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Let's meet again, in the next life.

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*shrugs* I don't fully remember, to be honest. There must'a been some reason I had for following you, but hey, why need reasons?

My sister actually was the one that got me into MLP. She's 13 now, she was 11 when she told me to go watch this thing called Slice of Life.
I immediately fell in love and went on to binge the entirety of the series, and have been a brony ever since.

Honestly, I can't remember where I found this site, but I used to write on Fanfiction.net under the name bdawgwarfear. Heh, that was so long ago...

I like making fanfiction because there are potentials everywhere that only I can see, and I want others to see them, too.

Ever played Kingdom Hearts? Know of the character Axel? He's a Nobody, and his title is Flurry of Dancing Flames. The "spirit" part is an interesting story. I have three inner personas, Spirit, Dragon, and Hood (more on that later) the primary being Spirit, and I merged the names to create the Spirit of Dancing Flames.

2428899 So, I noticed that your name was on my list of followers. I'm not entirely sure what it was that spurred you on to do this. However, I do appreciate it all the same and I thank you for it.

Since I'm here anyway, I'd like to ask: How have you been? Also, what drew you in to Friendship is Magic (the show and everything else surrounding it) and how did you come across this site?

What was it that made you want to create fanfiction?


"SpiritOfDancingFlames". How did that name come to be?

Did you come up with that, on your own?

But of course! Thanks for making the awesome stories!

Thanks for watching!

Woo! Score one for the friendship squad! :rainbowdetermined2:

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I'm kind of okay...I think. Bit of an update. · 6:11am Oct 18th, 2017

Hey. I'm... I'm sorry. There are a lot of projects, stories, friendships I've been putting no effort into. I just... can't find the will in me to do things, sometimes. Y'know? I wish I had the will I used to have.
I've been... on and off. Memories haunt me, and while I've gotten used to things... I.. It still hurts, I still feel kinda empty sometimes..

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Report SpiritOfDancingFlames · 238 views ·

'Best Authors' Winners

This is SpiritOfDancingFlames, and I give to you the authors that have reached the highest point - all their stories are in my Favorites (and deserve to be there).

I give to you the single most amazing writer for Sour Sweet in all of Equestria.

Nico-Stone Rupan has a nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty!-story-long series running about Sour Sweet, and every time another story comes out, it gets even better, adding to the previous stories in a way that is unexpected and amazing.

NaiadSagaIotaOar is an amazing, simply amazing author for the Sirens. Like, go read her stories. Read them now. Your life will be significantly better, promise.

NeonGreenTiger is an amazing author that channels Octascratch like nopony's business! *cough* Best Ship *cough*

Aw, shoot, can't believe I missed this amazing author.

Ave Celestia is an amazing Vinyl & Octavia author that has written some of the most ridiculous, fantastic, hilarious stuff I've ever written. Got four stories now, and the fourth is sill coming out with new chapters! Can't wait!

ShadowblazeCR is another amazing Vinyl+Octavia writer. Like, the stories are fabulous things that leave an entire world of possibilities in your mind after you've read them. Seriously. Awesome stuff.

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