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Makes ponies cry


Distance can drive us apart. It can also bring us closer together.

After all is said and done, and the ponies have gone their separate ways, the only way they have to keep in touch is through letters.

Original Equestria Daily post is here
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This is up here now? Sweet! *liked, faved* Not reading it again though, kicked my ass hard enough the first time. :fluttercry:

To anybody who hasn't read this yet: DO IT!

This is one of the best pieces I have read so far. Good to see that here.

So this made it to Fimfiction?
What a wonderful and well-written story. All of my recommendations to everyone who has yet to read this.

Bucking beautiful man

/slow clap

This is a wonderful piece of writing thank you for sharing this.

It's here! I think I read this a few months back and it was beautiful. I re-read it and it still is

Ah good, I've been meaning to fully read this since it popped up on EQD, only briefly skimmed it so far.

someone downvoted it
time to go get my cranky pants on
ALRIGHT! WHO DOWNVOTED THIS!?!?!??! *points into the group of onlookers*

I'm calling shenanigans right now! Time to get together the townponies, pitchforks, and torches for a proper witch hunt all over fimfic. I dont know who you are but we will find you, and when we do... well...
we're going to love and tolerate the shit out of you. (love and tolerate means tar and feather in this regard)

Words fail me...:fluttercry:


It's tradition. It was starbombed when it went up on Equestria Daily too.

Some say that the best comments are constructive ones: detailed descriptions about what was good and bad about a story, pointing out the occasional misuse of an apostrophe, yadda, yaadda, etc.

Well, I can't do that for this story because this story left me with nothing to say. It left me speechless when I first read it on EQD and it still leaves me speechless now. It is moving beyond words.

I'm so glad to see this fic posted here; it truly is, in my opinion a masterpiece. Have my thumbs-up, have my fave, and thank you for writing this.

You did it.

You got me to ball my eyes out.

When AJ died... I just couldn't keep it in anymore, I had to go and get tissue paper.

Good job, it was gorgeous.

So happy this is on here now. I absolutely adored this fic, and now I can give it the attention it properly deserves.

I can't remove my cranky pants until I see the offending person cry or get a Klondike bar

I don't know whether to hug you for this awesome story or hate you for making me cry in class. :raritycry:

... I suppose I shouldn't be reading FIMFiction during class any way

Thank you for writing this. Out of all the fiction I've read, pony or not, professionally published or not, this one is definitely one of the most evocative.pieces I've ever read. Ever since I read this on EqD, it's become one of those stories I just go back and re-read all the time, because each read is as sentimental as the first one.

You've also basically ruined Applejack forever for any other fanfic I'll read (or write), since the voice you gave her in this story is unequaled to anything I've read so far, and probably anything else I'll read.

Keep on writing, man, you've really got a gift.

I didn't have the emotional attachment to this story that others have had, but it was beautiful all the same. Really, I don't have much to say other than it was a fantastic read and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.


I read this on another site. Amazing to see it here. Amazing story, really touching. :heart:

Simply beautiful, well done. 5/5 stars.

I think this may be the greatest pony fan-fiction ever written.
Thank you so much for writing this.

Im just waiting for this to get featured.

I can't believe it's finally here. With all that I've imagined, the reality of this fic is sure to make this... The Best Fic Ever!

If my tear ducts worked, I'd be crying many tears...

That was outstanding! It left me with 2 questions though. What happened to the Dread Pirate Pinkie Pie? :pinkiehappy: And what was Celestia's response to Twilights final letter? I can't imagine the heartbreak both her and Luna must suffer, being eternal.


1) I leave that one to the imagination of my audience.
2) The original draft of this story ended with Celestia writing an obituary for Twilight's life. I eventually wound up cutting it because it took away from the power of the final letter.

506652 Fair enough on both :fluttercry:

I read this on EQD, damn glad to see this here! Genius-level piece of work man, this is a masterpiece!


This is not just one of the best works that I have read concerning pony fan-fics this is one of the best works that I have ever read. Whatever you do, keep writing. Your ability to capture the character's emotions and personalities is beyond impressive. This is just stunning.

Oh my gosh, I think I just may of fallen in love with Applejack as well! What a sweet, thoughtful, and well written fiction. If there were still stars you'd surely of earned 5 of them.

I remember this story and the 5 star bombing it received on EQD.

Great story. Still think it would've been better as deep friendshipping than romance, but *shrugs*

When I saw this story on this site I just giggled.
Gosh, i LOVE this story. Fav, like, and all those stuff.
Beautiful, man. Just beautiful. You're the one who put me into shipping.

But what happened to Rarity and Spike? :raritycry:

The response this got on EqD a few months ago was absolutely phenomenal.

About time this showed up!

Prob my all time favorite Pony fic. (I feel it is better than My Little Dashie, not by much, but still better). Instant fav!

I read this on EQD when you originally posted it. This is a tremendous story that touched me in ways I hadn't thought possible from fanfiction. Thank you dearly

Curse this story and its ability to make me feel emotion. :raritydespair:

Many manly tears were shed in the reading of this story. :applecry:

Absolutely loved it, no regrets reading it... only much sadness. :raritycry:



I am pleased to say I read every single word of this fic, not skipping a word.

I am also pleased to say that this has elicited emotion from me. Well done.

Dear Author, I don't know who you are in real life nor does that really matter to me. What is important is how this story touched me in a way few things do. I found myself shedding tears over what should have been just another story read, just another collection of words to add to my growing list of things I've read. Yes, That's right I cried over this. I admit to this freely and whether this makes me less of a man in the eyes of some I care not for this story truly deserves something more than just an upvote and star of favorite. I'm not sure what exactly that thing is but I hope that this comment will let me express my gratitude to you for writing this. Too often I think that those of us who are consumers forget about all the hard work and effort that goes into making the end products we all take for granted. So I wanted above and beyond all else to make sure that I got my point across that you as an author are appreciated for your hard work and dedication to the story, that you are thanked for working on this labor of love and choosing to share it others. Thank You.


I love this fic thow I feel its mssing something at the end maby something about rarity and spike

That was one of the most beautiful things I've ever read.


No matter what I say, I would never be able to express how beautiful your writing is.
You have great talent.

ok i have to say that i really liked the whole :applejackunsure::twilightsheepish: and :rainbowlaugh::flutterrage:
but definitely, these were really well written.

Wow, this was as good as they say.

If I had criticism it would be that the romance itself actually felt out of place. Delightfully written and touching as all hell, but not quite right. It felt like you were writing a story about two unbearably close friends and pasted the word "love" over it. And Applejack's letters, despite the conceit being that she's more eloquent than she lets on, still felt far too articulate. There were other niggles but this is a comment, not a review, and they were minor.

But damn, you have a way with words. If I'm brutally honest, the most sadness I felt during this fic was when I encountered a turn of phrase that I just can't match. I can't wait to see how Easy As Lying turns out, seriously.

This story is simply amazing. Your words are compelling and intensely powerful. I head tears on my face more than once, reading this story (a pretty rare occurrence, I promise). Keep up the impeccable work!

This was fantastic, if i was getting teary eyed, I was laughing, but it was mostly tears :') :fluttercry::applecry::raritycry::derpytongue2::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

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