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Makes ponies cry


Fluttershy has disappeared.

Equestria's most dangerous criminal has escaped.

And a monster from the dawn of time hunts its prey.

Starring Rarity as Sherlock Holmes, Rainbow Dash as Watson and the Great and Powerful Trixie as Dr. Mortimer

This is a sequel to Study in Rainbows, read that first. This is also a re-upload from an old EQD post.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 27 )

Good to see this on fimfiction.

You've captured the voice of Watson very well, except when it's suddenly interrupted by the voice of Rainbow Dash, who is unlike Watson in every way. Trixie is Trixie here, but writing OCs and giving them the names Rarity and Rainbow Dash makes it impossible for me to stay in the story.

in it's entirety => in its entirety
You've got a section where you're quoting a character quoting another character, and denoted it like this:
""What beast is this?"
I see how this is logical, but I wonder whether there isn't a better way to do it.

I was hoping you'd upload this. :pinkiehappy:

Is that a Dominic Deegan reference with the pit trap?

1530414 I did originally get onto the GiantITP boards through the snark thread.

Was the third pegasus AA? Or Derpy?

Brilliant! And laughs were had all around, along with some excellently executed shipping

I was honestly not expecting this. I assumed A Study In Rainbows to be a standalone. I am now incredibly excited at the thought of this series continuing. This is truly one of the best-executed crossovers I've ever seen. Keep it up!

Quite an unexpected turn. Not the tale of deductive reasoning I had presumed upon starting the tale. Yet it was a suitable successor to the tale of A Study In Rainbows, and in some fashions more enjoyable. In particular, the characterization of Rainbow Dash, in thought and voice, bore considerable closer relation to the mare we are familiar with; and thus, the juxtaposition here is far more successful. Other characters were deftly portrayed, particularly a certain pink pony and a fan favorite showmare. Discovering their inclusion was nothing short of exhilarating. At first, I bemoaned the scarcity of Rarity herself in the tale; but that was as it should be, for this was a very different sort of story. And finally, just as a matter of personal preference, I deeply enjoyed the elements of horror in the storytelling, as one might expect considering my own forte.

In retrospect, I think the greatest reason why this story was even more enjoyable than the previous is that A study in Rainbows was a tale in the style and substance of Doyle but set within the world of ponies. The Hound of Ponyville, alternately, is ultimately a story about -- and grounded in -- friendship. And thus, this was a truer Friendship is Magic tale, set within a Doyle-influenced alternate world. And it is all the better for it.

2178330 Ah, thank you very much for your assessment and kind words.

I hope you enjoy my other stories as much should you chose to read them.

Well, it took me a while to find it, but, I wasn't expecting a sequel. I should definitely check out your other stories.

This was even better than A Study in Rainbows. Totally awesome.:pinkiehappy:

finaly got around reading it a few days ago, it wasnt the sequel i expected but it certainly was enjoyable!

i definetly enjoyed the frinshipping and the whole setting of it. the inclusion & concept of the rock-farm was pretty ingenious, and the adition/characterization of trixie was cleverly done as well!

10/10 want moar :raritywink:

Ahhhh! It's pinkamena! Run for your lives!

It feels so great to be reading a continuation of A Study in Rainbow.
And I'm really enjoying the characterization of your Blueblood.

Boy, Pinkie must have felt devastated when nobody bothered to write her once she went away.
I imagine that the feeling is worse, seeing how much bigger this version of Ponyville is in comparison to the one in the show.

Well, that was an interesting turn of events.

Rainbow really does care for Rarity. :pinkiesad2:
And Mr. Pie is quite a mean father.
Oh, well, let's see how this resolves.

Great resolution.
It's a pity that you never continued this stories.
I would have definitely loved to read more about the adventures of Rarity and Rainbow Dash.
Hopefully one day you will.
But until that day comes, A Study in Rainbows and The Hound of Ponyville will have a spot amongst my favorite fics.

Wasn't there a third pegasus in that room? Did they just leave it there?

Oh! Well, that's good.

This was a cute story! I thought it was pretty funny.

Some of his ideas however, like tearing up a toy mouse and blaming it on the Prince, were just stupid.

Heh, I agree.

Wait, who was the third Pegasus?

An injoke that made a lot more sense circa 2012.

So pinkamena’s father was gaslighting her not only that but he kidnapped flutters. What a sick bastard. I know you never continued this masterpiece but i would have liked to see that stand off between Holmes and Professor Moriarty.

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