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This story is a sequel to A [Fe]Male Perspective of Equestria

Six months. A lot can change in such a short time. Like going from a human guy on Earth to a female alicorn in Equestria. I may be mostly used to my new body, but I still haven't found my place here. Being an alicorn has only made things worse... everyone expects great things from me, and too many ponies look up to me for no other reason than because of what I am. Hopefully I can figure this out sooner rather than later...

Looking to explore the concept of how a blank-flank alicorn would fit into Equestria... without the stupid silly charisma, insane magical ability, or supersonic flight capacity. I know alicorn OCs have some stigma to them that instantly labels them as a Mary/Gary Stu, but I plan to avoid all of that silliness.

A sequel to A [Fe]Male Perspective of Equestria (can't link directly due to NSFW content), now with much less insanity, but with the same amount of comedy. Reading this is not required, although it is recommended. If sex is not your thing, all three chapters marked with (***) are skippable without losing any story content. The writing is crude/humorous/unedited, please be aware of that.

NOTE - Tags. While the protagonist was human in the previous story, I am leaving the [Human] tag off. This is not a Human-In-Equestria story, please do not add it to any Human-related groups.

Explicit sexual scenes are being left out of this story submission. When I get to them, there will be a note saying to go to its prior story, as I will be posting the scenes on there.

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Ohmygosh it's out. Commence read! :flutterrage:

And away we go again!

Loved the last, this one promises to be just as good.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This fuckin' guy.


Mah man!

Thanks Skeeter, lemme know how ya like it

Hope ya enjoy it!

Looks like this is an excellent start to yet another promising story Space.


Thanks much, I hope I don't disappoint. I've actually got a focus and direction for this one.

3493533 I still gotta read the first one... Guess now I know what I'll be doing for at least a part of my evening.


Lol, have fun. I'll be putzing with my PS4 some more around that time. Luckily, I'm writing it as a sort of stand-alone story too, nothing more annoying than a sequel that requires intimate knowledge of the prior story sometimes.

I like the idea you have for this story. I can understand the idea most have about alicorn OCs being a Mary Stu/ Gary Stu sort. But I hope you can help change this idea. After all my main OC is an alicorn too. But he is far from being "the perfect character". Weak in the magic, flight, and common sense department. but damn can he run at hypersonic speeds and create some of the most advanced technology you have never seen.

Hopefully the idea that those of us with alicorn OCs are all Mary Stu/ Gary Stu will be wiped away if they can see that we're not "the perfect being". We just have a few more abilities than the average pony. Nothing big either.

So don't look at Aurora or even my OC, Chaotic Mind, as being perfect. They're far from it. Chances are that your OC (if you have one) is better off than me and/ or Aurora in the abilities department.


Enjoy it, I did. :yay:

With Aurora no longer part of Luna's and Twilight's herd, I'm curious to see who the next love interest will be. :pinkiesmile:

To be honest, a part of me hopes that it'll be Celestia. :trollestia:

Angst is actually to be fearful. While I did see uncertainty I don't know if that qualifies. Anyway, Liked and faved.

I was waiting for the kiss! Why was there no kiss when they were flying.
Ah well, I hope it is Celestia though.


It was also somewhat of an inside joke between myself and Shadowflash. He loves quoting sections of my story when he's approving it and spamming the word angst over Skype. Still, apprehension does work, I'll admit I felt clumsy either way though. Glad to have you on board.

Honestly, as even stated in this story, if she could Aurora would just be a pegasus and throw away all the trappings that come with being an alicorn. It's a curse in her eyes, not to mention she's slower than molasses at learning magic. Alicorns definitely are not instantly 'OP' characters. I'm sure I know a few of my friends who might disagree though, lol!

It's all a part of the story, time shall tell all. : )


Lol, they're just friends, and Celestia was working to ease her worries. After all, she's got a fair amount of them right now. Hope you enjoy what I have in store.

I don't mind the idea of humans turning into alicorns nor if they're overpowered or not. I just don't know why so many want them to change genders too... why is everyone so into changing the guy's gender as well? a male alicorn is the rarest thing i've seen. and so far none of them are any good.


It was a decision made on a whim back in June. Now, I'm just rolling with it. It was good for some amazing comedy, now it's just a fact for this story.

alrighty then. let's see how this goes :D

So... I know we already discussed this, and I'm more amused than irritated, but...

Your human OC comes to Earth, punches a princess, then gets turned into a princess himself?


Are you sure you've never read any TD?

I thought the title was an odd joke about Iron.

This is a really cool concept! An inept Alicorn princess? AND they're adjusting to being not only an entirely different species but also to being Female! Looks incredibly promising Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

NOTE - Tags. While the protagonist was human in the previous story, I am leaving the [Human] tag off. It might be a bit misleading if it's on or off, so I'm going with off, as there is zero chance of the protagonist becoming human again.

That is not what the Human tag is for. It's for any sort of human content whatsoever.
Getting a little tired of people "creatively" redefining tags with clearly established meanings. :facehoof:

Also, human becomes alicorn OC, aiyiyi...

3493736 I already see a downvote on my comment so SOMEONE here disagrees. They need to open their eyes and not be so "closed minded" about it. LOL!

I was hoping that this was going to be a Mature Sex story as well I enjoyed the first one a lot it does not have to be crazy clop just some would be nice.

i'm calling it now, AuroraXCelestia. I really hope that happens personally. :twilightsmile:

I guess I'll favorite this one too. Y'know, just for posterity's-sake.

No sex is a bit of a turn off though. :derpytongue2:


It's not "having flaws" that makes a character not a Gary Stu/Mary Sue, it's about how they interact with the story world around them. Does your character's lack of ability in some areas really make that much of an impact when counted against what he's good at? Does his lack of magic actually impact how he gets things done, or does his ability with technology cover for his lack of magic? Also, why/how did he come across the abilities to run fast and create advanced technology? (A blanket ability in advanced technology can easily be a horribly overpowered ability, by the way.) Unfortunately simply saying things isn't very convincing, I'd have to read your stories (if you have them).

I will say that if your avatar is your OC, then it already sends up red flags. He looks black-and-white striped, which is a completely alien look from all the other ponies in the show and points to him being "too different". Unless of course there's a very good explanation. (Like why Aurora looks so close to Twilight.)


Psh, I totally had first dibs on that. 30 June trumps 10 August. :trollestia:
I did finally read it, and it's a nice blend of stuff between comedy and seriousness.

nah, continuing the joke from the prior story, where the protag started out male. Thus [Fe]Male. Not the first time I've heard that one though.

Eh, I think it doesn't contribute anything to the story at this point, and already had a nice chunk of tags. If'n you don't agree with my choice, report it for lack of a tag, and if I get notified by a moderator, I'll gladly add it on.

And where were you with the prior story of this? Same thing, I love how folks jump to 'oh my, OC alicorn, must be Gary/Mary Sue!' /shrug. I've learned, sadly, that this argument typically can never be had with any sort of resolution, as folks with that outlook generally will not budge from that view.

Like it says in the description, when the time comes, I'll have a note in the author's note to check back in the first story for any explicit sexual scenes.

Time will tell!

Hope you enjoy it as well, then. : )


Whoops, missed one.

Yup, it's a continuation of the prior listed story, I'm just actually focusing on something plot wise this time. Hopefully I can deliver an enjoyable product, and I hope you enjoy this story.

3494266 I see. Still beat you to the Alicorn one.


Pft, sure. :rainbowwild:
Hopefully folks don't go to each of our stories as I progress through the more serious aspects and try and compare our stories. That'd be annoying, to say the least. There is that one point of potential overlap I mentioned to you via PM, but everything else is basically a different path.

Also, I love these downvotes from 'OC alicorn, must be too OP / Mary Sue.' Tried having the discussion that being an alicorn can be a curse, and my friend wouldn't hear a word of it.

3494297 Yeah, I know I have downvotes from people assuming.

BTW, I still beat you to "human punches princess." Elam was written June 30 2013. TD was written August 10 2012. Nearly a whole year before.

3494259 Perhaps before judging you should ask about it. He's different because he's a zebra. He isn't even a real alicorn. It's the result of genetic experimentation. He's not immortal. He's not powerful. The only thing he has going for him that makes him any different from a scientist is the wings and horn. They aren't even useful as I already said. His interactions with other ponies shows his lack of common sense and that is a big problem. sure he can make advanced stuff for the pony world but if you compare it to what us as humans already know it isn't anything special already. It may not even be special by pony standards. The fast running is also from the genetic modifications and can be a problem too. Don't want to hit an immovable object when running.

If you were to compare all the good things and bad things about his form they will probably equal out pretty close with the benefits maybe being slightly better than the detriments. I don't have a story with him but one is in the works with all this in mind. I don't want a Gary Stu character. I agree they are too perfect and overpowered. That's why I created my character to have as many flaws as he has. I did it to challenge the idea that the way a character looks dictates if it is a Mary Sue/ Gary Stu or not. I've seen stories with simple ponies that are unicorn, pegasus, and earthen that could be considered Mary Sue/ Gary Stu.

I made my character to show that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover. While you can at times that idea doesn't always work. My character is far from perfect despite looking like a zebra alicorn, being smart, and running fast on hoof. That's pretty much all he has going for him. I've seen other characters with more and even better abilities than these. Are they Mary Sue/ Gary Stu too or not since they aren't alicorns?


Oh, the punching bit. :rainbowlaugh: Yeah, you can totally have that one, especially seeing how I didn't even start writing until mid Dec 2012. Damn. Nearly a year of writing now, wow.





*VALVe-based stereotypical French Accent* Hr-hrm. Now that the moment is over, back to work.

*bursts into flames from amount of stereotypical accents used in post*

*stays in aforementioned French Accent; runs around spasmodically* I do believe I am on fire.

Comment posted by Angellove deleted Nov 16th, 2013


I never called your OC a Gary Stu, but that your avatar makes me wonder.

And my main story features an OC Alicorn, and one whom I've worked very hard to make into pretty much "just another pony," so I'd like to think I know about balancing what they are versus how they impact the story. It can be a fine line to walk. All I was doing was pointing out that a list of abilities/flaws doesn't actually show whether the character is overpowered.

By itself "human teleports to Equestria, punches Twilight, gets turned into a female alicorn" sounds like a wonderful setup for a Mary Sue. Instead, it's all in how the author actually uses the character.

I hate the stigma surrounding certain types of oc's... :scootangel:

Magic is neat but flying, now that's something almost every human would enjoy. The ultimate freedom. But if to gain the ability I was also told I'd have to be a pretty princess pony? And then all the trappings that go with such a station? Eh... I dunno. I'd have to think hard on that choice.

I'm still envious of Aurura's/Elam's flying around at will however.


Etherea is awesome though.

Nothing wrong with punching a princess... it's more in the lame writing I utilized in those first few chapters... Oh man, that front end of FeMale is pretty bad. One does think 'Mary Sue, incoming' at first, don't they?

Thanks a lot, I hope you enjoy it.

Agreed. xD It's all in the execution

Lol, it's why I have her relying on it. Flight in a sense is the ultimate symbol of freedom. To quote Firefly....

"Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand. I don't care, I'm still free, you can't take the sky from me."

3494487 Good point. I try to walk that fine line but others here don't seem to care. Look at my previous comments. All of them getting downvoted because every seems to go by the "OMG! An alicorn OC avatar! Instant Gary Stu! DOWNVOTE COMMENT!" or else they don't like my explanations.

Sorry for taking your explanation wrong. I just don't like the type who hate an alicorn OC because they think it means they are automatic Mary Sue/ Gary Stu. That's just like being racist.

I loved the concept of the first story and indeed had many questions during the ending of the story, most notably the time skip. Making the sequel take a more introspective route wasn't a necessity but it feels good to understand how Aurora feels deep inside about being an alicorn. Yeah, the beginning when Aurora was having those conflicting thoughts about being a leader of a minority of ponies was great and I think you're off to a hot start right now.

Jesus titty fucking Christ, what is with the massive amount of stories where the main character is gender swapped for no goddamn reason? Does, like, every brony just sit down and fantasize about waking up one morning and having a vagina? It confuses the living shit out of me! Why would you start with a male character, then immediately turn them female when you could have just made them female in the first place!? What the fuck is up with this trend!?

Uhg, sorry, this is directed towards the entire trend of pointless gender swapping, not your story specifically. I'm frustrated because everywhere I look there's another story with the exact same "I was a human dude now I'm a pony lady" premise. Whether your story is good or bad, I don't know, and I'm too pissed off right now at the trend to find out. Right now I'm just venting.

I'll probably come back later and give this story an actual once-over to see if it's any good. Until then, don't be discouraged. Pissed off at the trend. Not your story. Or you. So... yeah.

Huh. Seems like Elam would've been a pegasus had he not 'Murica-punched Twilight moments after crossing over. Well, not everyone can be the spell-flingy type. Now if only those poor tutors of hers could accept that...

In any case, looking forward to more as our heroine integrates herself and earns her ass tattoo.

I saw the title and thought it was going to be and Iron Man crossover....

Damn chemistry class....

the story has gotten interesting since the first book, you have my attention now


The time skip was a bit rough, and I tried to do my best to look inwards during it to show a deeper characterization as well as Aurora's ability levels and other potentially useful information. I'm sure if any questions were raised, or premises brought up, I'll be covering it in this story at some point. Also, being an alicorn ain't all it's chalked up to be.

Let me take a moment to laugh here. ... Okay, now that I'm done, the first story was a 'everything I wouldn't be caught dead putting into a story' when I first started it. I changed directions about halfway through, but till that point it truly was no holds barred. I'd just finished reading a rash of genderswap stories, primarily Shining Armor and Cadance, and thought 'why the fuck not.' So, I ran with it. Now, I have to deal with it, not like I can just do that. Truthfully though, yeah. If I had taken a different approach, genders would've remained the same.

When you come back to this, let me know how you like it.

Yup, even now she wishes she were just a plain ole pegasus. Poor her.

:rainbowlaugh: Dat Fe.

Glad to hear it, the first part of the first story was waaaaay out there. Glad ya stuck around for things to level out.

Someone's trying to appeal to a wider demographic. :ajsmug:


More a change of direction. I got tired with the writing of how FeMale Perspective started really quick, which is why it changes a fair amount a few chapters in. Sides, writing sex is something that I have to want to do, and I haven't felt a want to do so for some time. Better to just keep it on the side completely. Plus, I really did want to examine the alicorn in equestria bit, and how one would have to try and fit in.

3495053 of course i did, this stuff is great, tbh i wonder if Aurorua will get her cuite mark (i cant seem to spell the Character's name of the story)

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