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I am a humorist. I write funny stuff... I hope. Since my pony-name appears to be Dusk Dash (there is a chart), I have decided to dedicate my life to quick and evil science!


A side story for "Between Day and Night", first published on Valentine's Day.

Twilight is in Canterlot dealing with her own feelings for Celestia while Luna and her cult are doing their thing. Meanwhile Spike spends his time wooing his one true love.
He already earned himself a date.
Maybe several bottles of ancient wine can help.

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2123069 Corrected. Thank you for pointing it out. Nothing can tear Rarity from her guild! LONG LIVE THE LORDS OF OWNAGE! (she was a very active WoW player back in her school time :raritywink: )

More please

I gave that mare a piano sonata, mares love piano sonatas.

Wonderful, so many thoughts, feelings, and events correlating into one moment. One moment, and sometimes, that's all it takes.

2123526 What a player... literally! It's also the reason why Billy Joel can have any woman he wants.

2124374 I'm happy that the master of Sparity enjoyed my story.

This Sparity....I like it.

ANOTHER!!! *spikes glass*

2137424 Slow :ajsleepy:

And thank you for pointing out the mistake. Ill correct it right away.

Da'wwwww :heart: This is so lovely, I totally like your idea of how Spike speaks his feelings for Rarity trough Music, it reminds me of the good old classical movies.

Let's see how this will turn out for them.

Here you have earned them: :moustache::moustache:

Ps: that's the first spiraty that I really like.

2154396 I always figured that Spike had a rather "traditional" education under Celestia (seeing how he can play piano, regularly goes on royal duty and seems to know ponies all through high society), so I was rather surprised that him playing for her is not a pillar of the Sparity ship.
Anyhow, I'm happy that you liked it. Thank you for the nice feedback.:twilightsmile:

Brilliant. I can't believe I'm even reading these now. :pinkiesmile:

2156711 THank you, I am very happy that you enjoyed it. :twilightblush:

So was this a mini-story or will it continue? :D 2157126

2157275 It's a side-story to my current main "Between Day and Night"
It will continue, but at the same pace as the main story.

2157291 Ah, right. I didn't notice it was part of a larger one. Guess I'm gonna have to go through the main one as well. :P

yep, you just became one of my favorites, heed with precaution, as it is such a high toll to keep :scootangel:
seriously, awesome job dude, since school has taken most of my thoughts processes i wont say much but simple awesome :D keep them coming :heart:
P.D pardon my poor attempt to sound regal is the word? i don't know, but well i just wanted to try writing like that :D
and sorry for the multi commenting spam on several of your stories :D

Most impressive, and highly entertaining to boot. :twilightsmile:

I just discovered I read all of Daveskn. Guess this means you earned a follow!

I loved this. The worry and guilt that Rarity had at the beginning giving way to the true feelings she has for him. Spike keeping his inner monster in check for the mare he loves. Basically all the reasons I love this ship :raritywink::heart::moustache: I hope you are able to update this soon.

Very nice! The prose was very sensuous and immersive, and it lends believability to a genuine romantic relationship between Spike and Rarity.

2825383 Thats the first time someone complemented my prose, I'm honored. I'm happy you enjoyed the story so far. :twilightsheepish:

The unicorn took he place across from him


*Looks like he earned a next date...*

I certainly hope so!

Well played, :duck::moustache:


:twilightoops: When did this happen?

:moustache::raritywink: During the hiatus - :pinkiehappy: party time! :ajsmug: pay up ! :rainbowhuh: two hundred bits? :fluttercry: I'm so happy!
:facehoof: Casanova Spike
:duck: Yes Twilight my dear

Spike drinks wine!
It doesn't have no effect!!!

How does Opal approve of this?

6622361 how does opal approve of anything? :rainbowlaugh:

And this is just too adorable and :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::moustache:

6621508 Basically... yes. Though I'm not gonna turn Rarity into a dragon (spoiler)
6622361 She scratches him and notices that he doesn't mind her claws and is a great scratching pole?
6622925 Aw, thank you

6622361 A kitty scratching post? Spike has thick scales

6623848 I was going to say she needs attention on account of being lonely.

Damn... It just sucks this wonderful story stopped updating. Although it's a good end not being an actual one but not being more story to read. Very good job, always a good sparity fix brightens my day.

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