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Red and Black Alicorn OC

Yeah, so, please don't kill me because of my avatar...

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How it came to be...

Just something I doodled and wanted to share! I can and will take requests.
Hmm.... I dare you to draw a red and black, overdetailed alicorn OC sitting upon a throne...
challenge considered.
Ha! I knew you wouldn't dare to—
Wait, you're seriously considering to accept my challenge to draw the infamous, inferior, stereotype alicorn OC? An OC that could get you condemned by the whole brony fandom, and shunned as a monster... May God bless your soul Zoetic Zebra.
Oh I'll do it... I'll just credit it as your oc.

You can work the rest out.

Deathbridle is the alicorn Prince of the Everfree forest. His waifus are the Elements of Harmony and Princess Luna, and is also the sibling to Princess Celestia and— okay...
Princess Celestia gave him the crown many decades ago, and he has the original ability to wield the Elements of Disharmony. And also, his waifus like to carry him around, but he seems to have a stronger relationship with Applejack though, as he named his throne after Applejack and he expects daily compliments regularly.

Also, this wonderful artist stated that his nose bled and his eye twitched while making the image. The artist said that it "must be his awesome sauce".

Look how far I have fallen.

P.S. I'm not the best FIM fic writer out there, in fact, I don't reccomend you read my writing unless it's for something other than enjoyment. I'm still learning the ropes, perhaps someday I'll make a good enough story, that's up to me and fate to decide.

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You say he can take on any OC. What about the child of Ananke and Hades. The greek goddess of necessity, time and fate, and the god of the underworld and death?


I'd expect nothing less than weird. :raritywink:

(But truthfully, I was just kidding around. You know how this fandom gets about red and black alicorn OCs.)

2089275 Or, did I do something weird? I can sometimes do weird things.

2089275 Wha- what? Why d- did you do th- that? That's so u- un- uncool man! So uncool. Is- is it b- it's because of my av- avatar, isn't it? You m- monster, you horrible, horrible monster! Deathbridle is my OC, and he is the best OC out there! He could take on your OC, everybody's OC one by one- NO! Deathbridle could take them all on if they were ganged against him! And he would slaughter them! He would scalp their fur off of their fragile, delicate bodies and wear them! But not before slapping them with their dripping, bloodstained skin, the fur a dark crimson from the hot wet blood that mixed into it! He is superior! He is the one who will show you that Deathbridle is the mascot of the fandom, and that my words will convert all non-bronies to join the legion, the herd, and they will follow my OC into battle against the snot nosed anti-bronies! We will execute them all after removing their limbs and stuffing their worthless bodies, writhing in pain, inside of the dead corpses of the dead horses that have been pre-slaughtered ahead of time.

Deathbridle will bring both order and tyranny to this world, both that of Equestria and Earth, and he will stand beside me every second of the blood shed. We will rule together as one!

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