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What a weird time capsule.


Might as well · 4:30pm Jan 25th, 2022

You know, it's been a while since I've said anything. Might as well make a bit of an update.
Long story short: I've been burn out for a long while on uh, basically everything.

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Untitled Blog Post · 8:53pm May 14th, 2020

It's been a long time since I've been on this site. Lot has changed. I'm not writing anymore. I'm pretty much just gonna go through my read it later list and that's probably gonna be it for my time on this site. That's all.

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I'm kind of okay...I think. Bit of an update. · 6:11am Oct 18th, 2017

Hey. I'm... I'm sorry. There are a lot of projects, stories, friendships I've been putting no effort into. I just... can't find the will in me to do things, sometimes. Y'know? I wish I had the will I used to have.
I've been... on and off. Memories haunt me, and while I've gotten used to things... I.. It still hurts, I still feel kinda empty sometimes..

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An explanation, and an apology. · 8:30am Jul 26th, 2017

Hey, there. It's nice to see you guys again.
I owe you all an apology for just up and leaving... what, almost two months ago? Yeah. Things happened, and I just... I couldn't do this for a while. Couldn't be here. I'm sorry for leaving without an explanation, so here it is now.

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Sorry, folks... Leaving the fandom for a while. · 5:08am May 31st, 2017

I'm just... I never expected this to happen... I can't... I just can't...
....signing off... for... I dunno.. Who knows...

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First Patron! · 8:52pm Apr 12th, 2017

....Wow. Honestly, I'm a bit shocked, I got my first patron already. HUGE thanks to ItIsASillyLittleGame for their support. Go check 'em out, give some love to this awesome person.

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Patreon? Huh, this guy must be begging for cash. · 7:24pm Apr 12th, 2017

Well, for the hell of it, I opened a Patreon. Despite not having written anything in months. Why? Well, because I'm moving soon. I'm working my sorry little arse off to get enough money to survive and to be honest, I can't devote much time to writing because I don't earn money from it. If I could earn some cash, I could focus on it a bit more. 'Twould be great, because then I could have fun writing without feeling guilty for spending time on something that doesn't earn me anything. I miss

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The Ramblings of a Spirited Individual, Entry 4 [Valentine's Edition!] · 5:32pm Feb 14th, 2017

Did you know that today's iconic heart shape came from two human hearts being sewn together?
Really, it's kind of interesting to think about.

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The Ramblings of a Spirited Individual, Entry 3 · 5:12am Feb 14th, 2017

Am I really a good person? I don't... I don't know.
Everyone keeps telling me I am, but I don't know.
I try and yet I feel like there are parts of me... sides of me that rise up from time to time. Making me be a different person. Making me be a bad person.
But I don't know if I'm being a bad person or if I just think I'm being a bad person... Nobody's blaming me for anything but I.. I feel like they should.. I don't know why exactly but... I just...
I don't know...

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The Ramblings of a Spirited Individual, Entry 2 · 5:56am Dec 28th, 2016

As the old song says, we're just dust in the wind, we're here for such a short time...
And life is so... so scarily fragile. It's terrifying to think that everything we've ever done, owned, seen, experienced, could be all gone in one tiny moment.
And it could be unavoidable. It is unavoidable, really, death catches up to even the greatest of people. It catches up to everyone.
Funny how people take such pride in their lives, bettering...
This is getting too deep.

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