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General Grievous, Supreme Commander of the Separatist Droid Army, conqueror of star systems, and slayer of Jedi. And... stranded on Equestria?

This can't end well.

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Now featuring a dramatic reading by LimeyPony!

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REBEL SCUM!!! Whoops...wrong timeline.


I will be paying VERY close attention to you.


This is fantastic,

I love it! Fantastic job. Find an editor to fix minor grammatical errors.

I love it! Though there are a few grammatical errors here and there, this was certainly a pleasant read.

Always. Have. Backup! My god how can she not know that?

The Star Wars fanboy in me absolutely loves this! I really like how you've brought in the characters and specific info like Form III, Soresu, and the classes of spaceship. Grievous is one of my favorite characters in the canon and I like the way you didn't just throw him into Equestria and say "Here he is guys!" . If there were any errors, I didn't notice them, because I was so engrossed. :twilightsmile: I look forward to more!

5504281 Especially with Grievous, always have backup when encountering him

My reaction to the end

5504443 Like a damn space cannon or at least a EMP for his cybernetic parts


Twilight Sparkle meet General Grievous, now get along you two.

I'm not going to over react like most of the kids reading this, saying it's AMAZING, witch it is.
I am, however, going to say that it was fun to read, and am looking foreword to more.

As a side note: I've been a fan of Star Wars since I was 3 (Im 19 now.) So you get props for writing my favorite character properly.

I look forward to more, and wish you the best of luck writing.

Another one on my reading list. And don't worry, I'm still going to read more "Together Forever"

5504452 He was built to be EMP resistant, for his parts are made mainly of Plasteel infused with Titanium

Congrats on the feature.

This can only end badly.

Also already got a soft spot for that MagnaGuard. (fave droids other than the droidekas)

5504443 If you see Grievous, run away as quickly and quietly as possible while praying that he doesn't find you. In the event you are spotted, pray for a quick end.

The manticore pounced, claws out and mouth opened wide. Two of Grievous’ shot out to grip the beast’s ankles, the other two shooting out its chest.

Um...I think you're missing something here.

Also if you end up having the elements used on him, have it destroy/restore the parts of his mind that the Geonosians tampered with.

“Hey, Twilight,” he removed his face from the comic without warning. “Do you think there are aliens out there?”

“Aliens? Pffft.” Twilight snorted. “Don’t be ridiculous! Such notions are mere folk superstition invented to explain certain strange anomalies we simply haven’t fully unraveled yet!”

And then -

Then, without warning, the vision of her telescope was filled a view of pitted, blackened metal. Startled, Twilight took her eye out, dialed back the magnification, and looked again. A vast, grey, triangular thing was flying through the blackness of space. It hull was full grey metal, interspersed with charred holes, and a long red stripe along the center. The back featured numerous large cylinders that glowed a bright blue at the end.


Twilight! Never mess with Grevious when he's angry. Or say you're Republic in front of him. He may just end your life. And your friends. An-
:twilightangry2: { Okay. Okay. I get it. Sheesh.

I love this! Keep going, man! I can hardly wait for the next chapter!

oh no. Not him. :rainbowlaugh:
I'll add this to my read-later list.

Nice to see that Grievous used common sense

Fact, did you know his true name is Qymaen jai Sheelal?

Have some more info about Greivous

Dude... I was just finishing up a story of my own featuring (kind of) general grievous... With the same freakin' cover art... And then I see this story in the recently updated box. I haven't read this yet, though I do hope the plots are different. And now I'm going to change my cover art.

Edit: now that I read it, I realize that the plots aren't really all that similar. Thank god I don't have to rewrite all of it... However I might because I just got an idea for it. Fuckin' ideas, man.

This looks nice, but "Friendship is Grievous" has already been used by another story.


*insert comment about the terrible prequels here*

Long live the Kaleesh! Now you are coming into the critical area, tread carefully.

5505534 shhh. He doesn't want that mentioned.

Just posted? I SWEAR I saw this somewhere else? Wat is my brain doing?

Manticores have four legs. He grabbed the ankles of the front two. Or are you referring to something else?

It has? :twilightoops: I didn't see it on fimfic.

:trixieshiftleft: I haven't it anywhere else.

I am considering do a fic where Darth Plagueis survives and ends up in Equestria.

5505385 Grievous is very rational and intelligent. He rarely instigates fights he isn't certain he has the upper hand in.

I like this story so far, but I have to ask. What version of Grievous are you using? I believe there are 3:

1. The one from the third movie: I hope that isn't the case as I hate that version. He just seems so weak compared to his animated counterparts.

2. The Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series version: Not a bad choice but I think you can do better.

Or 3. My personal favorite version, the one from the animated mini-series by Genndy Tartakovsky. I love this version because he exudes power, skill, and intimidation in every scene he's in. Watch:
(I don't know how to embed videos into the comments section)

God I love this series.

5505856 Probably just trippin on pone. Also I got out an old game named Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. I never thought as a grown person I could have fun with those games. :D

if you plan on having that kind of intro to your story, you will need this:

or this:

It's rare for me to find a Star Wars fic that is actually worth reading and keeps my interest. Yours ranks among those rare few. Kudos.

5505856 It was used by GodzillaLecter as the title for his own crossover. I'd send you the link, except it's been deleted for some reason.

Amazing, very well written. I can't wait for more. This is getting saved!


Two of Grievous’ shot out

Two of Grievous’ what?

Aah, this is going to be... swell :twilightsheepish:

Can't really say that I was looking forward to this kind of story, or that I even remembered that Grievous was a thing, but now that I've refreshed my memory, I can safely say that this will be a fun ride. Not a long one mind you, though who knows, but a fun one.

I really like the concept and I cant wait to see more keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

Holy dooley, this is well written. As for how it all goes down,

Great story so far. At first I though "Star Wars and MLP? This can't possibly be good." Glad to say I was wrong.

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