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Twilight Sparkle has a secret. She'd rather it just went away, but when is the heart ever so easy to persuade?

Ascent is the first story in the development of a world outside normal fimfiction universes. It focuses on a character driven storyline that, while adhering to show canon, delves deeper into the personality, reasoning and emotions, of each character.

Each book portrays the perspective of a different character, though stories intertwine over time.

All illustrations are made by me! If you'd like an illustration done for your cover or story I'd be more than happy to!

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Well, a good thing you tried to keep the reader in suspense despite the fact it's previsible, and since it's just the first chapter I will wait for more.
But I expected more "deep" development for Twilight, I have the sentiment her scheme of thoughts don't stick enough with her personality.

Normally I don't read shipping, but this is pretty good.

Nice start for a first fic. I've done some editing work before so if yer up for it I'll be an editor for ya. And if you can I'd like a title pic for my fics. We have a deal?


I'm certainly willing to test it out. I'll PM you.


Best line ever.

Also, bummer it's not Best Pony (Luna)

interesting. I'll follow the fic to see were you go with it

Great story can't wait for more :twilightsheepish:

Well written and nice start to what I hope will be a multi-chaptered story. Also, the art is nice.

2628148 I must admit, I like the start of this. :twilightsmile:

I like this.

Upvoted and favourited! Want to see where this is going to go. :moustache:

I must admit, I like where this is going. Also, if you're still looking for editor(s), I'd be glad to help.

Oh man....That was heavy. I really, really want them to end up together, but this is just killing me. Crossing my fingers for a happy ending. You write magnificently by the way, and I really like your pictures as well. That picture with Celestia just laying there broke my heart.

This chapter was pretty gorgeous.

Ah, the curse that is immortality..... The cruelest affliction of all. :fluttershysad:

I want you to know that I just want to be your friend. Twilight stared after her long after she passed. I’m sorry I love you.


Argh! Doesn't love just suck?

Wile the prompt of the story is nothing new the delivery and the fact that the point of view is mostly Twilight's (instead of Celestia and the reasons of why she is struggling) has made me come to the conclusion that

The chapter was engaging and it can not be friday fast enough :twilightsmile:

This is some really good stuff. Looking forward to fridays.

WoW this is some heavy and really good stuff Sir/Mam and your Artwork is Magnificent!
I really looking forward to the rest of this Storry, even if you would break my heart without a Happy Ending for them, this Storry go’s Straight to my personal Crème de la Crème for this Ship.

Thanks for this Story.

And now Continue.


Well that's an interesting development. BTW your art is frekin' epic, I love how you shade it.

Okay this is realllly interesting. I dig this.

Go Twilight, go! Capture her old heart! :pinkiehappy:

Dayumn Twilight. You just put on some steel toed boots and gave Celestia a kick to the OVRIES BITCH. :twilightangry2::heart::trollestia:

Ha! Twi burned the sun.

Celestia tried to hornblock Twi. Twi wasn't having any o' that. :twilightsmile:

hoho I like were this is going, instead of acting like a suffering victim Twilight actually took action the very next day :pinkiehappy: That Chrysalis actually unmasked Celestia and she from her part didn't even notice speak volumes of how Tia is doing every thing in her power to stay in denial of her own feeling .
Awesome chapter keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

“I agreed to treat you like any other pony. I expect the same from you.” She inhaled, preparing for her speech. ”I expect the same Celestia that laughs when I trip and fall to be the same pony who would help me up afterwards. I expect the same Celestia that would rock me to sleep to be the same pony that pushed me harder and harder when learning, never letting it be enough. I expect the same pony that manipulates politics to her ends to be the same pony that has good reasons for everything she does. I expect the pony that played her wits against mine at every turn to be the same pony that used those wits to play. I expect my friend. I don’t expect this because I care for you. I care for you because I can expect these things from you.”

This just may be THE most through and polite ass eating I have Ever read ...
Magnificent :heart:
those last lines? Inspired ... or is it Inspiring? :twilightblush:

I think Celestia is losing at her own game. :rainbowlaugh:


And rather badly too. But then, she started with a disadvantage: she thought rightly that she had all her masks on, but she thought wrongly that she had never let them slip nor crack.


I like this. It's interesting, it's complex, it meets the expectations and standards and beings of the characters, and maintains a good level of amusement for much of the time.

Write on! :twilightsmile:

That little bit of worldbuilding on changelings was brilliant. New headcanon.

This chapter was very good.

:twilightoops: wow, ... this is fic is pretty awesome
okay i have to ask, you wrote that this is your first fimfic (which is a term for my little pony fanfics), what else did you write? fanfics for other fandoms? books?

What is this? Well written and serious story about Twilestia? Oh my god YES!

That letter to Pinkie was simply beautiful ...
I teared up then read it again.
i get the feeling that whatever Pinkie is planning will be Mind Blowingly Awesome :pinkiehappy:

Well that was an eventful chapter. I wonder what Tia's got in mind?

:heart::heart::heart: this chapter made me feel so much it was awsome :twilightsmile:

This is great! I haven't liked a fanfic this much since Dark Wonderings.

I am watching this with rapt attention! :rainbowderp:

All I can say is: "It's about goddamn time." I expected something like this from Twilight, in a letter, on the eve of her departure, but this was just as good. Onto the next chapter, to see if Celestia comes out and admits her mistake to a conscious Twilight. All in all, I'm really enjoying this.

I have to hand it to you - you've taken the whole "Mortal lover" thing and given it a nice twist. I'm really enjoying this, keeep it up! :heart:

Something for you to consider Celestia:

Imagine for a moment if Twilight were an immortal, just like you and you would never have to worry about her dying. Would that really make this any easier? You two may love each other for the rest of your lives, or you may have an irreconcilable falling out in a few years (decades, centuries) and decide to end your relationship, or you might just grow bored with each other and remain friends - the point is that love is a state of being not a time, and it's best to enjoy it when you can.

”Even if it makes me sadder than I’ve ever been,” Twilight all but whispered. ”I’m happy Tia. Because I’ve read... so many books... I’ve read and I know that sadness isn’t a bad thing.” She sniffled, the mixing abandoned and tears falling into the bowl. “It means there was something incredible and happy that you had to be sad about a-and when I’m gone I hope I make you sad too. Really really sad, b-because at least that means I made you happy.”


Please keep writing these. I'm really enjoying your take on this pairing. Any updates to this story will be the top of my list to read next.

Oh Luna, you made my Alicorn Twilight Sense™ tingle. :twilightsheepish:

I was a little disappointed when Luna and Twilight first met. Luna was too formal and cold. But now everything was just great!


I wrote short stories though none of them turned out to be any good. I credit any and all goodness of this fic to the friends and writers who helped me to edit it.

I like this story. It's interesting but sweet at the same time. If you're still looking for an editor I could help.

you are aware that the title of this fic is 'Ascend'? Shouldn't that alone trigger the Alicorn Twilight Sense™ ?


Shouldn't that alone trigger...

Actually, no. After reading a lot of stories, I started to give more attention to the hints and secrets in the story, than to titles.

My experience tells me if there is trickery in the Title, then the author will use tricks in the story itself. Thus making assumptions is either useless, or should at last take everything into account

So far it seems here that the theories i made because of the title and description, are reflected in the story itself.

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