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Twilight has something she needs to tell Princess Celestia--something that means a chance at getting everything she's ever wanted, or of losing everything she's ever had.

Something so terrifying that the only way she could say it was in a letter...and so wonderful that she had the courage to send it.

(Thanks to Cenit V for the cover!)

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had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, and yah left me hangin. you dastardly writer you! lol!

so far, an excellent read. Favorited.

before i go, have a pinkie! :pinkiesmile:

Very interesting read. The letters are very much Twilight.

Perhaps one of the best written Twilight/Celestia fics I've read. It's so Twilight to have to have so many revelations and have to revise her own thoughts over and over before she arrives at such a conclusion. And the fact that Celestia and her haven't immediately realized their deep and undying love for each other. Kudos, and I'll be looking forward to the next chapter!

The letters are Twilight's all right xD
And it's nice to see that, for once, they don't immediately fall into each other's hooves. Now I'm curious as to how the next two days are going to unfold from Celestia's view...

When I first saw the "thank you" line, it was at the bottom of the page and I really DREADED it ended there. God, that would've been killer.

This is... somewhat reminiscent of back when I was going to declare to my girlfriend. I had this whole speech planed out, had the perfect time... And right then, I figured, if I went down the tangent, I was going to chicken out. So, as much as Twilight goes on a tangent here, even though the reminiscence is important at the end, it feels really natural given how she is. And every little bit of that giant six-page letter is important, if you ask me.

Either way, very good start. Looking forward to seeing how you continue this. :twilightsmile:

Oh. Oh my. I think I need to sit down.

...I'm already sitting down. Oh dear.

(I don't last long against praise of the magnitude, it seems.)

That was amazing, one of the best Twilestias I've ever read.:heart:

Well said. Even if i thought that there will never come another masterpiece in the quality like this two, but here it is.
And also for me it has replaced these 2 in my Favorites.

Ty Sunchaser for that, and i hope you can stay on this level.

:yay:, don't want to wait for more, but I will.:twilightsmile:

:raritystarry: Love it.

Do you know when we can expect the next chapter?

Well...now that I've read the truely masterful creation through letters of Twilight's confession, I am eagerly looking forward to the weekend of awkwardness!

I tend to be a bit effusive with praise when I read a well-written story - something I try hard not to do anymore, but... This is truly a beautifully written, touching story. The depth and intricacy and plausibility of Twilight's thought process on the nature of her feelings, coupled with her shift to resolution, was really spot-on. I understood and felt everything you described.

Beautifully done! You've made a fan of me. :twilightsmile:

.... Huh. I have to admit I'm not a big fan of this pairing in general, but the way you wrote it is downright excellent. I might have been happier if Celestia gave her a 'no' - that would have been an interesting idea to delve into - but this is still done neatly enough to warrant praise. Your characters were really well constructed and the prose is really fluid. Good job. ^_^

Bucking awesome, all my favorite ships in one story, and your idea of how Twilight approaches love is just as i imagine she would, a lot of research and data. I can't wait to see what Celestia's answer's gonna be. Even though who could say no to Twilight, no-one that's who.:twilightsmile:

People have asked, what does it take to make a good [Romance] story. (Yep, i'm talking about you, Mister)

And, when I read this story, I feel You have the answer.

I was already following you, and from Finer Vintage I knew you could do this justice, so I'll say: this is among the the finest Twilestia setups to date. I need to see where it goes, of course, but given how it's begun, I'll go ahead and give it the gold star and thumbs up it so richly deserves.

Just to make sure everyone's aware, since a few commenters seem to think this is all of it...

This isn't all of it.

There's a whole 'nother chapter from Celestia's side of things. As for when it'll be posted...oh, a few hours from now, I think. For the moment, I'm just basking =D

This was a brilliant story that I wholeheartedly think deserves to be featured. i was feeling down but it really cheered me up, and for that I thank you.


How long did it take you to write the letter?
I'm only wondering because it might be the best one I've ever read.
Just sayin'.

Excellent. So painfully slow, but in a good way.

The entire story took about two weeks from idea to completion, but only about five sittings of real work. The letters themselves (of which there are four, two to each chapter) I did in single sittings to each pair. It was the narrative bits between them that took more time.

And, yeah, I'm particularly proud of how they came out myself.

Hey, she didn't say no! That's something to build on, right? :yay:

Yes, yes, yes. It's so rare to see such well-written romance, especially for my favorite pairing! :pinkiehappy: Very much looking forward to Celestia's answer! Even if it's a no... Twilight really should remember how Rarity told Pinkie that the worst case scenario ends with them still being friends. Last words she gets to say to Celestia, my ass.

Well done! :twilightsmile:
Some faith in the feature box has been restored!

This is made all the better for me personally because I can relate to the situation. I've written letters to people, in my own household even, to tell them things I didn't have the courage to say to them directly. There's something to be said for putting words out there in a form that you can't take back, but which is delayed so you can actually get it out. Not the best way to say something that needs to be said, perhaps, but unarguably better than not saying it at all. I'm wondering if Twilight has thought about the effects of Celestia's immortality (or very long lifespan, depending on your headcanon) will effect Celestia's view of the situation? Namely, I'm wondering if Twilight has thought that if Celestia says yes, the sooner Twilight asked the better? Being functionally immortal could easily put Celestia in a mindset to want to enter into positive relationships, romantic and friendly alike, as quickly as possible in order to have more time to spend with them in that capacity.

I'm hoping that this story's version of the two don't completely ignore that aspect. I can understand why some people would like to think that it wouldn't matter to either party, but Celestia's seeming immortality is a thing, and it will have an effect on her relations with others, and for them to pretend it won't strikes me as uncharacteristically immature. They're both grown and intelligent mares, they can deal with it head on. Not saying you should write it into the story, I'm just kind'a rambling a bit, lol

I rarely like Twilestia stories, they often degenerate into "Hot for Teacher" fantasies that feel like borderline abuse of power (at best). This one managed to side-step those pitfalls wonderfully and with true artistry to boot. Instead of borderline pedophilia, this story encapsulates the changing relationship between a student and a mentor as the student reaches maturity and independence. Bravo for proving me wrong about an entire genre.

This is all very solid, and I've greatly enjoyed things so far. I like that Celestia needs some time to think, and the last scene was really rather moving. Well done, I look forward to more -- how long will this run for, do you think?

I can rather relate to that perspective. There was one story that featured recently...it had two chapters. The first was an absolutely beautiful rendition of Celestia gently nudging a bashful Twilight toward more than friendship, and it was full of lovely imagery, ending with a quiet dance...I was shocked at how good it was. And then the second chapter descended into cheap smut that took Celetia's gentle nudges and turned them into domination / sexual predation. I was disappointed, to say the least.

Really when it comes to any relationship, you need to approach it with...I'm hesitant to label it as such, but 'a certain maturity'? I'm not going to say that 'romances are more than just cuddles and kissy faces', because while they are, the cuddling and kissy faces are still at the core. The 'maturity part', such as it is, needs to come in regarding what the paramours need to work through to get to those cuddles.

This is particularly true if, as in many real relationships, only one of the two is anything close to in love. (Zomg, complex relationships in ponyfic? Who knew!) That necessitates careful consideration on the part of the other party, and that thinking needs to be shown. While many shippers - writers and readers both - are content to put blinders on for much of the backend behind two ponies (or people) getting together, real romance needs to delve into the why. As I mention when I talk about writing, it all comes down to the why--from 'why is this scene here' to 'why will this character make X life-altering choice over Y'. You need to dig into that, and you need to sell it.

As to whether I do so, well, once I post the second chapter (within the next few hours, I think) you all can decide whether I managed to do so. I think I did, but everyone's a critic :twilightsmile:

and you just now hit me with a big pole filled with "d'awwww" :heart:

oooo my fav ship and its you doing it.

Pardon me while I just get this out of the way...

omigosh Varanus read my story and liked it omigosh omigosh

Ahem. Now then. This story in particular is a oneshot, though it ended up being long enough that I decided to split it into chapters (one for Twilight, one for Celestia, and a short epilogue). Celestia's chapter I'll be publishing shortly, and the epilogue either late tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest.

That isn't to say that the potential isn't there for a long-form story, if I really wanted it...but I had an idea for a longer Twilestia before this even got written, and I recently came up with a second beyond that, so, yeah.

Although, I could write those to tide myself over until Composure updates...
(Sorry to hear about the lost work, incidentally, but very glad it's still carrying on.)

Composure is getting on very well, as it happens, so no fear. I look forward to the second half of this, and am very intrigued by your mentions of a longer Twilestia tale, as what's here has assured me of a rather satisfying level of quality that I can expect from it.

Best of luck!

I'm not a fan of Twilestia. (I mostly read this to see if you were making a play off the Scarlet Letter)

But I liked it. It's a LOT better than the Twilestia I've read before this. I'm glad that you seem to grasp that this is not really kosher, familiar ground for the princess--a lot of Twilestia writers overlook it.

Thouroughly enjoyed it. Good job

That chapter was excellent. Bravo, good Sir. Bravo.

This is one of the most refreshing portrayals of Twilestia I've come across in a good while. Twilight writing the letters was brilliant, and it was so quintessentially Twilight. When she finds herself somewhere unknown and uncomfortable, Twilight seeks out what she knows and has helped her overcome her problems in the past: letters to the princess. Twilight's rambling, soulful writing is well done and I can just picture Twilight hunched over her desk, lower lip subconsciously bit as she struggles with what to say. I can also imagine a waste bin full of discarded attempts, sentences crossed out and a few broken quill tips strew about, forgotten in her struggle to squeeze her soul out onto the page. Bravo. I cannot wait for the next. If your Celestia is anywhere near as good as your Twilight, and I've no doubt she is, this will undoubtedly shoot to the top end of my list of all time favorite Twillestia fics.

Ok, this cliffhanger has reached the level of intenciti that I will litteraly suffer leukemia if it would mean that the next chapter would come out. I'm not even joking, I'd suffer treatable cancer to save myself and my fellow readers the agony that is this cliffhanger

Luckily, you won't have to endure cancer, as the next chapter is now there to read at your leisure.

Well, now that my Celestia is there to be judged...here's hoping I didn't get everyone's hopes up too high ;p

Stealing the heart of the leading mare, are we, Your Highness? Piracy might be befitting of a princess after all, especially if she can have her treasure seek her instead.

You've caught my interest, and that of many others, as it would so happen. A fair warning, though. From one sought after man to another:

It isn't easy being so popular.

what's HSM?

After reading, I realized that this was still marked as incomplete and my heart did a little back flip


I'm not sure, but I think it means "Her Solar Majesty".

Not gonna lie. Twilestia, in concept, squicks me right the hell out. But this is good.

2016083 Almost certainly "Her Sovereign Majesty"

Why do I get the feeling that Twilight will be enchanting all her correspondence so that Celestia can't just burn it if something goes wrong down the line?

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