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I joined this group because Batpones. All the Batpones.

334681 What are your talking about. It couldn't be more awesome:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

so, I have a story sort of about bat ponies. I have bat ponies in it, but I also have two corresponding races to the other two kinds of pony, not just bat ponies. I call them collectively the "Night Tribes." and the main character is an Night Earth Pony. Can I still post that story here?:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Puppet Eclipse deleted Feb 14th, 2014


Oh god that is freaky


sweet fucking jesus that profile pic scares me:fluttershbad:

Has anyone realized that the motto in the coat of arms is mistranslated?

I am immortal :pinkiecrazy:
And I follow the rules of our moderator overlords :pinkiecrazy:

329487 Oh god not again...HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE


damit :ajsleepy: guess you got me backed up in a corner then.

then you join the group :pinkiecrazy:

nuh hu i get the choice and i choose to not be no ingriedient

one or the other :pinkiecrazy:


maybe......and i aint bein no ingreidient!

So, you'll join my group :trollestia:


*looks down and see's inbetween my feet* aahh i give up :ajsleepy:

Do you know who Lilith is? :pinkiecrazy:


*puts on the headphones and looks up* Ahh how'd you..*points at the seat* i was just...*points at the control colunm* WHAT

*jumps out and runs away to the nearest airport and gets in a single seater jet*

Phew she aint getting in here *wipes my forehead*

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