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Puzzle Piece

"Every one of us is one more piece in this puzzle called life. Now if only I could get a glance at the box to find my place...."

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"Innocent" Combat Report · 10:06am May 30th, 2019

These are the official numbers from each battle in Innocent. More battles will be added as they occur. Spoilers below: Be warned!

Battle of Greenspring Glade (Chapter 12):
Total Starting Troops:

  • Equestrian Forces: 372

    1. 370 Royal Guard: 50 Lances, 50 Mages, 150 Fliers, 120 Swords
    2. 2 Royals: Princess Celestia, “Captain” Shining Armor
  • Trolls: 9000

    1. 9000 Nadrud Warriors

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To My Kind Readers:

My writing here is 40% fan art contribution to one of the most awesome fandoms I've ever seen, 20% wanting to write a story on an idea that sounded good, and 40% practice for me in the field of writing before putting out any professional work. What I am looking for is not praise, but constructive criticism on my work so that I may improve. If, for any reason, you find something wrong with a story of mine, tell me. Please! As much as I hope to hear good things about my works, I would hate for my mistakes to go unnoticed. Suggestions, error reports, corrections,...all are welcome. May your quills be ever busy!

To The Down-Voters:

When one dislikes a story, there is a reason. If you dislike one of my stories, it is a reason that I want to know about. Simply clicking the down button tells me nothing about what I can do to fix the problem or improve on what you felt was lacking. It might be easier to just hit one button and move on but it is really just laziness. From one Brony to another, can't you lend a hoof to another writer and at least tell them what you honestly thought was worth the down-vote? If it is as simple as "I don't like the type of story", I'm sorry you took the time to even look at mine. If you don't like the way I write it, that's different; I want to hear from you! "What can I do better?", "Where did I lose you?", and "Where are my mistakes?" are my questions. Leave your answers in the comments and you've made the site that much better in both quality of story and friendliness of community. No more of that silent disapproval nonsense.

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2330770 It's been on my list to read for months. I figured I'd give it the long overdue promotion it deserved.

Thanks for adding The Ultimatest Evil to your library!

I know, I saw :pinkiesmile: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked them :twilightsmile:

2279629 Don't look now, but I didn't stop........... :moustache:

Thank you so much for reading and adding my stories to your "T'was good" folder :twilightsmile:

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