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Bucking Nonsense

A Little Nonsense Now And Then Is Relished By The Wisest Men.


After a tragic accident, a human ends up in Lord Tirek's body, as part of an attempt to reform the villain after his recent escapades. While the hero of our tale is trying to make sense of his new surroundings, the rest of Equestria thinks that the most terrible threat that their world has ever seen is back...
And the powers that be are definitely not happy about it.
New Cover Art By Shadow Bolt

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The 'roll with it' style for first arrival? Not one you see done well very often, yet pulled off beautifully so far. Going to be fun to see the breakdown of events for this one, considering he never asked who Tirek was. Don't think I've seen a fic like this yet where the main character doesn't at least express their confusion and sow doubt right away.

Also, some cops ought to put a speed cam at that street- they'd make so much money...

Oh man... This is going to be as good as the Sombra one, I can tell!

(Though I feel sorry for you, juggling so many different stories at the same time! Gosh!)

For me, it just seemed right that his point of view at the start would just be 'I'm just happy NOT to be dead right now, so I'm not going to question this freaky nonsense yet'.

I will continue to wait.

Silly what's-your-face, that's not how you reform someone. You find what makes them act that way and you fix it. In Tirek's case, something to show you're not the center of the universe.

I was obviously now the most metal centaur who had ever lived.

Hell yeah!

The light gathered in the palm of my hand

Tirek has shown two instances of treating magic like a solid object, good to see you didn't forget that.

Never mind the size difference

Powerless Tirek is the size of a pony. By the time Discord came to him, he was the size of Celestia. Muscled Tirek confronting the alicorns was as tall as Discord. And then he just got ridiculous.

Good story, eager to see this go on.

Great story so far I can't wait for the rest of it.

LOL. Discord left our hero in Tirek's body ... interesting. I would love to see where this goes ... and what the Changelings have up their metaphorical sleeves here. Hopefully Skyflower doesn't get treated too badly.

Oh, am I messed up for laughing at the "except for the grill of the semi" bit? Is there going to be a line along the lines of "last thing I remember before waking up here was getting squashed like a bug ... oops, bad word choice"?

Great start. Can't wait to see where you go with this story.

Featured, day one. Within eighty minutes of acceptance. Still got it, baby.

...I have no idea where I'm going with this chain of videos, but... whatever. I'm happy.


Yes, just yes.:moustache: have I ever told you you're awesome?:ajsmug:

Well, this will be interesting. I see a strong Hail to the King vibe. And now I'm sad that it hasn't updated.:pinkiesad2:

Wait, you don't know what they say about good deeds? Seriously? Fine, I'll say it: "No good deed goes unpunished.

I'm listening to that song right now!!!!!

Qwadpo is still coming online regularly. It is just a matter of time. He may be waiting until new years: You know, they say that what you were doing when the new year starts is what you'll be doing the whole year. I was posting a story chapter when that time came around. Maybe he's waiting to give himself that little good luck charm. :pinkiehappy:

when I hear a very distinctive sound. You know the one, right? The sound a child's ball makes when it bounces. Poit, poit, poit, poit. There really should be a law against children playing with balls within fifty feet of a busy street, honestly.

Huh, reminds me of Yu Yu Hakusho. Good times, good times.

I swear, it's like no one ever even heard of Yu Yu Hakusho.


Aw, forgot to put this in my previous comment, but I gotta do it.

This is not the centaur you are looking for.

This feels a little bit like he's only stuck in Tirek's body because somebody mixed up his paperwork.

Looking at you, King Yemma.

5429081 Oh man, I pray that there is a part when he discovers magic and thinks its like the force, then waves his hand In front of someone and go " I am not the centaur your looking for" only to have them deadpan and be like " Yeah you kind of are"

Then he goes " Damn, the force is strong with this one!"

Honestly, I think that the better response would be "That might have worked a little better if there were any other centaurs within a thousand miles of here."

the idea went through!
"and I woke up, scrambling to my feet, screaming... only to stumble, suddenly shocked to discover that instead of the original two, I now had four legs, now arrayed radically differently than before. How does one regulate four legs with a mindset originally set for two? I don't know how you'd do it, but I envisioned it like this: You control your front legs by walking normally. When you want to move your back legs, you picture moving your legs while your toes are curled. Don't ask me how that works, or why, but it did for me. I think that part of it was because, while my mind was set for two legs, the brain it currently occupied was hardwired for four legs. Biology can sometimes cope when psychology can't."
yay you kinda did the thing i asked! :pinkiehappy:
keep up the good work as always

5429168 Or perhaps "Noooo, of course your not the centaur were looking for. I mean, there has to be millions of blood red giant magic eating centaurs with massive horns that threw princess twilight into a mountain?


It remind me the story Hail to the king. not bad...

Lol I love this story but make the changling part quick I want more of the pony humor it's haleryus

Reminds me of that hit Hail To The King, with the exact same plot except it was Sombra instead.

Please, please update your fic regularly. :heart:

I can just picture him seeing the queen and suddenly thing of Aleins, before screaming at her not to lay her eggs in him and have the hatchlings burts out of his chest. cus that'd be messed up even for chrysalis

I'm working on the next chapter now, and I have a line I'd like to preview for you all. Tell me what you think:

My cheesecake is so good, it can make a mare curl her toes.

Apparently so, given that, right now, it's at the top three of the featured bar... and climbing. :pinkiegasp:

If it isn't to annoying to hear again. I to loved Hail to the King, and this reminds me of it in a very good way. I very much look forward to what happens next. May this story live in fame, and not infamy.

Dear Luna. With a chapter name like that, I can't wait to see the hilarity that will ensue.


Krieg me, shut up.

Not a chapter name, but it is a line I have planned.

I can't agree with bringing the pony along. Nobody deserves to be handed to the changelings.




I can't wait for the next chapter. This is going to be good. I like how you portray the mixture of confusion and amusement the protagonist has. Tirek is kinda OP but with a human soul who has no freaking idea about his powers... hehehe...

Nonsense, you have once more completely blown my expectations out of the water. This was one of the most hilarious things I gave read in a long time and I look forward to more.

5429483 He has no idea about any of them though, so he wouldn't know that.

Ah... I get a feeling that this is going to be a good one, you've done excellent work so far.

Interesting start, but please for the love of god space your paragraphs. It looks like a giant wall of text.

well, first of all, that was friggin' hilarious.

second, were the voices speaking before he woke up the voices of Starswil and Tirek's brother?

I was obviously now the most metal centaur who had ever lived. I mean, seriously, all I needed was an electric guitar and maybe a hot, scantily-clad blonde clutching one of my legs while something exploded in the background, and I'd be ready for a heavy metal album cover.

This kinda reminds me this:

Have you played this game, Bucking?

The goal of all authors. :pinkiehappy:

Well, that and getting Pinkie Pie out of my head. :pinkiecrazy:

Nice so far, keep it up.


Oh hey! A fic with an interesting premise, maybe I should—



Being proud of getting featured, I can understand.

being proud of your achievements, I can understand.

But boasting your achievements in the story summary, no less how long it took it to be featured after you posted it?

No thanks.

I've got no personal grudges against you, but the story summary is a place for the story summary, not for you to boast about getting featured. It's an eyesore.

Now this is different. I'm enjoying the happenings so far! Keep up the good work... I'm following this story now.

Will he name her George and hug her and pet her and squeeze her?

Oh man I love "Human woke up as someone hated in Equestria" stories!

I'm a "Sexy Reader" heehhee. hueheuheueheee

So fucking excited. This reminds me of that King Sombra one that never gets updated. uhhh "Hail to the King"

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