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Puzzle Piece

"Every one of us is one more piece in this puzzle called life. Now if only I could get a glance at the box to find my place...."


What would you do to defend all that you love? A group of friends, bonded by years of war, know what they have given up and also know what they would give up again if forced to. But when a battle goes awry, they find themselves in a place that does not know war as they do. They are confronted by how much they have been changed by violence and what they miss about peace. As they rediscover what they’ve fought to protect, a new force threatens to destroy it. These warriors now watch as this peaceful land prepares to make the very sacrifice they once made: Their innocence. As the darkness descends, promises are made and friends part ways. Can Equestria withstand the tides of war? Will these ponies still be the same kind-hearted creatures when this ends?


Rated a strong Teen for violence, gore and moderate language.

Chapters (41)
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I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're asking.:rainbowhuh:
Do you need help with updating your story or are you saying I didn't do it right?

3974054 I'm asking how to update my story. I don't know how...

At the top, just below the title, is the "New Chapter" button. Hit that to add a new chapter to the existing list of chapters. Put a name on the chapter. It should enter the chapter after you create it so that you can view it. Enter the edit mode (also found near the top by the title while the chapter is open), add text in the chapter, save the changes, and hit the publish button. This should be all you need to do. The FAQ has information on this subject, so I would check there too if you still need help.

3974113 thank you I just got confused for a while. But thanks!

Not a problem. If you need anything, I'd be glad to help any way I can.

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Awesome chapter! and i just caught my self saying dick to Zacon when he interupted Jason lol:rainbowlaugh:

Since this chapter have no comment and we have former elves in this story...

I hope the trolls don't just steam-rolled Ponyville.
The damn place is/was the Capital of Chaos.
I hope to at least have a pyrrhic victory on part of the troll, if the ponies don't outright beat them in a relatively unconventional way.

7468567 All I will say about that is, hold on to your hat. :rainbowderp:

liking how this is going. love the megatron vibe I'm getting from the chief. just a heads up, make sure you keep check of the pacing of the story. don't make it too fast or too slow. so far its good, if i was a nit picker i would say its a little to fast paced. but loveing it so far

What is with Luna's untrustworthiness of the help she's seen what happened before they came and helped they were losing badly now they stand a chance and she doesn't want to take it

7623997 I thought I made her position on that obvious enough. Still, I guess I could have been more clear on the underlying causes.

Luna resents the need for foreign aid, but more than that, she hates the idea of these foreigners in a leadership role. She doesn’t want to admit that she and Celestia are not enough to protect Equestria. She wants to prove that she is equal to the task, given that she’s had very little chance to disprove Zacon’s insistence of their incompetence and that her sister has been overwhelmed. She found Lt. Long Watch’s declaration disturbing in that he sounded as if he was more inspired by the foreigners than by his own Princesses. She feels threatened by the possibility that ponies might begin to favor the leadership of the foreigners more than that of the Royal Sisters.

I hope that helps to clarify. If it still doesn't seem to fit, I'd like to hear more of your thoughts so that I can improve.

7742974 That's a tricky one to answer, though I'm surprised no one has asked yet. These characters come from a universe of my own making. I've been working toward getting published but I'm using fanfiction to improve my skills along the way as well as get some feedback. It's been a group project between me and a few friends and one of them threw a joke around that became the idea for this fic. The character Zacon technically belongs to him, and he created the Troll character, Ragnalau, specifically for this project. The rest belong officially to me. None of my other partners' characters are present in this fic. If you're looking for a genre, I'd say Fantasy/SciFi/Adventure because these obviously magical creatures have contact with post-modern humans. If there are any other questions you have, whether to understand something in this fic or just out of curiosity, don't hesitate to ask. But you might want to PM me if it isn't directly about the fic.

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