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Dusk Quill

Just a quiet blue unicorn with a passion for the written word.

Meet the Quill

Thanks for stopping by my page! I'm Dusk Quill, or DQ for short. Please feel free to leave me a comment, drop me a message, and leave feedback. Enjoy!

A little about me... I've been writing fanfiction for the last eight years. My main genres to deal with are dark dramas and thrillers, but I've been known to tell a passionate, romantic tale before. I currently do pre-reading and editing for anyone who needs a little aid. If you'd like to get in touch, shoot me a message or an email, or reach me at my Skype at dusk.quill. I'm a friendly guy, so don't be shy!

Age: 25 [03.31]

Brony since: mid-July, 2011

Favorite pony: Twilight Sparkle

The Bucket List

[ ] Get a story featured by Equestria Daily
[X] Get a story into the Feature Box
[X] Get a story into the Popular Stories section
[X] Get featured by Seattle's Angels
[X] Get a story into The Royal Guard
[ ] Get into Twilight's Library
[X] Get featured on a site other than FiMFiction
* * *
[X] Reach 50 followers
[X] Reach 100 followers
[X] Reach 150 followers
[X] Reach 200 followers
* * *
[X] Get 1,000 views
[X] Get 2,000 views
[X] Get 5,000 views
[X] Get 10,000 views
[X] Get 50,000 views
[ ] Get 100,000 views
[X] Get 1,000 views on one story
* * *
[X] Lead a group
[X] Have fan art/fiction based on my stories
[X] Write 100,000+ words in one story
[ ] Piss off either Team Midnight or Team Cadance with canon ships
[ ] Enrage readers with a plot twist
[ ] Finish the Soldier's Memoirs saga

A Soldier's Memoirs

The Memoirs Continue (Others' Works)

The Saga Comes to Life

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I'd like to say thanks for inspiring Cyrus to do Griffonia.
I don't think EaW would be where it is without its backwards, war-torn griffon shithole.

Stealing your bucket list!

You deserve a lot more followers than you have and all of the works I've read, I love. Thanks for writing them!:pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 155 - 159 of 159
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A Soldier's Memoirs Spoilers · 11:02pm Sep 26th, 2016

For anyone who read my last blog and doesn't want to wait around for me to maybe finish the Soldier's Memoirs series, I do have the entire plot mapped and outlined. If you would like some closure, some answers, or just a glimpse into what awaits, send me a private message with the title: Will the Sky Fall? and any questions or comments you might have. I'll be happy to provide them to anyone without ruining too much, so if/when I finish the project, you can still enjoy the

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