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I am a humorist. I write funny stuff... I hope. Since my pony-name appears to be Dusk Dash (there is a chart), I have decided to dedicate my life to quick and evil science!


Twilight gets a distressing letter from Celestia and rushes to Canterlot.
What happened to the princess? What is Luna up to? Why do I sound like the narrator to a bad crime drama?
The first chapter is inspired by a drawing from JohnJoseco. The rest will be my own madness doing its part.

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It's so adawwuble! :twilightsmile: Five stars for you! There's a few grammatical/spelling issues that I noted, but so few that I can hardly even count it as an issue. I've given four and a half stars to stories significantly worse, so this is definitely up there.

Hmm, a piece that's sweet and close, but not shippy between those two is exceedingly rare. Greatly looking forward to -
D'aaaawwww attack! :fluttershysad::pinkiesad2:

*Wakes up in a puddle of oddly candy-scented drool*

Where was I? Oh yeah, hope to see more.

Luna is at it again. And Twilight is pleased because of it. :twilightblush:

"Only the huge chessboard with figures of all international leaders and important people that many people imagined to be here was missing. "
Hmm why would it be missing....

"True tyrants do not need this sort of crutches!"
Ohh of course explai...wait what :twilightoops:

*goes on to read* aww damn i would just need to quote the whole thing to point out what i love in it... :trollestia:

Twilestia is best shipping :twilightsheepish:

181595 Thank you for all the praise. Yes, my old enemy, Language-barrier is here again. Sadly I can't ask my usual beta-reader to do another fic for me, so I hope it doesn't irk my readers too much :twilightblush:
Curse my Horsetrian... erm... AUSTRIAN roots!

181706 Should I dispatch Paramedics or just be very happy about the reaction? Probably both... thank you a lot :rainbowkiss:
But I warn you... it might get a bit shippy... depending on how the characters behave. I usually don't plan ahead on these parts. My stories get done Pinkie Pie style! :pinkiehappy:

181982 Do you really expect Celestia to need a chessboard or map? Hay, she probably prevented two wars, caused one riot on the other end of the world and brought education into a third world country before brushing her teeth.
And I agree! Those two may have much going against them, but there is something there. Right Twilight? :twilightoops:


I think I literally laughed for five minutes. Haha. This is amazing. :twilightsmile:

182033 What can I say? Canon-Luna is the best thing that has happened in the last few years of animation. I wish we had some Luna emoticons on the page, thought :twilightangry2:
I'm glad you enjoyed it

This was rather sweet. I enjoyed it, though I found the narration to be a shade clunky at times, but that's due to your roots, I suppose. Far better than anything I could do in Austrian, that's for sure. If you can, find a beta-reader for future chapters, but even if you can't, keep writing, and keep up the good work!

182196 Thank you for your... oh my gosh Did the guy who writes "Composure" just comment on my story? And he thinks it was sweet?
Thanks for the feedback. I will be searching for a beta reader for both "Celestial Bodies" and "Between Day and Night". But I will focus on "Draconic Troubles" in the near future. It's still my main story.
(BTW: Austrians speak German... well... something that can be confused for German)

As obligated, I award you bonus points for Twilestia.

Dawwwww worthy, and I MUST HAVE MORE! Phase two, soon, please?

Looking forward to phase 2. This story is great :twilightsmile:

Ooooh... it was a plan the whole time.. I've been noticing these types of things in stories lately. Random evil plots from other characters and stuff.

phase one?!?!??! I need phase 2 right now!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: one of the cutest Celestia I've read so far!

Obviously Luna has been beating Celestia, which is why she has a bruised eye. Running into a statue? I should think not!

I'm thinking this is less an evil plan and more a, see my sister get hitched, plan. Or, get romantic, anyways. But Luna's still allowed to ACT shady and sneaky for the part if she likes. At any rate, i'm amused, and, hey, Twilight/Celestia. ALWAYS love it.

"As Celestia approached, she measured the height of her face, her speed and the ankle."

Ohh... sorry for responding so late. I was Busy

259224 Luna just likes to scheme. And she is naturally sinister. Don't assume that all plotters are evil :fluttercry: Twilight loves planning too! :twilightsmile:

301720 Let's rephrase that... I have this picture of Luna in my head when I read it like this: "Yes, Tia, you will get together with your little student and be very happy... AND I WILL WATCH!"

317220I love this, I love twilestia so much though there is little of them.:pinkiesad2:

I think I like the twist you've taken with this story, it's a great idea! Can't wait for phase two :D :D

awesome, please dont keep us waiting to long :pinkiesad2:

:twilightblush: Comfy bed may be comfy, but confy bed with free cuddles is far better. :twilightblush:

Thinking it was more of a meh chapter, then came Darth Harmony... :rainbowlaugh: Epona and Gaea that is hilarious.

Hehehe I love this kind of story. Well done.

im interested to find out how luna manipulated this event... :pinkiegasp: ->
Davesknd (the author):
"I will continue this story in a bit of an unusual way:
Every odd chapter will be a phase.
Every even chapter will be the planning and preparation of that phase. " (in case someone forgot :pinkiehappy: )

“And this is why you are still the learner and I am the teacher!” - student?
“Life barely is! MUAHAHAHA!” - rarely?

A few things in this chapter which made me scratch my head, but enjoyable none the less.

Looking forward to the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

:pinkiehappy:and another fine chapter has been made i do hope they kiss next odd chapter.:twilightblush:

yeah, I think this one way to tell the story is pure genius! if our dear author can pull it off (and he's in fact doing a great job) this can get really really really interesting :D

387410 Thank you for pointing out the "rarely". But "Learner" was chosen on purpose.

386476 I am glad that it was not entirely "meh" :twilightblush:

387206 I certanly did not forget :raritywink:


Kissing might be a bit of a rush, surely they should cuddle cutely first? :twilightblush:

Agreed with Gwenio, Daves, please don't rush this story, nearly every story I read is way rushed into the romance to be honest. I like to be able to sit down and read a good story that gives me a good feel to it, then makes the romance better since it ain't rushed and your more connected to the characters.

389628 Lets ask Twilight to write a book about it! "Getting it on with your god-princess 101! It's not heresy, if she worships you!" :twilightoops:

390660 I really don't want to have this go too fast either. Yes, we all want them to be happy, but those are two very complex ponies in, let's be honest, really bad spots for romantic involvement. That is part of the appeal, if we are honest, but it also prevents a quick solution.
Right, Rainbow?
Rainbow agrees!

I like this story. XD its got a happy feeling to it. Good job good sir.

Oh dear, who knew hoofkerchiefs were so.... naughty :twilightblush:

Looking forward to the next one. :twilightsmile:

I'm confused.. didn't Twilight spend the night with her on phase one? But then Celestia woke up, without Twilight being there? Idk.. my brain is telling me something is wrong here, but I can't place my tongue on it. I'm not 100% sure if it is the phase thing though. Anyway, liked this chapter, looking forward to the next phase!

418386 And now we know why they invented chastity belts during that period :twilightoops:

418412 The preparing for the phases didn't take place immediately before every single phase. Basically, Chapter 2 and 4 take place before 1 and 3 even start.
I was thinking about adding a clock, but then again... I don't want to rip of 24.

dawws and chuckles!
really liking this :pinkiehappy:

the hoofkerchief huh?
suddenly imagining twilight in plate armor, competing in a magical jousting equivalent for the princess' favor......
she looks remarkably cute :pinkiecrazy:


Who is the opponent in this mental image?

Hmmmm very interesting, the beginning confused me a bit, so she told the weather team that she was planning on making a rainbow when she was Nightmare Moon? Why did she have to say it?


419917 My geuss would be The Great and Powerful Blowhard: Trixie :trixieshiftright::twilightsmile:

Bloomberg of course.
Or was it Fluttershy? i can never tell.....


he must have been the black pony knight!

418702 Important side note: Is she charging herself or is she on the back of some other pony? Maybe she browbeat it out of Rarity as compensation for the Hearth Warming Eve thing :raritycry:

420509 Basically, the team was praising her and that bothered Luna, so she wanted them to stop. A part of her likes being praised, but not for things she invented or did as Nightmare Moon. Sadly that deflated the whole thing much more than she wanted. Sorry for being not clearer.

420639 A squire like Trixie is no match for Twilight Sparkle's steel! Especially when its for Celestia's honor! Remember when that dragon insulted the princess? She almost jumped out of that costume and went Dennis Quaid on that guy!
:twilightangry2: <- Staunch defender
:trollestia: <- Innocent flower

i was imagining her charging by herself.
That mental image with Rarity though.....it blows my mind....

Twilight sitting/standing on Rarity's back, magically gripping a jousting spear of some sort,
Across the field, Fluttershy is riding Applejack, gripping Bloomberg as a spear.

Rarity participates because she is horrified at Fluttershy's completely unladylike "fashion" choice of black spiked armor
AJ, of course, only agreed because she's worried Bloomberg would get hurt if Rainbow Dash took her place.
Trixie is serving Fluttershy as a squire, wondering just how she got involved in this (Fluttershy Stared her into agreeing).
Celestia, being a Delicate Flower, is gazing over this all with a look of complete bewilderment and mild horror.

Luna is laughing her flank off.

422573 We need somebody to draw this... NOW!

now i need to learn how to draw ponies.
this might take awhile....

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