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I dont sleep, i play too much and i stay in shape.Ponies... yup, lots of ponies preferably with adventure, humor and darkoh, and DiscordWhooves is pretty awesome to follow

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How would it be, if you made ALL your comments Readable, and actually Relevant to the subject at hand?

Yeah. It just seems so out of character. Oh well, nothing to do at this point but say "it is what it is", I suppose.

Just heard about Aku. Sucks big time.

Your skills of argumentation and username referencing Zoroastrian Persia have attracted the attention of the Bright Emperor* himself! Rejoice!

*The Bright Empire of Melniboné is in no way affiliated with this lunatic, he just reads way to much Sci-fi/Fantasy for his own good.

Hmmm... I hadn't considered that.

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