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With the release of the season two episode "Luna Eclipsed" we were introduced to a very special race of pony: BAT PONIES.

On a site dedicated to fanfiction that is itself dedicated to filling in the details and life stories of all those ponies in the background, one would think there would be a group for Bat Pony stories, no?

There was not, not until now.

This group is dedicated to those stories that showcase one of the most overlooked races in the series: BAT PONIES!

So stories where bat ponies play a prominent role shall be showcased here. Want to write a Bat Pony story? There's a thread for that. Want to talk about Bat ponies? There's a thread for that. Want to help others write stories about Bat Ponies? There's a thread for that.

So let's all get out there and show our appreciation for those wonderful and awesome looking ponies of the night. BAT PONIES!

Editor's note: If you have not checked, the one of the group's creators, Nibrudly, has opted to be of a more, shall we say, distanced user. That being said, here are a few FAQs for uploading your/his/her/thier/ bat pony fic. (Since he is obviously not going to be there to tell you yes or no.)

1. Am I allowed to upload my story?

So long as a Bat pony is either
A. Among the main characters or is the main character
B. Is a part of the supporting staff. (not in the limelight, but actually has a name.)
C. Contextually relevant to the story. This goes for their culture, society, legends, etc.

In other words, so long as they serve some point in the story and you aren't jsut throwing the words "bat pony" in there, it's acceptable to add.

2. What's with the folders?

If your story is marked as "complete," then put it in the complete folder.
If your story is still in production, put it in the incomplete folder.

As for why there is nothing along the lines of broader classification, is due to the fact that there are not enough stories cataloged to come up with like eleven separate folders. So be wary when you open up those folders. You got the more mature stories mixed in with the regular ones.

3. What if I really need an admin?

If you encounter any problems that require an admin, contact this guy. He's one of the co-creators, thus he can handle your administrative queries.

Now find and upload some Bat Pony fics!

Bat Pones: they're cool beans.

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Since there was a claim that there isn't enough bat pony stories; I hereby applied a small group of stories about various Bat Ponies.
Just hope they are all acceptable as Bat Ponies, not just the FlutterBat, but her daughters and a ew more of her kin.

A group dedicated to bat ponies :pinkiegasp:
Why didn't I see this sooner

Want to write a Bat Pony story? There's a thread for that. Want to talk about Bat ponies? There's a thread for that. Want to help others write stories about Bat Ponies? There's a thread for that.

What is this, an I-pad commercial? :rainbowlaugh:

so, I have a story sort of about bat ponies. I have bat ponies in it, but I also have two corresponding races to the other two kinds of pony, not just bat ponies. I call them collectively the "Night Tribes." and the main character is an Night Earth Pony. Can I still post that story here?:pinkiehappy:


350872 no shit!!!

So this group is obviously completely dead.


Glad to join the group! Need more batpony attention on this site.

We need MOAR second person bat pony!

Since submissions are locked will someone please consider my story Stand Ready for inclusion?

I just posted a new Bat-Pony story. Feel free to leave feedback. (I would add it to the group, but that doesn't seem to be an enabled feature.)

This one was just posted but apparently members can't add to the group, so... yeah.

I've got one ongoing. If y'all could check it out, I'd like to see it added to the folder.

hmm I'm just wondering do I have permission to put my story on if so which folder cause mine is about a Day Guard and Night Guard

Never knew there was a group for bat ponies before. My story, Everfree, features a few of them. Feel free to go take a look, read the synopsis, and give it a rating if you like it! :twilightsmile:


My story My Mortal Big Brother has a bat pony captain who teams up with Shining Armor sometime in chapter four.

Edit: His name is Shadow Wing.

omygosh! Yes!Plus, Bat ponies RULE!!

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