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An artifact causes an incident where Luna's gender switches, and she becomes prince instead.

Evidently, Luna turned out to be a handsome prince. Now having to deal with confused and judging nobility, lots of mares vying for the Prince's affection, the paparazzi eager to get more scoops on the new lunar prince, and a sister who seems to want the prince to stay judging by how she sees the entire situation hilarious, along with her pranks and quips, Luna will have to work hard with Twilight to solve the mystery of Starswirl's Sphere and hope that she can return back to a normal life.

Art by jaquelindreamz.

Originally written by Kuairu.

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Comment posted by Kuairu deleted Sep 1st, 2021

This looks like the beginning of something good.

Also, Celestia has a serious crush on prince Luna or male alicorns are her ultimate fetish and she just now found out.

10 points for the in medias res opening.

Me: Artemis dusk what is going on what was that noi-
*see's female Artemis* well hello

Okay. I'm tracking this because this could get interesting, but don't you think the name's a bit too "on the nose"?

Celestia. Celestia, NO. He is your SISTER. Do NOT gawk at and admire the incredibly toned barrel, drop-dead gorgeous muscles and finely chiseled face to the point of stallion perfection on your sister.

I'm willing to edit this, just pm me and fill me in with the details.

Oho, this has soooo much potential for hilarious shenanigans. I'll be keeping my eye on this.

Wow luna a Stallion I can't wait to see what happens next keep up the good work update more soon it getting very interesting to read. :twilightsmile:

Celestia, once she trotted up to the duo, finally fully gazed at Luna for the first time since she came into the room. After a second of silence, Twilight noticed that the Princess’s cheeks were steadily growing red, and her legs backed a little away from them.

Celestia’s wings also fully extended upwards.

That can't end well.

For Some reason Luna as a male, looks to me, like a Scholar.

Celestia’s wings also fully extended upwards.

Oh, it's one of those fics... :raritywink::rainbowlaugh:

7620997 well, there's a lot of Luna as a gamer:
So Artemis as a scholar seems fair.

It's the glasses. No one who doesn't spend his life in a library would ever wear something like that in public. :derpytongue2:

well.... technically, in breeding is less of a problem with horses, so... maybe? I forget what its called, but I think theres some sort sort of biological response that causes revulsion in the idea, but that appears to be null with the dirty old buzzard. Or she could have just been surprised

Not the direction I expected that conversation to go, but... you're talking about the Westermarck effect and it's actually purely psychological. It makes us think of people we grew up with too closely as not being prospective romantic partners. Has actually nothing to do with how closely related you are to them, true fact.

I was just saying that for comedic effect, though. If the story goes there, it'll be... weird, but alright. It's T-rated, so it can't do anything too bad with it.

Welp... now i will expect that luna has turned into "the handsome prince in every fairy tale that blueblood wished he was"... and everyone else would faint from the pure beauty or be enraged by jealousy.

if would twimoon be perfect. uuff mi inglis is relly bad

This grabbed my attention with a vice grip and won't let go. More please :pinkiehappy:

Seriously, this has the marking of a great, hilarious story. Celestia losing composure like that... I think that Twilight's brain just broke only from seeing that :rainbowlaugh:

I downvoted because i found the presentation boring. You showed plenty, but had too much telling in your mid-sentence backstory info-blasts.

Waifu is now husbando? I can get behind that. :trollestia:

OK then........to the tracking and fav tabs with you.

7620842 My Dragon Brother, Tiny Little Horses as Small as your Hand, this story...

It's becoming a trend for me to be on the nose with my titles, if only so that people already know what they're getting into when they click on the story.

“This wasn’t in the notes. The Sphere was supposed to only change your coat color, not explode. I don’t understand, how could it revert a pony’s gender instead of their coat, a biological change like that shouldn’t be possible!”

Revert is change back into
I think the word you meant is convert

7621122 Different people or in this case, ponies, have different tastes. Those tastes can change over time. I myself would wear nothing that long clothing even in the dead of summer. Eventually I left that and moved to wear more comfortable clothing.

Maybe a far-away land was suffering from a severely skewed gender ratio, and had asked him for help?”

Hmmm *cough* *cough* Equestria *cough*

7621760 That would imply that Luna was Male before the Explosion.

7621808 Not necessarily. Revert implies that she was a stallion originally, became a mare at some point, and now changed back. Convert implies change, not change back into
Uggghh my brain hurts. I'm overthinking this :facehoof:

Twilight’s own special yell, the Royal Ponyville Voice, was still something she needed to work on.

I have to remember this idea...

Nice idea!
I would like to see where it goes!

Yup, we need more alicorn stallions arround!

Exactly what I was thinking!

May had found an error:

the higher powers that be that she could have

Are you sure this is right?

Also, at least one time Luna is called 'she' after her/his transformation. I suggest recheck for things like this.

Celestia’s wings also fully extended upwards.

:rainbowlaugh: Oh god, this is going to be hilarious!

All of the indoendos and yes i spellt tht wong on paw pies

I think Celestia realising it's her sister will be priceless and then also all the joking around and hilarity to follow will be great if it's pulled of well.

Oh, this is going to be a good story. I can't wait for the next chapter!

She quickly stood up and ran to the nearest reflecting surface in the room, which was a window near where the explosive experiment had taken place in her quarters.

Also, wouldn't it have been easier to look at your crotch to see if you had swapped genders?

7621542 THIS! This person right here! See what they did?! They gave a REASON for downvoting! Not just a silent addition to that obnoxious red bar. Solid, useful information, enough that improvements can be made. THANK YOU! Now, if more people could get on board with this......:trixieshiftleft:

My "Sources" are telling me that the cover art of a male Luna looks very attractive.

Yo she hawt.

Okay I'm loving this so far! I can't wait for more.


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