: Since when I have I ever not?

I loved that movie! Great one-shot :rainbowlaugh:

Oh very nice! A wonderful crossover and a great song to boot. I think today is turning out to be a wonderful day for ponies after all!

Shame Celestia had to learn the hard way... don't be a tyrant, and bad things won't happen to you.

Wow. Celestia really didn't think that through.

What did she think was going to happen the first time she released the Six from stone to battle something? "Oh, sure Celestia, we're not angry. We'll receive the most powerful thing in the world, do this for you, give the most powerful thing in the world back, and then go right back to stone."?

The instant the Six of them got their elements, they'd blast Celestia, then blast the evil thing.

So, Twilight is Moses, and ponified Prince of Eygpt, one of my favorite movies........AWESOME! :twilightsheepish:

I was expecting the death of the firstborn thing. Glad that it didn't come.

That certainly was ... interesting, though the AU tag feels more than just necessary.

Well that was a good one. Deep blue sea, a mother fuckin shark ate me.

This is fucked up. I don't think I can say much more than that.

1840540 I just watched this movie a few minutes ago! And then THIS shows up!
Favorite scene in the whole movie, just sayin'.

I loved this. Excellent work

Help Me Pick Up My Feels

That was awesome.

Okay...this was good. REALLY good.

I cry many manly tears :fluttercry:


1840540 This... This is beautiful. Love this song, and couldnt stop myself from humming along. :twilightsheepish:

Oh my god yes.
It's so simple, so obvious, and so perfect.
Very, very nice.

Tyrant-Lestia is best Celestia :trollestia:

But seriously, this was a well written story. I can somewhat understand what Celestia is trying to do here. To safeguard the Elements , in case they're ever needed again... doesn't make it right, though:pinkiesick:

'Right and wrong' is based on looks and just like looks it is based on the eye of the beholder. :coolphoto:

my attempt of sounding wise...hopfuly i didnt do bad. :twilightblush: Anyway thank you for this work and its very entertaining read that it is. :twilightsmile:

Gentle breeze guide you home, a warm smile to welcome your return. :twilightsmile:

Celestia done goofed. :twilightangry2:
One small typo:
"She eyed the wonderful alters"
- altars

Is there anybody who doesn't love The Prince Of Egypt? I mean, I'm an atheist and I've seen the damn thing ten times! You have all my win for this wonderful wonderful crossover!

Well, that was a short piece of epic.

Excellent. Just Excellent.

I… That… SO EPIC.:flutterrage:
I especially liked the part about pinkie's statue, I could see her moving around when nopony is looking to mess with them.:pinkiehappy:

While normally I would be against putting anything religion related into a fanfic, this was

somepony has way too much free time?

1841546 is that a jab at me? Twilight? Something else?

Great story, well done.
I applaud you good Sir/Madame.

Fuck- to the -Yes!
Vivas Noctus!

To twilight... scribing runes all over canterlot... somepony needs to hoof it :raritywink:...

Cool story though.

the fact that you think i'm talking about you when i say "somepony has way too much free time?" should be taken as evidence that you realize you have way too much free time, meaning you have WAY TOO MUCH FREE TIME?
cuz i said somepony. are you a pony from equestria using a computer? who knows...

am i overthinking? most certainly.

I always thought you could write pretty much anything into a good story.
It seems I was right!:pinkiehappy:

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