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Hello, and welcome to-

The Theory Group

Here, we throw out whatever wild and crazy ideas you have, discuss the same, and failing that, make up new ones! It's like The Writers Group, only we don't have our heads up our plots!

It's a dangerous place filled with dangerous thoughts. Hang on to your panties.


We are currently looking to commission a high-quality banner and icon! Please contact any of the admins to discuss!



1) "This is a group on FiM Fiction. That means FiM Fiction's rules still apply. Follow FiMFiction's rules. Don't be that guy." - Captain Obvious, Defender of All that is Already Known

2) This group is Safe-For-Work. Posting NSFW is a good way to get insta-banned. If you have to ask if it's NSFW, it is. This is already a FiM Fiction site rule, but I'm saying it again, you have no excuse.

3) Uh… I didn't think this far ahead. Well… normal group rules apply, I guess. If you're a ornery dick or unrepentantly flaming to the point someone doesn't think it's funny anymore, enjoy your week-long ban. If we have to do it again we perma-ban and tattle to the Great Old Mods. Admin-Lords will only ban if we have consensus, and will explain the issue at request (in other words, we will have a damn good reason).

For more detailed rules, go to out Rules Thread We don't have any other rules yet. Give us time, someone will do something dumb and we'll have to add another rule. Like those "do not iron clothes on body" tags. Who does that?


Great Admin ALL_OF_THE_FANDOMS, the Founder

Stereotypical Admin Red and Black Alicorn OC, the Unoriginal

Pretty Admin Sakura, the Designated Female

Night Admin Verbose Mode, the Mostly Serious One

Please hold, technical difficulties. Pretty much done! Have Big Mac with a Klashnakov for your anyways because I like the picture. No go forth and have create great ideas!
> Verbose Mode

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Wait. Why is that globe guy the avatar for this group?

I joined cause reasons...
Illuminati reasons... :twilightsmile:

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